#GrahamCassidy: Will Latest ObamaCare Overhaul Effort Wreck the Road to Single Payer?

#GrahamCassidy: Will Latest ObamaCare Overhaul Effort Wreck the Road to Single Payer?

#GrahamCassidy: Will Latest ObamaCare Overhaul Effort Wreck the Road to Single Payer?
ObamaCare Trojan Horse (Photo Credit: United Liberty)

Barack Obama had, and still has, a utopian dream for America. His signature legislation—albeit amid forceful denials by both he and Congressional Democrats—was intended to pave the way there: single payer “healthcare” provided by the federal government. Anyone who saw this scam coming knew that once ObamaCare collapsed—as it’s doing now—the Dems would ride in on their white horses to save the day. Lead by Captain Delusional, aka Bernie Sanders, we’re now staring down that plan’s barrel, as more and more Dems hop aboard the Sanders Single Payer Train and more and more of our unconscious citizenry buys into the lie.

This was Bernie back in the day:

And here’s the crazy-haired septuagenarian today:

So what’s changed, Gramps? Is your plan to bankrupt the nation, you know, so that we can fully realize Obama’s Utopia: rebuilding an (intentionally) collapsed America with inherently-genocidal Communism? Oh, but surely it’s not the BAD kind of Communism, right? It’s the touchy-feely kind of Communism where we’re all provided for, from cradle to grave, and no one wants for anything. Including dissenting thought.

Oh, but lookie here! It’s Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham to the “rescue…”

Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham: Slayers of ObamaCare? (Photo Credit: Talking Points Memo)

…whose bill to overhaul ObamaCare looks to be a last-ditch effort to provide our Congress Critters the appearance of keeping their seven-year-long repeal promise (no, it ain’t a repeal, people, despite the breathless protestations from a lying media and armies of verklempt Twitter ignoramuses). But will it have the votes?

While I like Senator Paul, we HAD a repeal vote, Rand. It failed. And nothing has changed.

While the bill offers a tablespoon of federalism—where states would be block-granted Medicaid dollars to manage as they wish, while repealing the ACA’s mandates and ludicrous medical device tax, and those are GOOD things—the bill keeps much of ObamaCare’s taxes in place. Thus, NOT a repeal.

By the way, messes like this—birthed by overreach—are the very reason our Founders placed limits on the power of our federal government.

Photo Credit: Pondering Principles

Yeah. Healthcare ain’t in there.

Meanwhile, for those of us thinking: Hey! Single payer sounds like a great replacement! Everyone will have healthcare, it’ll be cheaper (where have we heard THAT before?!), and unicorns will fly! Um, no. Here’s what single payer, nationalized “healthcare” looks like, courtesy of those already living in it:

The British NHS and the U.S. VA are cousins

The British National Health Service and the U.S. Veterans Health Administration are two of the last remaining socialized health care systems in the world. That is to say, both systems have not only single-payer, government-run health insurance—the government also owns the hospitals and employs the doctors.

When government has that dominant of a role, it has no choice but to prioritize how to spend the money. In May, NHS England disclosed that its health care providers—hospitals, clinics, doctors and the like—had spent £2.45 billion ($3.26 billion) more than they had been allocated.

In North Yorkshire, England, hospital leaders have decided to cut back by denying hip and knee surgeries to smokers who refuse to quit, and those with Body Mass Indices above 30…

And we can’t ask sweet baby, Charlie Gard, how he feels about nationalized healthcare because the Socialist Powers That Be denied him a chance at life.

Talk about your budget-buster. We’ll chat about the MASSIVE tax increases to fund this monstrosity later, right Bern?

Not even uber-liberal California is willing to foot that bill at the state level, and Sanders’ own home state has seen its single-payer system fail. Not to mention a heckuva lot of docs refuse Medicare patients already due to burdensome federal regulations and low reimbursement rates.

Now just image docs on strike all across America and you need medical attention STAT. Because that’s where we’re headed if the cowardly Republicans fail to stop this Medicare For All train wreck—they literally have just days to do it under budget reconciliation—and the Dems—including undeclared Democrats, Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins—keep driving the train.

Look, if we want to know what single-payer looks like, we’ve only to take a peek at the mess that is the VA. Do we really want that? Do we want people literally dying in parking lots waiting for care (no, that’s not hyperbole; it’s reality)? Do we want rationing, and a faceless, heartless federal government that decides who does, and who does not, receive care (can you say IRS targeting!)? No, what we need is the federal government to get the hell out of healthcare. Period. Full stop. Because anything else is a road to ruin.

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  • GWB says:

    Single payer sounds like a great replacement! Everyone will have healthcare, it’ll be cheaper…

    Well, no. Single-payer doesn’t guarantee health care either. The only way to guarantee health care is to make the doctors work directly for the state, then have mandatory health checks. (Which will require more doctors, which means people will have to be forced into medicine, which will decrease “patient outcomes”….)

    We’ll chat about the MASSIVE tax increases to fund this monstrosity later

    Except it will all come out of that massive outlay by businesses to pay the premiums for all their employees – which just went up a lot recently, so they should have plenty of money for that – because they won’t have to pay that money out anymore. Oh, and you’ll no longer get a tax deduction for any medical expenses, so you’ll be covering it organically, too. See how easy it is to pay for?

    We need the gov’t to not only get out as in repealing 0bamaCare. We need them to get out entirely – mandates, tax incentives (why businesses provide health “insurance” as a benefit), everything. Only then can a market return to health care, and people can make decisions intelligently.

  • George V says:

    Isn’t there a joke that’s supposedly from Cuba, in which one young woman asks another about her date with a new suitor, and the reply is “Not good. He’s got no money and no future, he’s just a doctor.”

  • MikeyParks says:

    Why would anyone want to become a physician, only to instantly become a civil servant? So there will be a shortage of doctors that grows worse from year to year. And that’s just one of the many problems. The flaws of government provided healthcare are so blatantly obvious, who in his right mind would press for it? Oh, sorry – the Left is NOT in its right mind.

    • Jodi says:

      Not just the Left, but the John McCains of the nation. They don’t care because it doesn’t affect THEM.

    • GWB says:

      who in his right mind would press for it?

      Brings to mind the hoary quote:
      “Only an intellectual could be so well-educated as to believe such a stupid thing.”

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