Guest Post: NYAH-Nyah NYAH-Nyah NYAH NYAH

Guest Post: NYAH-Nyah NYAH-Nyah NYAH NYAH

Guest Post: NYAH-Nyah NYAH-Nyah  NYAH NYAH

The Rules Used to Be: Magnanimous in Victory, Gracious in Defeat, Gentlemanly Forbearance even in the face of rank calumny. The supine pose in measured discourse. The indulgent therapeutic chin pulling in victory. Never gloat; never defend yourself; when you’re slapped you’ll take it and like it. Rules for Catamites.


Not this time.

Follow the Bouncing Ball! All Together Now! NYAH-Nyah NYAH-Nyah NYAH NYAH!

Not this time, Brownshirt Democrats; not this time, Obama Sycophant Lickspittle Media; not this time, Wormtongues of Academia; not this time, FollyWood. Never again. This is for Kavanaugh; this is for Mueller, and Comey, and McCabe…this is for…EVERYTHING.

As Nancy Pelosi famously said: “Embrace the suck.” And as the NJ Star Ledger recently put it: “Choke it down.”

“Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!”

Christine Ballsy Ford: Keep your False Witness Payola and spend the rest of your life defending your despicable, uncorroborated testimony against a good man for political and monetary gain. Neither History nor Herstory will be kind.

Stormy Daniels: Go back to what you do best in the entertainment industry, and leave the creep lawyer behind; you were too good for him. Creep lawyer, Avenatti: Pay your taxes. And yes, please run for President.

Southern Poverty Law Center: You’re much worse than deplorable; you’re despicable for trying to tie the President to the anti-Semitic Synagogue massacre.

Pussy Hat Broads: Dump the anti-Semite Sharia Advocate Linda Sarsour; in all honesty, she wants the Jews dead. And no, Jews are not “termites” who need extermination as her best pal, Farrakhan, says.

James Cromwell, Actor/Limousine Liberal/Revolutionary Wannabe: You have a big mouth; your desire for violence is quite clear. You called for it. Don’t try to weasel out of it now. And that goes for the rest of you Follywood Fools:

  • Babs: Toronto is calling.
  • Jim Carrey, “Artiste,” painting Trump with a pipe bomb in his mouth: Hitler had more talent.

Hey, Hollywood: What Winston said.

Guardian Reporter who verbally assaulted Selena Zito: That lady has more balls than you’ll ever have.

Head CNN Kapo Julia Joffe: If you were in charge during WWII, half the world would speak German, the other half Japanese, and I’d be a cake of soap.

Sorry, No Prisoners, No Surrender.

NBC/SNL: You aren’t worthy enough to dig this soldier’s Afghani latrine.

Award for Community Outreach goes to Don Lemon for identifying the real problem in America: White Men. Have another drink, Don.

Booker, Kamala, Feinstein, Gerald Nadler, Adam Schiff: You’ve been measured and found wanting, except for your straightjackets and Napoleon Hats. They’re in the mail.

Prog Borg Libs: Your Halloween Medicare for All costume was truly terrifying.

And Beto: You can now go back to being a drunk traffic hazard, if not an Irishman. Suggestion: get a chauffeur.

Kimmel, Kolbert: You might want to think about…oh, forget it.

Barry O, about the massive economic rebound: You didn’t build that.

Black Slaves fleeing the Progressive Plantation, Spanish Speaking Amigos Tired of Toiling in the Strawberry Fields of Socialism: Welcome home. We will NEVER take you for granted. NEVER, EVER.

Invaders from South of the Border: Turn around, and plant a flag in Mexico before you burn it all down.

Mexico: Do whatever you want. It’s your Narco-Terrorist Collapsed State.

Paul Krugman, New York Times, and the Prog Borg’s Leftist Lickspittle Media et al, Especially Bend the Arc, who cooked the Trump Unwelcome at Jewish Funeral Story: DON’T CHANGE A THING.

Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.
All Photos and Feature Image Credit: National Archives

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