Florida Recount 2018 Has Begun [VIDEO]

Florida Recount 2018 Has Begun [VIDEO]

Florida Recount 2018 Has Begun [VIDEO]

Well, it’s official: Florida is once again smack dab in the middle of a “hanging chad” nightmare. This time it involves three races: Governor, U.S. Senate, and agriculture committee. The counties that have triggered this recount 2018 debacle? Palm Beach and Broward.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered recounts for three statewide elections Saturday, placing the state in the national spotlight once again as lawsuits, heated rhetoric, and claims of voter fraud and “stealing” the election called to mind the drama of the 2000 presidential election recount saga.

Detzner’s order triggered a machine recount for the U.S. Senate race between GOP Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson; for the governor’s race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum; and for the agriculture commissioner race featuring Democrat Nikki Fried and Republican state Rep. Matt Caldwell.

Scott spokesman Chris Hartline said Scott’s margin over Nelson of 12,562 votes, or 0.15 percentage points, “is larger than any recount since 2000 has ever closed. … It’s time for Sen. Nelson to accept reality and spare the state of Florida the time, expense and discord of a recount.”

Nelson, whose campaign had unsuccessfully sought an injunction to extend the Saturday deadline, said in a statement, “This process is about one thing: making sure every legal ballot is counted and protecting the right of every Floridian to participate in our democracy.”

“We have every expectation the recount will be full and fair and will continue taking action to ensure every vote is counted without interference or efforts to undermine the democratic process,” said Nelson. “We believe when every legal ballot is counted we’ll win this election”

It’s really super funny that Nelson (a Democrat) talks about the process being FAIR and that every vote should be counted without “interference or efforts to undermine the democratic process” when crap like this just happened yesterday.

Bill Nelson hopes that we all (and unfortunately too many will) will forget that our CONSTITUTION does not allow for NON-citizens to vote in our elections. Oh, and guess what, Sparky? If you aren’t a citizen of any OTHER country, you can’t vote there either.

At least they tossed the vote, however…

The vote was disallowed despite the objections of the lawyers because two of the three members of the canvassing board ruled that it was an impermissible vote, he said.

Now, I don’t know who the hell the third member of the canvassing board is, but he or she should damned well know our Constitution and election laws by now! A non-citizen CANNOT VOTE in our elections, period, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what San Francisco poop city decided either!

Furthermore, who the heck was the attorney for Nelson who wasn’t authorized to speak? Considering that Nelson’s main attorney is Mark Elias who has lots of ties to Clinton, Gore, and Fusion GPS …I’d say that Scarola has ties to that grouping as well.

This is a bad version of Groundhog Day, Bush vs. Gore style for sure.

Meanwhile, Broward County’s incompetence continues to amaze.

That’s a pretty damned awful “WHOOPS,” if I do say so myself. Elias tossed this allegation into the air.

He argued that Florida’s signature matching process puts pressure on “untrained opinions” of poll workers, leading to a “complete lack of uniformity” in how the ballots were tabulated.

“This serves as an outright disenfranchisement and burden on the right to vote,” he told reporters.

Oh, wow. So anyone who is a poll worker is stupid??!! That’ll win hearts and minds for damned sure!

Needless to say, this recount crap in Florida and elsewhere (Arizona is on the hot seat as well) brings back memories of the Bush vs. Gore time. Memories…nightmares is more like it.

Exactly! Broward County is at the epicenter of this once again, and it’s utterly baffling that Snipes hasn’t been fired before now.

Photo Credit: Monivette Cordeiro

Tell you what: if I was a voter in Palm Beach or Broward, I would be absolutely ticked off that people are playing politics with my vote. Because the politics and game-playing is accomplishing only one goal: disenfranchising voters. Doesn’t matter what party. The voters will see this crap and think, “Why do we even bother?”

Feature Photo Credit: Monivette Cordeiro

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  • George V says:

    We are reaping the fruit of the programs to make voting easier. Registering and voting on the same day is utter nonsense. How can you validate the voter when the deadline to process their provisional ballot is to short? How can you ensure there aren’t all kinds of shenanigans going on with the provisional ballots? Unfortunately it will get worse. My state just passed a same-day register vote proposal and so this cancer will spread.

    • GWB says:

      Yep. Though I support provisional balloting, I think that if you can’t register 2 weeks or 30 days prior to an election, then why should I move mountains to count your vote?

      That was one of the first things we did once we got a legal address (by buying our house) when we moved: register to vote. I went down to the registrar’s office and registered, in person. I also took my son down so he could do it in person, when he turned 18.

  • GWB says:

    our CONSTITUTION does not allow for NON citizens to vote in our elections
    Actually, that’s an assumption, not anything directly enumerated.
    Here’s a short post about it. He mentions that the “citizen” restrictions are only found in the amendments limiting restrictions on voting (yes, that’s a weird construction – go read it). From that post, an excerpt from an article in the Arizona State Law Journal (citations removed by me):
    Alien suffrage was quite common during the nineteenth century, coming to a peak in 1875 when twenty-two states and territories granted aliens the right to vote.” That ended in the 1920s, at which point all states required citizenship as a condition to voter eligibility. Today, every state prohibits noncitizens from voting in federal elections. Federal law, too, prohibits aliens from voting in federal elections. There are, however, jurisdictions that allow, or seek to allow, noncitizens to vote in local elections. And as resident aliens have a significant interest in the locales where they reside, and are subject to other political obligations like taxation, there have been particularly strong arguments in favor of extending suffrage to at least a set of them.

    A Non-citizen CANNOT VOTE in our elections period
    Not true. See above quote.

    “This serves as an outright disenfranchisement and burden on the right to vote,”
    No, d*head, it does not. But, hey, if you want to bring in a computer to match signatures, then go for it. Because the machine will throw out ALL those ballots when the signature does not match perfectly, jot and tittle.

    the state is still incapable of putting on a fair election
    Well, it’s actually just some counties. But the reason is a group of people who want to gain power By Any Means Necessary. I advocate we hang a few CHADs. CHAD = Corrupt Handlers and Attendants to Democrats. (Challenge: come up with a better definition of “CHAD”)

    Disenfranchising voters.
    Which, once again, seems like a conspiracy to deprive those citizens of their civil rights. Also an attempt to undercut a republican form of gov’t. Sounds like maybe some federal marshals and National Guard troops should intervene. After all, it worked before, right Democrats?

  • Russ Wood says:

    This is from an odd site (at least, going from the name) that aggregator Whatfinger picked up:

    If true, the statement shows that the OFFICIAL counting agency in Broward county was deliberately falsifying votes. I believe that that’s against the law – even in Democratic states? I’ve no way of finding out if the notarized affidavit is genuine, but I’m sure that SOME reader may have a way of checking.

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