Food Stamps Reform Triggers Leftist Lies

Food Stamps Reform Triggers Leftist Lies

Food Stamps Reform Triggers Leftist Lies

If you believed the progressive left, the Trump Administration is about to let thousands of children starve because the Department of Agriculture is going to institute new rules in order to qualify for food stamps.

The lesson here is twofold: never believe the media headlines, and never believe the leftist politicians who can’t read beyond the headlines and are willfully dishonest to boot.

So, what horrible rule did the Department of Agriculture decide to implement? One that other states have implemented before: single, able-bodied adults – with no dependents – will need to actually work in order to receive food stamps. I’ll give you a second to collect yourself off the floor and recover from this absolute horror of expecting people to, um, actually work before collecting welfare benefits like food stamps.

The new rule, which was finalized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, restricts states from exempting certain “work-eligible adults” without dependents from the steady employment requirement in order to receive SNAP benefits.”

The change, which takes effect on April 1, 2020, does not apply to children and their parents, those over 50 (including the elderly), those with a disability or pregnant women.”

When the rule change was first proposed in February, the USDA estimated that as many as 750,000 people would be dropped from the program. It revised that figure on Wednesday to 688,000.”

This looks pretty straightforward, right? If you are a non-disabled adult, who doesn’t have any children or other people you’re responsible for, under 50 years old, and not pregnant, why wouldn’t you be expected to work in order to receive food stamps? This seems logical, except that the Obama administration continually expanded the reach of SNAP benefits, because the concept of actually making people work for a welfare program was anathema to the left. These are the same people who also bemoan the amount of national debt, and then demand that taxes need to be raised on us all to continue to fund all their pet social programs. But if the estimate from the USDA is that over half a million people will be dropped off food stamps, doesn’t that just SCREAM about how much waste is in the system??

Quelle horreur! screams the left instead. Instead of reading the rule (right here), they simply decide to lie. After all, no one reads past the Twitter feed or the headline, right?

Senator Chuck Schumer, liar.

Representative Adam Schiff, liar.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a damned liar.

Per her biography, AOC was a sophomore IN COLLEGE when her father died. Sad as that event undoubtedly was, she was not a little girl in elementary school. She was an adult herself, and her mother would not have been thrown off the rolls because she was probably claiming her daughter as a dependent (and AOC’s younger brother as well). Still, fudging her age in order to score some cheap political points on Twitter is small potatoes to an accomplished liar like AOC.

So, to recap:
1) The rule change on food stamps doesn’t take effect until next April, so no one is going to go hungry over Christmas.
2) Asking able-bodied, non-disabled people to work (or be in a work program if they can’t find a job) is a perfectly acceptable rule change in order to cut down on waste and fraud, and allow the food stamps to go to those who do actually need them.
3) The left, enabled by the media, will always lie to keep the pork flowing and people dependent on government. After all, when your entire philosophy is “cradle to grave” nanny state socialist government, you can’t allow people to actually think they could learn to provide for themselves! Quelle horreur, indeed.

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  • alanstorm says:

    Is there anything at all which does NOT trigger leftist lies?

    I think there must be, but I am at a loss to think of anything.

  • CaptDMO says:

    And WHAT are those “work” requirements again?
    Over HOW much time?
    WTF, is this FRANCE?

  • GWB says:

    restricts states from exempting
    You (and many others) are missing an important point here. This is not even a new rule. It’s merely removing an exemption to an already existing rule. I think this is the same rule that went into effect way back under Clinton – but 0bama created a widespread exemption for the states. Trump’s admin is merely returning to the Clinton era rules.

    Rule-making for the left is always a ratchet: the leftism increases and that is the new baseline; anytime the leftism loosens, that’s a drastic departure from the baseline.

  • Ken Thompson says:

    I’d say to “keep the pork chops flowing” ….Having personally seen food stamps [EBT] used to purchase slabs of ribs while every one else is buying hamburger make one wonder how great is the abuse of a system that was purposed to eliminate hunger?

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