Happy New Year! Five Agenda Items Trump Must Accomplish in 2018

Happy New Year! Five Agenda Items Trump Must Accomplish in 2018

Happy New Year! Five Agenda Items Trump Must Accomplish in 2018

For the new Trump Administration, 2017 was a surprisingly successful year. But there’s still much to do. So as we enter into Year Two of his presidency, here are five New Year’s resolutions President Trump must accomplish in 2018:

Deal with North Korea, and its accomplices China, Russia, and Iran

For many presidential cycles now, North Korea has grown accustomed to making threats, and then watching the rest of the world bow to its demands. Well, no more. The reason we’re at this tipping point lies squarely on the laps of the Neville Chamberlains who came before Trump. It’s time we put Kim Jong Pudgy out to pasture. And it’s time we hold China, Russia, and Iran responsible for aiding and abetting his aggression (Can you say: Uranium One? Does anyone really think uranium didn’t find its way to North Korea?). Fortunately, we have adults running the Pentagon and the State Department again. So here’s hoping they can take that festering boil out once and for all, and hold his accomplices accountable. Meanwhile, where Obama wouldn’t, the Trump administration must fully support those who seek freedom from Islamofascism in Iran.

Repeal the Remaining Tentacles of ObamaCare

I admit: I was shocked that both houses of Congress mustered the courage to repeal the so-called Individual Mandate via the Tax Reform bill. No longer will we be forced to buy a product we don’t need, or don’t want, or be fined for not engaging in commerce. So it’s time to shove the whole ObamaCare train wreck on to the Ash Heap of History and return control of healthcare back to the states where it belongs. It’s on the Republicans now. And anything they do, or don’t do, will be theirs to own. So they’d best repeal the rest of it. And offer an alternative that furthers liberty. And STAT. And it sounds like they’re working on…something. The question is: will it be more Big Gov? Or will it restore states’ rights?

Build the Big Beautiful Wall

Homeland Security places that cost of building said wall at approximately $21.6 billion. Annual taxpayer-funded expenditures on illegal immigration are reportedly $116 billion.

Photo Credit: Federation for American Immigration Reform

While I’m no math whiz, even I can see that the one-time cost of building the wall is substantially lower by comparison. Voila. Wall paid for, with savings to boot.

The folks over at Homeland Security say a wall is necessary for national security. So you’ll excuse me if I take their word for it over, say, the America-hating Luis Gutiérrez’s. And, oh, look, the Democrats suddenly care about debt. Sure they do. Make no mistake, the Democrats are about as fiscally responsible as a felon with a stolen credit card. No, they haven’t suddenly found a conscience where spending OUR hard-earned tax dollars is concerned. They care about votes. Full stop. So Trump must hold firm on building the wall, enhancing border security, eliminating chain migration and Chuck Schumer’s bastard of a brainchild, the Diversity Lottery, and requiring merit-based immigration in exchange for even considering making DACA permanent law. Remember: Elections have consequences. Trump should make Democrats bend. Yuuuugely.


I have mixed feelings about this one. The size of the federal government must be reduced, and Trump has started that process. The GOP’s core mission (or so they say) is fiscal responsibility, low taxation, and unobtrusive government. But, as Trump has touted, our infrastructure needs tending, at least with regard to the projects that are imminently necessary. Passed on a—gasp!—party-line vote, Obama’s laughably-titled American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did nothing of the sort. In fact, after spending nearly a trillion dollars, we have little to show for it but waste, fraud, and abuse. And our infrastructure is still in disrepair. And don’t even get me started on the pallets of cash Obama handed to the terrorist-supporting mullahs in Iran. So how to pay for an actual infrastructure plan, and make certain the money actually goes to infrastrcuture? Well, we can start by applying the savings from the reduction in illegal immigration and its associated costs as stated above. We can also implement the “Penny Plan,” a strategy of spending reduction as advocated by Sean Hannity. Yeah, I know he’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but his plan is sound. Save a penny for every dollar spent? Easy. And shun any pork any Congress Cretin tries to stuff into the bill. I know; easier said than done. But…will the Democrats get on board? I doubt it. Why? Because they’re terrified that voters will see more money in their paychecks this year, and new job opportunities as a result of the tax bill, and perhaps, an infrastructure bill that will create further jobs. They know tax relief and job opportunities are coming. But for them, power trumps a healthy America. Oh, and for Chrissakes, GOP, please don’t utter the words “Shovel Ready.” Eye roll.

And finally…

Fill the Senate and Hold the House…Bigly

There’s lots of blame to go around, but whatever the reason(s), the GOP lost a highly-winnable seat in deep-red Alabama, reducing their Senate majority to just 51 votes. (And no, don’t count on Doug Jones being anything more than Chuck Schumer’s lap poodle). That will make passing any meaningful legislation in the Senate even tougher. So Trump and the GOP must focus on winning more Senate seats come November, and hold the House (which is the more imperiled of the two houses, in my humble opinion. Heaven help us; do we REALLY want Nancy Pelosi wielding that gavel again?! Head. Desk. Head. Desk. Head Desk!). The Democrats have precisely ZERO to offer but “resistance” (read: we want to maintain the status quo that works for US). Their resume from the past eight years is absolutely abysmal. So Trump and the GOP must focus on reminding voters of that fact. The Democrats will continue lying—it’s what they do—with a welcome assist from the “journalistic” arm of the DNC that is the mainstream media. They will need to hold nothing back to counter the Left’s DoomsDay messages flying 24/7/365. And tout their tax cuts, etc etc etc. Trump must Tweet wisely, and with specificity, and the GOP must help him reinforce his messages, rather than obstruct, as too many of them have done thus far. If they lose either body of Congress, the economic revival we’re enjoying right now would likely be thwarted for good.

So. Get ‘er done, Congress and President Trump. Make 2018 the best and most prosperous year yet.

Happy New Year!

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