Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson’s GMA Interview: Trump’s Call “Made Me Cry” [VIDEO]

Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson’s GMA Interview: Trump’s Call “Made Me Cry” [VIDEO]

Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson’s GMA Interview: Trump’s Call “Made Me Cry” [VIDEO]

A little over two weeks ago, after the news broke that American soldiers were killed in Niger, many in the media thought it a grand idea to go after President Trump on how he handled condolence calls/letters to the families. Things have gone horrifically and infuriatingly south from there and the media is dancing with glee.

Front and center, whether willingly or not, is the grief and pain that Myeshia Johnson is feeling. A grief that the media, and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), are all too happy to capitalize on as we’ve pointed out here, and here.

Two days ago, the funeral for Army Sgt. La David Johnson took place.

This morning, Myeshia spoke about her husband, about his service, about what she does and doesn’t know regarding how her husband was killed, President Trump’s call, and more.

This is just so sad.

Like everyone else, she wants answers as to how Sgt. Johnson was killed and why it took 48 hours to locate his body. 

But unlike everyone else, and that includes Frederica, the only one truly owed the answers is Myeshia and their children. Period.

On President Trump’s call and Rep. Wilson’s reaction.

Johnson said in her Monday interview that the worst part of the call was realizing that the president could not remember her husband’s name.

“He told me he had my husband’s report in front of him, and that’s when he actually said ‘La David,’ ” Johnson said. “I heard him stumbling trying to remember my husband’s name, and that was hurting me the most.”

Asked if there was anything she’d like to say to Trump, Johnson said she has “nothing to say to him.”

Immediately the media and others jumped on Twitter to express their glee that WE WERE RIGHT! Trump and John Kelly were wrong!

Of course, when President Trump sent out this, people went full on mean and stupid.

Here’s a reminder: this isn’t the first time that the media and Left have trotted out Gold Star Families in an effort to make political points.

Cindy Sheehan, anyone? Cindy spent years screaming protests at President Bush outside the White House and in Crawford, Texas. She finally gave up the protests and walked away from the peace movement in 2007. But of course, the media has a long memory and asked for her thoughts regarding President Trump’s call.

Toni’s report about the Clinton ad that exploited Khizr Khan’s son and highlighted Khizr’s appearance at the DNC? Khan’s commentary to the media in recent days here, here, and here?

No one, and I mean no one, ever knows just what to say to someone who has lost a loved one.

Myeshia Johnson and her children are grieving.

They are walking through a fog of sadness, bewilderment, and loss.

I firmly believe that President Trump had the very best of intentions with his call to her. I believe that he, as so many of us do, was trying to search for just the right words to say to someone who has lost so much. In times like this, ‘I’m sorry’ is so powerful, yet oftentimes we feel that’s not enough. Then, when you add to that the burden of what a President is facing—that ultimately it was on his watch an American soldier was killed—there’s just no way to put into words gracefully how badly one feels. President Trump’s intent was honorable. Personally I hope that one day Myeshia will realize that. Sadly, the media along with Frederica Wilson, will refuse to acknowledge that he tried.

Folks, the political grandstanding needs to STOP here and now.

There are FOUR families in grief today. Four families whose husband, son, father, brother, came home in a flag-draped coffin.

Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Sgt. La David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright and Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson were killed in an ambush in Niger.

Let us remember these men today. Let us pray for strength, peace, and courage for their families today and going forward. We honor these men and we honor these Gold Star Families.

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  • Bucky Barkingham says:

    Where the media are concerned Trump is in a no win situation. If he doesn’t call to give the family condolences he’s an uncaring SOB. If he does call but doesn’t fulfill everyone’s idea of what he should have done he is criticized. The sad part is how the grief of this family is being exploited for partisan political purposes. A month from now who will remember La David Johnson other than his grieving family? Not the media vultures who will have moved on to fresher political road kill.

  • GWB says:

    Funny, but last time Wilson spewed forth, she …
    forgot Johnson’s name! (She called him Jackson.)

    I’m betting that if Wilson weren’t in the car when this call came in, we wouldn’t hear anything at all. She’s a ghoul.

    • Nina says:

      Yes, exactly. If she hadn’t been in the car…. Wilson is a ghoul who is making political points off a family’s grief.

      • GWB says:

        (BTW, the fact she was in the car suggests that the family might be of a particular political orientation. But it’s no guarantor.)

  • Johnny says:

    Might well be the last phone call from a President to a bereaved.
    And who would blame the President if that were so?
    But its the the country that loses here.

    Shame on the media, for sacrificing decorum and professionalism for the sake of hatred of one man.

    Shame on the Democrats, both Wilson and those who stood by and tacitly or otherwise supported this assault on our nation’s dignity for the same reason.

  • Skil1lyboo says:

    Jackson, er, I mean Johnson has permitted the clown cowgirl Wilson to use her husband’s death as a prop for that she should be ashamed. And as for saloon hooker, she should be censured for using the death of a soldier for political gain.

  • GWB says:

    Not fake (though the fake 1998 CNN/Time story is mentioned), and inspiring story counter to all this:

  • pam dalton says:

    As the mother of an only child and an only son who has supported said son in his lifelong ambition of being one of our flighting men and women defending this country you know better than most a) what his commitment could mean and b) that everything cannot be known and/ or exposed and c) the families are aware when a loved one ‘signs up’. Police officers, including those in DEA, and those others who serve us to maintain our freedom and law and order also need the support of their loved ones to do their very oftentimes thankless jobs. Many of us can recall the movie “Serpico” starring Al Pacino reinacted the solitary and thankless existence of someone committed to doing what was his lifelong calling to law enforcement and doing it honestly and to the end.
    I remember the day that my grandmother died. My mother called me and told me on the phone that she was ‘in the hospital and was dying’. I shouted something like “No, you are lying!”. I didn’t think it was a lie. It was impossible to wrap my brain around the sudden nature of losing her, and she was an old woman, at the end of her life! I cannot imagine what this woman, who is pregnant with a child who will never know his or her father and whose young children will never be raised by their dad, is going through. You can never be ‘prepared’ for the loss even if you know it is a very real possibility. No one knows what to say to someone in this situation, and no one knows how they will react. This pig of a human being, Fredericka Wilson, is exploiting a hero’s death and his family’s grief. Shame on her and God bless them. And our president, who I agree was trying to do the right thing.

  • David Lentz says:

    In the future, I suggest that a presidential aide contact the specified next of kin and state that the President would like to call. If the call is accepted, tactfully remind the bereaved that the call is private, just the President and the immediate family. If this is not acceptable, the President sends a letter.

  • Scott says:

    Ya know, after watching the clips, it’s very interesting and noticeable how they translated the widows ebonics into proper English for the transcripts….Kinda adds to the thought that the congress clown was in the limo because she shared politics…It does seem true that there was no way for the President to handle this that the press and the left (but i repeat myself) wouldn’t pounce on him.
    All involved need to let it drop, and allow the focus to be on the 4 who gave their lives in service to their country, tht is what this should all be about

  • david7134 says:

    I have had to tell hundreds of people that someone has died or very ill. This is one of the hardest things that someone can do. Trump certainly has never done this in the past. If so, he would know that you don’t come out with people thinking highly of you. This is very true of the black population. If we had a black individual die in the hospital, we would frequently be faced with extreme aggression to the point that doctors and nurses would have to be confined and protected by the police. But the congress woman manufactured this scenario by promising benefits to the woman that she would get regardless.

  • OC says:

    Rest in Peace Sgt, Johnson, my brother.
    Might I remind all, that those of us who took the oath and put on the uniform knew that we were signing a blank check, payable to the USA, up to and including our lives.

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