Feminist Caitlin Moran Says Girls Will Be Triggered By Male Authors [VIDEO]

Feminist Caitlin Moran Says Girls Will Be Triggered By Male Authors [VIDEO]

Feminist Caitlin Moran Says Girls Will Be Triggered By Male Authors [VIDEO]

Unless you are living off the grid or have ignored any and all social media these last few weeks, you’d know that today is the idiotic #ADayWithoutAWoman march protest thingy. All in an effort to show feminism superiority or something. Needless to say, I’m not marching nor am I wearing red. Instead I’m working, planning snacks, and taking a few minutes to blog about another feminist absurdity.

Supposedly Caitlin Moran is a feminist “icon” because of her book “How To Be A Woman.” Have I heard of it or her? No. But then again, I don’t wander in the circles of feminism that also thinks wearing idiotic pussy hats or vagina costumes during a protest march is cool. No, its not cool. It’s stupid. Equally stupid is this bit by Caitlin herself that will likely send your head to your desk multiple times.

Here is Caitlin’s latest Moranifesto after reading something Gloria Steinem wrote:

Oh man, she’s right – so right I yelped when I read it. Because if I had one piece of advice for young girls, and women, it would be this: girls, don’t read any books by men. Don’t read them. Stay away from them. Or, at least, don’t read them until you’re older, and fully-formed, and battle-ready, and are able to counter someone being rude to you, in conversation, not with silent embarrassment, or internalised, mute fury, but a calm, “Fuck you very much, and goodbye.”

Because if there’s one thing that has made me, perhaps, happier in myself, and more confident about writing the truth, and less apt to run myself down for my appearance, weight, loudness and unusualness than many, many other women, it’s that I never read books by men when I was younger.

Oh man, where to begin? I too read Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, To Kill A Mockingbird, Nancy Drew, Ayn Rand (1st time at age 14), Corrie Ten Boom, and many more. But it never crossed my mind NOT to read books by male authors in case, you know, I’d get triggered once I grew up.

According to Ms. Moran, these guys will warp a young girl’s mind. These Great White Males as she calls them – Hemingway, Chandler, and Roth, do their utmost to make a girl feel UNWELCOME.

Well Caitlin, let me help further your triggering with this list of books I read as a young girl and as an adult by *GASP! male authors and have managed to come out unscathed and stronger for it.

Louis Lamour

Zane Grey


JRR Tolkien

C.S. Lewis

Dr. Seuss

Tom Clancy

Vince Flynn

John le Carre’

Roald Dahl

George Orwell

And that’s just a partial list! Any others you want to exclude? How about?


Good point! I wonder if that one’s ok because let’s not offend the Muslims. I wonder also if she has considered this?

Interestingly you wrote this line of drivel for Penguin Books. Do you expect them to dump all their male authors now?

Caitlin, while you are working on your version of warping young girls minds, might I point out that by urging censorship of what young girls read, you are actually narrowing their mindset rather than broadening it? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Critical thinking doesn’t seem to be your forte.

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