“Hate Chicken” and “Cow Shadenfreude”: The New Yorker Takes Aim At Chick-fil-A

“Hate Chicken” and “Cow Shadenfreude”: The New Yorker Takes Aim At Chick-fil-A

“Hate Chicken” and “Cow Shadenfreude”: The New Yorker Takes Aim At Chick-fil-A

Leave it to a liberal, Brooklyn writer to dump upon a fast-food chain. Especially if said fast-food chain happens to be Chick-fil-A. The Atlanta-based restaurant chain has seen its share of protests in the past:

What did the “evil, evil” chain do now? They had the nerve and audacity to open up a fourth restaurant on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan; an act The New Yorker believes is an act of “Creepy Infiltration”. Why is it creepy, you ask? Reason One:

“…And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company’s charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage.”

After all, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a boycott of the chain in 2015. Because hateful rhetoric and opposite political agendas.

Seriously. Could you imagine a magazine like The New Yorker calling a Muslim business “creepy”? No, you can’t because it wouldn’t happen. What else is “creepy” about this particular Chick-fil-A on Fulton Street? Let’s dissect this a bit more. More reasons:

“I noticed that word—community—scattered everywhere in the Fulton Street restaurant. A shelf of children’s books bears a plaque testifying to “our love for this local community.” The tables are made of reclaimed wood, which creates, according to a Chick-fil-A press release, “an inviting space to build community.” A blackboard with the header “Our Community” displays a chalk drawing of the city skyline. Outside, you can glimpse an earlier iteration of that skyline on the building’s façade, which, with two tall, imperious rectangles jutting out, “gives a subtle impression of the Twin Towers.”

Community is all of a sudden attached to the “evil, evil” Christian agenda of course because of the “misguided nod to 9/11”. After all, tying “community” in with “glorifying God” and throwing in a reference to 9/11 in lower Manhattan (when community DID come together in 2001) is for sure advancing a subliminal, anti-Muslim, pro-Christian “bigot” agenda. To think of individuals coming together over chicken sandwiches at tables made of re-purposed wood at a restaurant chain that dares to post Bibical verses on their walls and (GASP!) children’s books! I mean, perish the thought of anyone who lives or visits lower-Manhattan who actually has kids. They’re all supposed to be pro-abortion for crying out loud!

Community, reclaimed wood furnishings, children’s books and…COWS! The COWS, according to this author are at the forefront of Chick-fil-A’s hate-ridden agenda in the Holy City of New York:

It’s impossible to overstate the role of the Cows—in official communiqués, they always take a capital “C”—that are displayed in framed portraits throughout the Fulton Street location. If the restaurant is a megachurch, the Cows are its ultimate evangelists. Since their introduction in the mid-nineties—when they began advising Atlanta motorists to “EAT MOR CHIKIN”—they’ve remained one of the most popular, and most morbid, advertising campaigns in fast-food history, crucial to Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture.

It’s worth asking why Americans fell in love with an ad in which one farm animal begs us to kill another in its place. Most restaurants take pains to distance themselves from the brutalities of the slaughterhouse; Chick-fil-A invites us to go along with the Cows’ Schadenfreude.

Cow. Schadenfreude. Nope. This is not a segment from The Onion. This is the (pseudo)-intellectualNew Yorker and me thinks there’s a certain requirement for woke, Brooklyn-hipster writers to throw in big words like “shadenfreude” into their pieces. After all, these fictional campaign Cows are taking pleasure in chickens getting slaughtered. The “Cows” (capital “C” for “Christian”, I am sure) are “inviting” us to partake in this “infiltration”.

Coffee-giant, Starbucks, has a location on just about every corner and has been vocal on supporting same-sex marriage. In 2015, they called attention to racial differences “to start a conversation” rather than just embracing them. Restaurants in Little Italy have pictures of famous actors who played merciless Italian mobsters. Some establishments even boast photos of the “Teflon Don”, himself, John Gotti. There’s a “community” that “infiltrated” New York right there! Murder and money-laundering? Cement Booties and “Sleeping with the fishes”? Creepy, much? Meh. The real threat is those Bible-thumping, chicken-eaters on Fulton Street, says some smug chump at The New Yorker.

While snooty liberal New Yorkers take their seats on their manure-filled F-trains and infiltrate with their brand of tripe, I’m just looking for anyone who wants to pass me a sugar-free lemonade and some perfectly-salted waffle fries. Anybody?

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  • SDN says:

    “In 2015, they called attention to racial differences “to start a conversation” rather than just embracing them. ”

    Just don’t ask for a restroom….

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    Please, PLEASE forego the artificial sweeteners! They are far worse than high-fructose corn syrup and there are many of us conservatives and libertarians who would like you to stick around for awhile.

    True story: over the last three years, I’ve lost about 40#, and the only dietary change I made was cutting out artificial sweeteners. I’ve worked in clinical research for 10 years, and the only explanation I have for this is that our Maker gave us the ability to metabolize sugars, and artificial stuff just throws our systems out of kilter.

    So, unless you’re diabetic – please reconsider the sugar-free foods. We “conservatarians” appreciate you and would like to see you as a going concern.

    • Lisa Carr says:

      I’m trying…not diabetic. Was when I was pregnant but not now. Both parents have Type 2 so I have it coming from both sides!

  • Scott says:

    Flying Dutchman, I’ve seen a number of articles to you point, they all seem to point to some type of confusion of metabolism where the artificial sweeteners actually make you more hungry.. here’s just one article i’ve seen..


    And I agree Lisa, we’d like to have you around for a good long while!

    • Lisa Carr says:

      I plan on being around for a long time. 🙂 Need to make sure I completely embarrass our son at his wedding and with his kids! My mission in life…

  • Bart says:

    You have to be a deviant to live in NY.

  • Kim H. says:

    Come on- nine of our subways are “manure-filled.”

    I like living in Manhattan very much. And I like it even better now – since I just discovered a Chick-fil-A within walking distance. I will be there very soon.

    It’s in a good court writhing an NYU dorm building. Go figure!

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Hi Kim,

      I didn’t say it…The New Yorker did! 😉 I am a native New Yorker from a working-class family. My great-grandparents were processed at Ellis Island in the early 1900s. Still love the city…it’s the elitism I can do without.

  • Kim H. says:

    Geez- auto correct…

    “None” of our subways.
    “Food” court “within”

  • GWB says:

    Maybe if they changed “community” to “village” it would help? After all, it doesn’t take a “community” to raise a child, does it?

  • Clair Kiernan says:

    So, a New York publication is complaining about “infiltration” from Atlanta? (smirk, eye roll)
    Please, tell me all about those awful carpetbaggers! #blessyourheart

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Hey, Clair! Didn’t The Walking Dead start off in Atlanta?! You’re right, #blesstheirheartttts (with extra emphasis on the t’s. I’ve lived in the south long enough to know what that emphasis means)

  • Clair Kiernan says:

    Yes! Though I never watched the show.

    Southerners make a sport of polite insults. We also have a special phrase that we use for, say, idiots who stand around blocking the hallway. It’s “excuse me,” but the level of insult/contempt depends on the amount of sugar when you say it. Southern is a very inflected dialect if you do it right.

    Glad to hear that the gestational diabetes went away, but please keep an eye open when you hit middle age. If it recurs you want to stay on top of it.

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Yep…it went away, thankfully, though I AM middle-aged, knocking on 5-0’s back door and, depending on the day, a hot mess!

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