The Fresno Shooter and #APQuotes: The News According to The Associated Press

The Fresno Shooter and #APQuotes: The News According to The Associated Press

The Fresno Shooter and #APQuotes: The News According to The Associated Press

Kori Ali Muhammad 39 was arrested shortly after a shooting rampage and killing three people in Fresno, California yesterday. Muhummad, whose victims were all white, was also wanted in connection with another killing days earlier, in which a security guard was gunned down at a Motel 6.

Kori Ali Muhammad posted openly on social media outlets about his disdain of white people and thanked Allah for the “cataclysmic natural disasters striking America”. Muhammad has been in and out of federal court with charges to include possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm with a prior felony conviction and has been suspected of having mental health issues.

You think?

Despite Police Chief Jerry Dyer’s claim that Muhummad “dove onto the ground” and yelled “Allahu Akbar,” AP has taken the liberty to provide readers with their stellar journalism and a different angle by Tweeting out that Muhummad said “God is Good”. The tweet has since been deleted.

Was AP trying to give us all an education of what “Allahu Akbar” actually means? Or were they trying to soften the blow?

“Media outlets routinely mangle the true meaning of “Allahu akbar,” the ubiquitous battle cry of Islamic jihadists as they commit mass murder.

The war-cry is mistranslated in the Western media as ‘God is great.’ But the actual meaning is ‘Allah is greater,’” meaning Allah Is Greater Than Your God or Government.

It is the aggressive declaration that Allah and Islam are dominant over every other form of government, religion, law or ethic, which is why Islamic jihadists in the midst of killing infidels so often shout it.

One primary purpose of shouting is to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah.'”-Robert Spencer,

But, AP, of course, had to change it up a touch, I guess. “Allahu Akbar” now translates to “God is Good” in their book. Just like:

The Associated Press has since updated their story:

No terrorism, no “Allahu Akbar”. Nothing to see here. Just a black guy who happens to hate white people and wanted some of them dead. Because, again, an individual (regardless of ethnicity and religious background) randomly shooting off a firearm and killing people should not be dubbed a “terrorist”. We should not jump to those conclusions, folks. Perhaps Kori Ali Muhummad is just an unhappy human being. How judgmental are we to say that he produced terror?! He hates white people. That’s it. I’m waiting for some bleeding heart Rolling Stone-like piece discussing in depth why he hates white people and chose to claim four innocent lives. I can see it now…a perspective from the “oppressed”, America-hating shooter. Or perhaps journos will take the law-enforcement hater spin. I can see it now: “The cops MADE me holler ‘Allahu Akbar'”. I find it amusing that AP states the shootings were not “terrorism”-related and Muhummad did not yell “Allahu Akbar” because I see their headlines as a deliberate cover-up of their judgmental behavior. After all “Allahu Akbar” in most cases=terrorism on both sides of the globe so let’s take both elements of this story completely out of the equation. Kori Ali Muhummad is just a disgruntled black guy. If the Fresno shootings were not “terror”-motivated, would they be constituted as a “hate crime” or does AP want to doctor that one up, too?

I am by no means attempting to make light over an unfortunate situation but the media has indeed lost their collective mind. Our condolences are with the families of the victims of this horrible string of events. We hope and pray journalists return to the days of honesty, integrity and searching for justice for the victims and families of horrible crimes as opposed to tip-toeing and being afraid of offending criminals. I know, a girl can dream. In the meantime, it’s all “Hug A Thug” headlines until then.

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  • parker says:

    Hint: The MSM hive is a collective of fascists masquerading as enlightened teenagers.

  • GWB says:

    Even if he was doing it solely based on race, how is that not terrorism (by the commonly accepted standard)? Personally, I’m guessing islam is merely a convenient excuse for this guy, and that his islam is more Elijah Muhammad and less plain ol’ Muhamed. But islam sure does provide a lot of excuses nowadays, doesn’t it?

    If you’re going to have hate crimes on the books, then this guy better get prosecuted under them, but good. And anti-terrorism laws, too.

  • Thanos says:

    Charge the quacker with being a duck and see whether a jury agrees.

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