Hanging Chads Again? Broward County’s Brenda Snipes Triggers Florida Senate Recount [VIDEO]

Hanging Chads Again? Broward County’s Brenda Snipes Triggers Florida Senate Recount [VIDEO]

Hanging Chads Again? Broward County’s Brenda Snipes Triggers Florida Senate Recount [VIDEO]

Many breathed a sigh of relief when it became readily apparent that Rick Scott squeaked out a win over Bill Nelson for Florida’s Senate seat. But that relief hasn’t lasted long. Broward County is once again in the news. This time as in the past; it involves votes, provisional ballots, and allegations of voter fraud. Essentially Brenda Snipes has triggered a Senate recount. Shades of Bush vs Gore and ‘hanging chads!’

This is key.

As of this morning we are well past the 48 hour mark and counting. What does Broward County have to say?

Wowwwww…that’s indeed something. And for Congressman Ted Deutch (D) to say that it’s ok to ‘take the time to get the outcome the voters intended?’ Guess what Sparky, those who voted did so with the full complete expectation that their VOTE would be counted for whomever they voted for! Period. Full. Stop.

Meanwhile, who is this Snipes person? Well…her record is less than stellar.

Snipes has so far refused to disclose the number of Broward County ballots that have yet to be counted more than 40 hours after the polls closed, in possible violation of Florida law, which requires timely reporting of vote counts.

Oh but wait! That’s not all.

A judge ruled in 2016 that Snipes violated federal election law by prematurely destroying ballots from a congressional race that were relevant to an outstanding lawsuit against her office. As a result, the Florida Department of State said elections experts would be dispatched to monitor Snipes’s office in future elections to “ensure that all laws are followed.”

Snipes was once again chastised by the court in February of this year after the state’s Republican party sued her for opening mail-in ballots before the Board of Elections had the opportunity to examine the ballots and determine their authenticity.

One question: Why haven’t the voters gotten rid of her?

Photo Credit: Marsha Halper at Miami Herald

Once again Broward County’s incompetence is gaining international attention. This doesn’t help matters either.  

Of the Broward ballots already counted, more than 24,700 people voted for a governor candidate but didn’t vote for a candidate for U.S. Senate, according to county results. The Sun Sentinel found similar discrepancies in other statewide races, where the vote tallies suggest that thousands of voters made the unlikely choice to vote on lower-profile races and bypass the Senate race — a marquee race and the first one on the ballot.

This unusual pattern appears in no other Florida county. [Emphasis Added]

Thus Snipe’s claims that they’ve just had oh so much work and are overwhelmed doesn’t pass the smell test on any level. These additional shenanigans don’t help either.

The question is, given the deadlines, exactly WHEN did Snipes accept those provisional ballots? And what about THESE provisional ballots?

Those ballots were found at about 4pm yesterday in a STORAGE AREA! The deadline for the provisional voters ballot count was at 5pm yesterday. The fact is, given the deadline, absolutely NONE of those ballots could be counted since the box was left unattended. There is ZERO chain of custody regarding that box/ballots which means, even if some of the ballots are legal, they cannot be counted at all.

Photo Credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Furthermore, there are voters such as Jennifer Rauch who sent in an absentee ballot and it is MIA.

“If my vote is not counted, it would be by no fault of my own, particularly because I followed the very vague directions given to me by the Broward County Supervisor of Elections prior to my deadline of mailing my overseas ballot through my consulate.”

Due to Broward County’s incompetence, a recount has not only been triggered for the Senate race, the Governor’s race will likely be recounted as well. Understandably Governor Rick Scott is not amused.

Meanwhile, Joe Scarborough tries but gets schooled BIGLY!

Folks, our VOTE is our VOICE. Florida’s history of voter fraud is a problem for us all. Remember, Broward County was the epicenter of the Bush v Gore ‘hanging chads’ issue that led to weeks worth of massive recounts and lawsuits. And once again, Florida’s voters suffer because of Democrat shenanigans with Broward County at the epicenter.

Feature Photo Credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

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  • GWB says:

    One question: Why haven’t the voters gotten rid of her?
    Another question: Why isn’t she rotting in jail for conspiracy to deprive citizens of their rights?
    (The voters haven’t gotten rid of her because … she’s the one who counts the ballots!)

    She didn’t look in the box because she didn’t want to tamper with it
    She didn’t have to. She could just drop a few more through the open friggin’ slot on top of the box!
    When the election day ended, that box should have been SEALED. The fact it wasn’t is a criminal act by the poll workers at that site. They should be prosecuted, removed from their position and never allowed to work with elections again. And that spoiling of provisional ballots should require a re-election process within that precinct (in order to preserve the rights and privileges of the citizens of that precinct).
    And that should be the case in every damn precinct where ballots have been “found” after the closing of the polls.

    BTW, THIS sort of bullsh*t is why I think we should have a multi-tiered election system:
    – You vote at a machine (this allows for handicapped access at one spot, rather than printing multiple ballots, and having special machines for blind and nearly blind voters),
    – When you’re done voting, the machine shows you your ballot, and you can change it if you think it’s wrong (by individual race, or a clean slate do-over),
    – The machine prints out your ballot when you approve, and gives you one more chance to declare a spoiled ballot,
    – The machine records your vote in memory, and you take the printed ballot to the counting machine
    – The machine scans your ballot and displays it for you (holding the paper ballot until you hit the OK button – you can declare a spoiled ballot here, too),
    – The machine records your vote in memory, and dumps your paper ballot into a sealed box,
    – At the end of the day, a drive is plugged into each voting machine, and the votes are copied onto that drive (so, 1 for each method – voting machine, counting machine – per precinct).
    (Note that these machines are NOT networked during the election. Period.)
    On election evening, the voting machine votes are tallied, as are the counting machine votes. If they compare accurately (100%) nothing else need be done. If they are off by some minuscule amount, you accept the counting machine votes (after checking the numbers on the machines themselves, to compare to the external drives). If they are off by more than a minuscule amount, you count the paper ballots (again, after checking the voting machine and counting machine numbers On the machines).
    One big advantage (besides having multiple tallies and cross-tallies to check) is that the ballots are PRINTED, so there’s no divining intent. Heck, you can even program them to print “yes, I skipped voting for this particular race” where the ballot would have those races, so no one can simply manufacture some extra votes without using the voting machines.

    It’s somewhat more expensive, but not too much more so, given current technology (use linux machines, without USB ports, locked down to a kiosk mode – it’s easy to do).

    • GWB says:

      BTW, the counting machine should also scan a picture of each ballot, and tag it with a serial number (that should be on the printed ballot, too). When counting paper ballots, you can compare them to the images to see if any tampering took place. (Which should be harder since they are printed. But, if there’s no image for a ballot, then things were tampered with.)

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