Guest Opinion: Sarah A. Hoyt – The Dividing Line

Guest Opinion: Sarah A. Hoyt – The Dividing Line

Guest Opinion:  Sarah A. Hoyt – The Dividing Line

In memory there is a dividing line on my life, a bright one, cutting across a bright and clear September day in the little Mountain Town of Manitou Springs.

I was a young mother, with two children in elementary school. Walking the boys to class – let that be a lesson to you – on that exceptionally fine day, I remember thinking we were finally where we wanted to be: we had a house we loved, the kids were happy in school, we had a writers’ group, and my first novel was coming out in a month. I remember thinking how much I liked my life.

For reasons I can no longer remember, older son got in half an hour before younger son that day.  So I took an old science fiction paperback to read, and sat on the floor reading while younger son talked to his friends and ran around.  When he went into the classroom, I walked back at a leisurely pace, and was making myself a cup of coffee when my best friend at the time (another young mother and writer) called screaming “Turn on your TV, turn on your TV.”

There the world rips in half, torn asunder.

It’s not the towers. It’s not the images of my fellow Americans jumping to their deaths from the burning buildings.  It’s not the sense of violation, or the uncalled for attack from foreigners poisoned against us by an ideology masquerading as religion. It is what happened next.

In my mind what 9/11 did was rip down the gauzy veil through which I regarded my neighbors, my friends, my colleagues, as well as the future of my nation.

I was heartened and cheered that in Manitou Springs – Boulder South – for a full week the boys came home singing the old patriotic songs.  The thumpity thump ones, full of pride and decision.  I was comforted by the American flags everywhere.

And then—

It started in the online writers’ lists, first, no surprise in retrospect: people expressing discomfort with the American flags everywhere and the expression of nationalistic sentiments, because it made them feel like we were descending into fascism.

Not more than a month later, before the end of the year, a member of our in person writers’ group which met in our house expressed the thought that we shouldn’t go to war over 9/11, because “it’s not even as many people as die of car accidents every year.”

I don’t need to tell you the rest of the story, but it lead eventually to my not being able to keep quiet and coming out politically before the entire world and therefore being rendered more or less unemployable in traditional publishing. (No, I don’t mind. I make more indie.)

And it led, by inexorable steps to where we are, where it’s clear that half the country, our very countrymen, whom we thought merely silly and deluded, fancy themselves “citizens of the world” while knowing clearly nothing about the world in general (vacationing abroad doesn’t give you any knowledge of what it’s like to live and work abroad.) They hate those of us who love our homeland, because they’re convinced it was patriotism that caused WWII (instead of deranged foreign alliances and totalitarian ideologies.) And the they hate the United States because it’s in the way to their dream of a united socialist world.

Without 9/11 would we have fractured so completely? Did they go insane at the shock of an attack on our soil? Are they merely cowards turning their coats to join the winning side?

I don’t think so. I think the fracture was baked in. They don’t understand that dying in a car accident is not the same as dying in an attack on our land. They don’t understand that there are things worth dying for. They don’t understand that countries are not going to cease existing, but that even if they proclaimed their grand world government tomorrow, the same old petty religious and national animosities, great and small, would keep going on.  And they don’t understand that if the US doesn’t defend itself, the result is not peace, but annihilation.

As much as they hate the US, because they think we’re the source of all evil, they’re deranged children completely unaware of the consequences of their actions.

And we’re locked in here with them, day by day, trying to reclaim our country and save a future of liberty and justice for all for our descendants, while they rage and fume and destroy, convinced utopia is just one more burning summer away.

I liked my dream of what the world was pre-9/11.  I liked the friends I didn’t realize were dangerous lunatics bent on destroying mankind’s best, last hope. I liked the gauzy belief that we’d destroy the last shreds of Marxism simply by showing how much better freedom was.

Youth must be my excuse. Just as jaded middle age must be my excuse for how much I dislike my dry-eyed realism today.

The rubble of the towers as they fell revealed a festering wound in our midst, one I pray will heal without open conflict and the destruction of a civil war.

Now, twenty one years later, let us rededicate ourselves to building under, building over and building around so when things collapse, the nation – and western civilization – can go on.

May G-d bless and keep the United States of America, the last best hope of mankind.



Today’s Guest Writer is Sarah A. Hoyt. She was born Portuguese, a mistake Sarah rectified as soon as possible.  She’s been — legally — an American for over 35 years, during which time she’s published somewhere around 40 novels (Don’t make her count) and well over 100 short stories. When not writing frantically, she’s cuddling with her husband and a variable number of cats, or engaging in one of her multiplying hobbies.

Our featured photo, “Devastation at the World Trade Center site in New York City, in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack.” has been cropped for this post. National Archives,





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  • Kelly_3406 says:

    This is a poignant description of the struggle to defend the ideals of the constitution. But there is a corollary that is not mentioned, which is that the federal bureaucracy, the deep state, has partnered with liberals to constrain American freedoms. The federal bureaucracy convinced us in the aftermath of 9/11 that a massive intelligence surveillance apparatus was needed to combat terrorism, but these vast capabilities have now been turned against us. Even if the 50% of the country that Sarah calls “deranged children” were to suddenly recognize the error of their ways, it will take a massive effort to reign in the excesses of the federal bureaucracy.

    • Bob says:

      And who were the ones pushing for that security apparatus and the abridgement of freedom? Conservatives. Say what you want about the lolbertarians, they tried to warn you, but GW Bush waved the flag, cut brush like a cowboy and pretended to be a Christian, and you fell for it.

      Remember back when your livelihood couldn’t be freezed and seized unless you were convicted of a crime? Who changed that? Ah, but it would only be used against radical Muslims, right?

      Ironic, the right forged the weapons the left is using against them.

      • SDN says:

        “Ironic, the right forged the weapons the left is using against them.”

        Obviously a Liberaltarian, because you make the typical Leftist false choice of confusing the tool for the wielder.

        No one compelled you to use the tool forged to defend America against foreign non-citizen enemies who would destroy it, against your fellow citizens. That’s on YOU.

        • Bob says:

          Some tools should not exist, and some powers definitely shouldn’t. Government should be small, limited and poor, to quote or paraphrase another of Mrs. Hoyt’s quotes.

          Because who did conservatives assume would be using those tools? People like them? Forever? And they would always have the best of motivations?

          Quite an assumption for those who believe like myself that people are fallible and prone to corruption.

      • Those who think the ones pushing the Patriot Act were conservatives are still wearing their blinders.

        The State was pushing it – and all of the supporters were and are members of the State.

        • Scott says:

          Exactly. The Bush family, while marginally better than Al Gore would have been, are globalists / deep staters, not conservatives.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    And it is indeed a festering wound. Our enemies knew exactly what they were doing on that day. They knew the impact would be long-lasting. I hope we can rebuild and unite. We may not see this in our lifetimes, but hopefully, the blinders will come off someday.
    Thank you, Sarah. May God Bless America.

    • Tony says:

      The deep state is working overtime and has been ever since President Trump, who met every one of his campaign promises, made America great again. Lowest unemployment for all people, especially women and blacks, made the US oil independent during his administration, lowered taxes, helped Veterans, moved the embassy in Israel, the economy was robust, the stock market was booming, he built up our Navy in anticipation of China going after Taiwan, and his accomplishments are so abundant I could go on and on. After the current administration stole the election they immediately started to reverse all the good that President Trump had accomplished. We are now dependent on foreign oil again and America’s freedoms are being taken away every day. The current administration continues to make our country less safe for Americans and therefore less safe for the world. Now the deep state has raided the home of a former President, unheard of in America, and continue to go after President Trump because it doesn’t fit in their agenda to destroy our Republic and replace it and the Constitution with Socialism. I pity our Childrens Children should they succeed.

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    “The United States of America, the last best hope of mankind.”

    Indeed. I am reminded of this quote from President Reagan:

    “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

  • Darleen Click says:

    “Deranged children” is an apt description. I too remember 9/11 as a turning point where these mannerless children couldn’t wait to dance on the graves and shout that America “deserved it.” I pray each day that we don’t come to civil war, but my old bones ache with worry.

    Thank you, Sarah.

  • Cameron says:

    Sarah, glad you are posting here and hope to see more (Time permitting).

    I do hope we can solve this problem without open violence but I have my doubts that anything less will turn things around. But I will maintain hope anyway.

  • Fen says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading Victory Girls over the years. So I feel obligated to warn them that Sarah Hoyt is a witch hunter who falsely accuses others of witchcraft, ignores all attempts by alleged witches to clear their names, and refuses to retract and apologize for her false accusations. It’s the same madness of Salem and it should not be rewarded by extending her influence.

  • I agree with SDN.
    TROLL, TROLL in the basement!
    I’ve known, read, and followed Sarah for over 20 years. I’ve been helped and coached in learning the trade of author by her, and I’ve watched her do the same for many others. I don’t agree with EVERY SINGLE THING that she says, but hell, I don’t agree right now with every single thing I have ever said. We all live, learn, and sometimes shift our positions slightly in light of new information or experience.
    Yet there are some navigational beacons that are eternal, unmoving in the heavens, and on those, we agree.
    I’m glad she posted here because now I have a new site to follow!

    • Cameron says:

      Welcome, William. Nice to see new blood around here. Don’t mind the troll; they’re as harmless as they are pathetic and you can mock them to your heart’s content.

  • JAL says:

    These deniers of American Good and the We-Deserve-What-We-Got-Folk on this day especially need to listen to the flight attendent audio over at the NYTimes Archive site:

  • Sam L. says:

    Thank you, Sarah! OutSTANDIN!!!

  • Nina Bookout says:

    Well written Sarah. You give me much to consider as I keep fighting for this Republic. As for those who are critical of patriotism and those who didn’t and don’t ever want to defend this land, this describes them perfectly.

    “They don’t understand that dying in a car accident is not the same as dying in an attack on our land. They don’t understand that there are things worth dying for.”

    This Republic is worth defending and dying for. We will need many more wolves to protect those hapless sheep who will suddenly want protection!

    • Lauren says:

      If one of their children died in a car accident, and another was shot in the head by a terrorist, they would understand the difference. My guess is that the car accident, while a source of true grief, would not incite the same level of rage as the other.

      And unfortunately, many of the sheep would be blaming the sheepdog for their danger. “If you would just compromise with the wolves, this wouldn’t be happening!”

      “If you wouldn’t then I wouldn’t, ” has never been a logical argument, but it is consistently used by terrorists. Their actions will always be someone else’s fault.

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