Harry Reid to Nevada voters: You’re just so lucky to have me!

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Harry Reid to Nevada voters: You’re just so lucky to have me!

It’s been well established that this is an anti-incumbent year. This is especially going to hit Democrats hard, although establishment GOPers aren’t safe, either. Simply put, voters are sick and tired of career politicians who think that they deserve lifetime appointments in DC without ever having to answer for the messes they make. Those politicians are on both sides of the aisle, sadly, although Democrats are far worse. They’re taking the big government, big spending, we-know-what’s-best approach to a whole other level. Republicans haven’t been fiscally responsible, and they certainly don’t listen to their base (hello, John Cornyn and Michael Steele, I’m talking to you). On the scale of “ignoring the will of the American people”, though, if Republicans are a 10, then Democrats are a 100. And I’m talking about a scale from 1 – 10. Democrats have taken everything that voters hate about the entrenched Republican politicians and multiplied it by 1000. There are, at least, a few good Republicans left fighting in Congress who listen to their base and are fighting for the good of the American people. On the Democrat side, there always seem to be a few. They seem to have principles — Ben Nelson, Bart Stupak — but they inevitably cave under the bribery and pressure they receive from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. There are no Democrats who have any principles anymore. There are none whatsoever. The so-called “party of the people” has long since abandoned the people.

Harry Reid has been suffering perhaps more than anyone else. A new poll today shows over half of all Nevadans are unhappy with his performance. They want him gone.

Considering that, it seems like his new campaign strategy — to smugly tell Nevadans that he’s the bomb-diggity and they should consider themselves lucky to be graced with his awesomeness — might possibly be the stupidest campaign strategy of all time.

The theme of the campaign launch has been “No one can do more,” and is intended to remind Nevada voters how lucky they are to have Reid.

In a year when incumbency is a toxic trait, Reid is emphasizing his insider status.

Reid is rolling out high-profile visitors from Washington and an expensive ad campaign in a bid to show that his newly minted Republican opponent, former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, is simply too small-time to represent Nevada.

Right. When people hate Washington and the corrupt, insider politics, it’s the perfect time to tell people how many connections you have inside the beltway! Don’t elect a common-sense outsider. Reelect another career politician! Brilliant!

The man who heralded the opening of the new Capitol Visitors Center as a way to avoid having to “smell the tourists” is now going to dare Nevadans to vote against him.

Just when Democrats were breathing a sigh of relief about Reid drawing an underfunded right-winger for his opponent, the majority leader rolled out the most unappealing campaign for a longtime incumbent with miserable job approval ratings (33 percent in the latest poll).

… After two years of pushing an agenda that almost seems designed to antagonize voters, Reid’s theme of “no one can do more” may persuade Nevadans to vote for someone who would do a little less.

It almost seems like Harry Reid is asking to get voted out… political suicide. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if this was some kind of scheme cooked up by Obama and Pelosi. Reid becomes the fall guy so Democrats can say that they’re learning from their mistakes, to appease voters… and maybe Reid gets rewarded with a job inside the White House or something. Do I believe that’s what’s happening? No, not really, but it frankly wouldn’t altogether surprise me if Reid was being pressured to take the hit for the party. He couldn’t possibly be so stupid as to run such a monumentally idiotic campaign, could he? (Don’t answer that.)

It’s sad to think that someone could be so elitist and entrenched that they think that Nevadans are lucky to have him and should be grateful. Someone remind Harry Reid: he is supposed to be serving Nevadans, not the other way around.

Sharron Angle, meanwhile, is taking full advantage of Reid’s stupidity, using all of his greatest hits against him (tourists stink! this war is lost! light-skinned no Negro dialect!). If they both keep doing what they’re doing, it looks like Reid is headed for the slaughterhouse this November, and it’s a mercy kill that is long overdue.

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  • Bikerdad says:


    You’re overlooking one additional thing: Rory Reid, Harry’s son, running for Governor of Nevada this election. Don’t be too terribly surprised if Harry Reid “suffers” some debilitating physical condition that forces his withdrawal/retirement a month or two before the election. Obama/Pelosi get Dingy Harry as their fall guy, and Reid the Younger may gets a shot at flipping the paternal anchor into a sympathy vote. Otherwise, it’s looking like father AND son will both go down in flames.

    The “faux stroke” scenario would mean that Harry then makes a miraculous post-election recovery and get’s to be a “senior statesman” without the tarnish of losing an election. (Ask Daschle how his post-Majority Leader career has been working out…)

  • Well…there was that real-life car accident Reid’s wife and daughter were involved with in Virginia earlier this year….both of them were hospitalized. That could fall along the template of your ‘stroke sceanrio’ without Reid actually being the afflicted party.

    I’m all for Harry and Rory resigning to spend more time with their families. Because I’ve got a case of anti-incumbent fever, and the only cure is more cowbell throwing da bums out!

  • To be fair about it, I’m sure when just about anyone in a position of House/Senate leadership has to campaign for re-election, that’s the unspoken undertone; should the challenger prevail, he/she would have to start from scratch and the state will suffer. Reid is just going on-record with it.

    But I see your point, it’s almost like someone in the Reid campaign forgot to read the tea leaves. Show how happy you are with the way things are goin’, vote Reid! Heheh.

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