#Grammys: Joy Villa Goes Against The Current Again

#Grammys: Joy Villa Goes Against The Current Again

#Grammys: Joy Villa Goes Against The Current Again

We can’t keep up with these artists and actors and what they are wearing to express solidarity anymore. A few weeks back, they all wore black to show solidarity for #TimesUp and #MeToo. Last night, they donned WHITE roses at the Grammys as a message of unity. I think they all get together via Snapchat and think this stuff up. Cue Beyonce: “Like, black is sooooo two weeks ago. Let’s wear a simple white rose, a pure, white rose while my rapper husband cusses on stage and calls women b#tches and whores and I gyrate. Yeah, #TimesUp. Take me to Red Lobster.”

While Hillary Clinton fangurls like Kelly Clarkson wore white roses, Joy Villa went against the grain again. You may remember her stunt from last year:

Last year’s #MAGA dress. This year, Villa wore white, indeed. Emblazoned with a pro-life message.

And the trolls came out to play:

Villa’s dress has individuals on both sides of the political spectrum asking questions, including Conservatives.

“As a registered Republican, I voted 4 Trump. Still had reservations. Hated the division in US, but was finally hopeful for change.”-Joy Villa on her decision to vote for Donald Trump in 2016

Villa claims to have tried “to play both sides & reconcile being a Republican inside but living outside as Dem,” she added, before she eventually returned to her faith and music.

It’s Villa’s faith that has skeptics questioning her motives and her most recent pro-life statement on last night’s red carpet. Villa is a self-proclaimed member of the church of Scientology, which allegedly forced abortions among women who belonged to the church’s elite Sea Organization. Also, Villa wasn’t always a Republican. This from 2012:

So, was Villa always a closet Conservative yearning for free expression in a profession where she is severely outnumbered, or is she a fraud and an opportunist? I can see people now saying, “Joy, WHO?” The jury is still out on her intentions but I, for one, give her credit for going against the grain and not following the script.

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