Happy 93rd Birthday, 19th Amendment!

Happy 93rd Birthday, 19th Amendment!

On the fifth day of November in the year of our Lord eighteen-hundred and seventy-two, Susan Brownell Anthony gave both fingers to The Man and voted in the presidential election even though she knew it was against the law. When the officer of the law arrived at her house to arrest her, he gave her the option of turning herself in so as to avoid arrest and the subsequent spectacle it would cause; she refused. She then refused to pay her own bond, preferring instead to remain in jail, believing she had done no wrong. Her attorney paid her bail, the jerk of a judge refused to grant her a jury trial and judged her guilty himself, and a pro-life feminist Quaker chick from Massachusetts became a legend. When asked if women would ever be allowed to vote, she without hesitation said that though it would not be in her lifetime, it was inevitable.

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She was right. It would take decades and the determination and hard work of suffragettes like Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, as well as countless instances of oppression and physical violence, but it was done. Equality for women was achieved in the obtaining of that most sacred of Constitutional rights, The Vote. On the 18th of August in 1920, women were given their voice.

I dare anyone to try to shut us up.



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  • Kate says:


  • eddd7 says:

    The most sacred of all Amendments is the 2nd Amendment. Without the ability of people to defend themselves against, and/or to possibly overthrow a tyranical (let me know if this is starting to sound scary-real) government, all the other amendments are moot.

    With all due respect, of course.

    • ROS says:

      I stated that it was the most precious of rights, not amendments. However, i don’t need my government to give me permission to protect myself and mine. All they can do is make it illegal to do so; I’ll do it either way. Without a voice with which I may choose representatives that will ensure I can continue to do so legally, all others are moot.

  • DonD says:

    “and a pro-life feminist Quaker chick from Massachusetts became a legend” and thus the reason that the Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin was rejected by the feminists…not the size of the coin but the history of the woman on the front. So, we still have dollar bills.

  • Kevin says:

    Is there a reason the poster has the word “screwed” misspelled?

  • ROS says:

    You’d have to posit that particular query to the creator, I’m afraid.

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