Grant Strobl Changes Name To ‘His Majesty’ After UM Enacts Personal Pronoun Policy [VIDEO]

Grant Strobl Changes Name To ‘His Majesty’ After UM Enacts Personal Pronoun Policy [VIDEO]

Grant Strobl Changes Name To ‘His Majesty’ After UM Enacts Personal Pronoun Policy [VIDEO]

One of our longtime readers and occasional guest blogger GWB sent us this “gem” of a story regarding the University of Michigan’s latest foray into the SJW (social justice warrior), diversity, inclusiveness stupidity that is running amok on campuses these days. Without further ado, I give you Pick Your Personal Pronoun!

Starting this week, University of Michigan students are able to designate a personal pronoun with the university and have the pronoun reflected on class rosters this fall.

The move is another way the university is fostering an environment of inclusiveness, according to an email to students and faculty members on the Ann Arbor campus from Provost Martha Pollack and Vice President for Student Life Royster Harper.

A designated personal pronoun is a pronoun an individual chooses to identify with and expects others to use when referencing them (he, she, him, his, ze, etc.).

Students can designate pronouns in Wolverine Access through the new Gender Identity tab within the Campus Personal Information section. This page can be used to enter, update or delete pronoun information.

Yes indeed. In order to further elevate a student’s self esteem and ensure that nobody will ever be accidentally insulted, all the special snowflakes on campus can access the Wolverine link online and inform the college of how they wish to be addressed.

The Church Lady said it best.


I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. U of Michigan is likely following Tennessee’s foray into pronoun idiocy that Jenny wrote about last year. UT published this little graph to help guide their choices.


Grant Strobl, a junior and the chair of the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors admirably and epically demonstrated how insipid and silly this politically correct “pronoun” policy is.

‘I henceforth shall be referred to as: His Majesty, Grant Strobl. I encourage all U-M students to go onto Wolverine Access, and insert the identity of their dreams’

Can I just say, that is by far THE BEST response to the all inclusive, lets not hurt anyone’s feelings, safe space, snowflake, trigger warning madness sweeping college campuses …EVER.


He didn’t stop there however. Cue Twitter!

As you can imagine, the response has been a combination of funny, hefty doses of realism, and butt hurt.

Strobl, with his pronoun change to “His Majesty,” further points out the fallacies and pitfalls of the university’s new fantasy driven guideline.

Did you catch that? If a professor slips up and addresses someone by the wrong pronoun, that professor then faces sanctions. It doesn’t matter if the so-called pronoun fits the description of a pronoun or not! Hoisted by the petard of their own making I’d say!

Here’s something else to think about. Someone chooses their own pronoun and expects all those on campus to call him or her, oh wait – I can’t use those can I? WHATEVER. ANYWAY, as I was saying, someone is prancing around on campus with a newly minted pronoun and someone else decides to be offended by that one’s personal choice…what happens next? More safe spaces? Additional layers of trigger warnings? Protests? Pronoun policy revision number 9,875?

Who knows. What I do know is this. University of Michigan Junior Grant Strobl, in one fell swoop, highlighted how supremely idiotic this pronoun policy is. For that he does indeed deserve the crown!

As for me? Henceforth I shall be known as Xe American Constitutionalist. Or is it Zi, …no Hir! Oh to heck with it. This pronoun madness can go take a flying leap.

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  • GWB says:

    If you’re offended by #UMPronounChallenge, you should probably drop out of school because you won’t make it in the real world.

    “Real world”. You keep using that word. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    Pronoun policy revision number 9,875?

    How dare you!?! You used a comma to represent the thousands break? What about all our European students who use a period for that? You are so continentist! /prog

    • GWB says:

      Oh dear, I think I misinterpreted that tweet as coming from a snowflake, rather than a supporter of Grant. Mea culpa.

      • Nina says:

        Thanks for the tip to the story! And no worries. I’ll just assign your brilliant and funny response to the special snowflake tweet he was responding to. 😉

        Notice I didn’t use any commas in my reply… 😉

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