Al Jazeera America: Launch of Al Gore’s Former Network Gets No Love From Advertisers, Promises Objectivity

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Al Jazeera America: Launch of Al Gore’s Former Network Gets No Love From Advertisers, Promises Objectivity

Newly minted one-hundred-millionaire and Global Warming Fraudster Al Gore’s former network, Current TV, debuts under its new, oxymoronic name today: Al Jazeera America. Its producers promise journalists and reporting that are “fiercely objective, substantively strong, and absolutely committed to the truth,” according to Ehab Al Shihabi, executive director of Al Jazeera’s international operations. And to launch itself into American households, AJA is conducting a letter-writing campaign encouraging Americans to request their cable and satellite providers add the network in to their line-up of channels. Uh, sorry, severe writer’s block, no can do…. But perhaps even more intriguing is the fact that the network is getting no love from advertisers.

The New York Post reports the network has been unsuccessful in establishing a solid advertising base and that its six minutes of “hourly commercial time will be filled primarily with internal promos and local advertising spots, because national advertisers have been shunning the network.” It’s easy to see why the network has failed to land big names to its advertising base.

Al Jazeera is the very same Qatar government-funded network, you will remember, that ran the unauthenticated propagandistic Bin Laden tapes following the 9/11 terrorist attacks Bin Laden masterminded. While the network has few companies willing to shell out their advertising dollars to AJA, and therefore touting the resulting few commercial interruptions as a plus to potential viewers, it assures us that it has hired a team of serious journalists, ready to bring Americans a fresh, interesting new source of news (echoes of Breitbart, right?). Its news line-up will reportedly include “fiercely objective” former CNN host and Obama-worshipper Soledad O’Brien, former CNN journalist Ali Velshi, former CBS host Joie Chen, and former NBC news anchor John Seigenthaler. That balanced line-up of journalists, all formerly of leftist news networks, ought to send their ratings soaring. Time will tell. They’ve got a lot of proving to do, since Current’s current viewership was a tepid 42,000 in 2012, while mother ship Al Jazeera has fended off numerous accusations of bias in its Middle East news coverage. But Al Jazeera America may not care about improving ratings, since Qatar is one of the world’s largest suppliers of natural gas, thus a slush fund for the fledgling network appears readily available.

Now I’m a die-hard First Amendment, capitalism-embracing gal. Even for the likes of the grotesque Westboro Baptist and the vast majority of the MSNBC shysters. So I support AJA’s right to exist, even if begrudgingly so, scrunched eyebrows, pursed lips and all. That said, I’m also a staunch supporter of shunning, mocking, and boycotting out of existence, if necessary, things that are harmful to America and her citizens, including potential propagandists like Al Jazeera and definitive ones like Obama water-carrier Chrissy “Tingle” Matthews. But maybe that’s just me; you may want to give Al Jazeera America a listen, at which time I reserve the right to poke fun at you, too.

In the meantime, some Twitter tweeters have graciously offered up their ideas for possible show titles for the new network’s primetime offerings:

  • Everybody Stones Raymond
  • That 1370’s Show
  • It’s Always Sunni in Philadelphia
  • God’s Will & Grace
  • Mad About You Learning To Read

I’m betting our talented readers can come up with a few kicky show titles of their own.

By the way, anyone seen a Yugo lately?

Yugo Pic
Mocked and Boycotted Out of Existence? “How can you get a Yugo to do 60 miles an hour? Push it over a cliff.”

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