Harry Dunn, Capitol Officer, Dragged By Tucker Carlson

Harry Dunn, Capitol Officer, Dragged By Tucker Carlson

Harry Dunn, Capitol Officer, Dragged By Tucker Carlson

On the July 21, 2021 edition of his eponymous show, Tucker Carlson claimed that Capitol Hill Police Officer, Harry Dunn, is a left-wing activist. Dunn is one of four officers, two Capitol Hill and two Metropolitan Police officers, that the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol” has chosen to give testimony on July 27. Given that Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republicans for the committee to protect the “integrity” of the investigation, looking at the background of witnesses is fair game. Fair is fair.

Queen Nancy, She Who Must Be Obeyed, in announcing her rejection of Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) said:

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee,” Pelosi said in a statement. “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”

It’s unprecedented! It’s for the integrity of the committee. The integrity of the committee which includes Eric Swalwell (on camera sharter, Chinese spy lover, shirtless camel rider, campaign finance law skirter), Adam Schiff (Russia collusion pusher, fantasy phone call writer, and all around liar without equal), and chaired by Bennie Thompson (hack who objected to the 2004 certification of the re-election of George W. Bush). That looks like a committee with an unprecedented lack of integrity.

Fair is fair, right? Let’s take a look at what Tucker Carlson said about Harry Dunn on his show:

The attorneys for Harry Dunn send out the following notice:

Harry Dunn

Okay, two things first: We need to get over uniform worship. I know many law enforcement officers and military personnel who are great. I also know a few who are sh*tbags. The fact that one hasn’t served doesn’t take away one’s First Amendment right. Also, no who rioted at the Capitol on January 6 has been charged with insurrection.

The most important thing is that the lawyers did not deny that Officer Dunn is an “angry, left-wing activist”. Very interesting. A casual perusal of his social media shows that he is.

I would post some Facebook posts, but I am currently in Facebook jail.

Harry Dunn has been quite outspoken about his experience on January 6 on both ABC News and CNN. Dunn claims that he was called the “N” word many, many times. Dunn claims that “shots” were fired. All available reporting shows that only one shot was fired. Who killed Ashli Babbitt? Harry Dunn called the rioters “terrorists”.

These claims made me reminisce about May, 2010. That is when three Black Congressman (Emanuel Cleaver, Andre Carson and the late John Lewis) claimed that Tea Partyers used the “N” word during the healthcare debates. The late and beloved Andrew Breitbart denied the claim:

With so many media and citizen cameras at the demonstration, any epithets would have been caught on tape, says Andrew Breitbart. He’s the web entrepreneur who released the video of ACORN workers counseling actors posing as a pimp and prostitute, and has pledged $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone provides proof of the epithets.

“It didn’t happen,” said Breitbart, who wasn’t there. “This is 2010. Even a racist is media-savvy enough not to yell the N-word.”

Eleven years on and there are even more cameras in the Capitol and thousands of cell phone videos are available. Where are the videos of the crowd yelling racial epithets at Officer Dunn, or anyone else? The Capitol police have given the FBI and Congress 14,000 hours of videos and only a smidgen of them have been released. Video or it didn’t happen.

I am not downplaying in any way the awfulness of January 6. I hate it. I have my suspicions about who incited it. BLM activist Jaden X provided much of the video shown on network television soon after the riot. I wonder why Queen Nancy denied the requests for National Guard troops six times before the riot? And, I wonder who killed Ashli Babbitt, shooting into a crowd of law enforcement officers to shoot her?

Nancy Pelosi isn’t looking for real answers about January 6. She wants a narrative told. She hopes to stop Donald Trump from being elected to the Presidency again, again. Harry Dunn is happy to play storyteller for Nancy Pelosi.

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  • Cameron says:

    who has not served a day in uniform

    They can fuck right off to fuckyouville for that arrogant statement. And I say that as someone who has served in the military.

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  • Lee says:

    Who murdered Ashlii Babbitt?

    Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy.
    Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd.
    Jose Ines Garcia Zarate killed Kate Steinle.

    Who killed Ashlii Babbitt? Why don’t we know who killed Ashlii Babbitt?

  • ROP says:

    Can we get off the Capitol Riot ! talking point. That yes anyone who commits a crime should be punished but wont be because there were only a fraction of the people that actually entered the capital to commit a crime. Those it turns out were BLM, Antifa, and FBI ! plants whose main objective was to whip up a frenzy and produce a “RIOT” to tarnish Trump supporters. They will never be prosecuted. So lets tell it like it is, some people in the wrong place at the wrong time . They were directed in by police and security.
    If we are going to be that broad on culpability then all the senators and reps in Washington needed to be charges in the crimes and murders that happen in Washington

    BTW the Supreme Court decided that people not the president have the right to access of the govt building ( just ask Acosta when President Trump didn’t want him in news conferences.) Argue that it IS the people house not Pelosi house.

    By the democrats own definition this was a peaceful protest. More so since there was no burning, looting ( except by the FBI or CIA ? ) Turning over cars. On top of that there were no guns brandished, except by a THUG who shot a Trump supporter in cold blood.

    Our whole point has been proven by the actions, That this country has been taken over by a coup. More evidence that any honest person ( few and far between these days) would say that YES the election was fraudulent and was stolen. and a domestic enemy has committed grave danger to our Republic.

    The whole point of January 6 witch trial is to brandish as weapon to arrest, kill and destroy any conservative or people who ” Don’t Agree With Stalin Biden and Co.
    Don’t count on anyone helping us. The military whose Uniform I once proudly wore is no more than the SS and will follow orders to terminate anyone they are told to .

    This has been fore told

    • GWB says:

      Argue that it IS the people house not Pelosi house.

      there was no burning, looting ( except by the FBI or CIA ? )
      Well, one guy did try to walk away with a podium. Given it was bought through the gov’t procurement system, it was probably worth its weight in silver.

  • The Usual Suspect says:

    H. dunn is so fired up about one day in uniform? Harry, you mean like Derek Chauvin? Like his uniform is what made him so pure and good? Clothes don’t make the man.
    Then there’s his timeline chart. Excuse me but in 1619 until 1776 (157 years) it was the British Colonies, British rule and British slavery. 1776 until 1865 is 89 years of American slavery (which we inherited) From 1865 up to today (2021) is 156 years so blacks have been free longer than they were American slaves. The pathway to freedom was written into the US constitution.

  • DEPLORABLE says:


  • ROP says:

    I hate to be one to point out the obvious but look what’s happened in Africa and Middle East,
    Has always been happening in Africa and the Middle East.

  • GWB says:

    “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”
    No, it wasn’t unprecedented. Take a look at the Kavanaugh hearing invasion.

    We need to get over uniform worship
    Thank you for saying it.

    of an African-AMerican U.S. Capitol Police Officer
    Of course the race card is dealt. Because he’s a racist.

    no doubt many of them Carlson’s supporters
    That right there is slander. And I think his attorneys should be held to account for it. (I know, I know….)

    Dunn claims that he was called the “N” word many, many times.
    Also, arguably, slander.

    the awfulness of January 6
    For the sake of the blog, I won’t say why I thought it was awful. But it’s not likely to be the same reasons you have.

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