Fauxcahontas Drinks A Beer To Show Common Touch

Fauxcahontas Drinks A Beer To Show Common Touch

Fauxcahontas Drinks A Beer To Show Common Touch

Bless my stars and garters. Is there anything in the world more condescending than a wealthy politician trying desperately to show his/her common man cred by drinking a beer. Well, maybe. I’ll discuss that later. Fauxcahontas Warren shared a video of her rather awkwardly taking a couple swigs of beer, hugging her “sweetie” and acknowledging her Instagram followers. Lord, help me Jesus. I just cannot deal.

You have got to see this video to believe it. Here ya go:

Okay, close your mouth. I know, that is absolutely the worst.

First of all, she said, “I’m gonna get me a beer.” Oh, gawd, what a panderbear. Remember that common man cred from above? This is right up there with Hillary and her hot sauce pandering on a black radio station. But, it’s the use of the reflexive “me” that really galls me. Travel back through the mists of time with me. Let’s go all the way back to the 2004 Presidential Campaign when good ol’ Johnny-Boy Kerry walked into an Ohio grocery store and asked, “Can I get me a hunting license here?” These people think we are all gullible dupes who fell off the turnip truck this morning.

Fauxcahontas is still clinging to her scientifically proven false Native American claims, talking up her paycheck to paycheck childhood and now she is trying to gloss over her education and Harvard Law Professor adulthood by getting “me a beer”.

I wish some of these politicians would take a note from 1972 losing VP candidate Sargent Shriver. George McGovern picked Shriver to replace Thomas Eagleton. Sargent Shriver was not a man of the people. He was educated at private schools and Yale. He was married to Kennedy sister Eunice. Shriver never tried to pretend he was a common man. This story was told by Tip O’Neill is available in full at the Daily Beast.

His earnest effort that year can be explained by a story Tip O’Neill liked to tell. Tip recalled suggesting to Shriver that the route to popularity in a South Boston bar was to buy a round. Shriver took his advice, but when the bartender finished taking orders for beer or “beer and a shot,” he asked what the candidate would have. As Tip told it, shaking his head, the reply was “Courvoisier with a twist.”

I was a bit young to remember that story. Every time a politician tries to be what he/she is not, my husband likes to tell the Shriver story.

I could pick apart the rest of the phony baloney video, but it’s not necessary. We know everything we need to know about Elizabeth Warren. She’s a phony liar. Fauxcahontas indeed. No matter how much you may despise President Donald Trump he has never tried to pretend he is anything other than Donald Trump, the builder.

At least her husband took a pass on the beer. He probably went into his private study and had a Courvoisier with a twist.

The 2020 Presidential Race has begun. Tune up your lie detectors everyone.

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  • windbag says:

    I”d bet that that beer bottle had been opened, drained, replaced with an acceptable beverage, then recapped before she put it to her lips. Which is worse: the fact that she thinks this will appeal to some voters or that it actually does?

  • GWB says:

    These people think we are all gullible dupes who fell off the turnip truck this morning.
    Hey, I was born at night, but it wasn’t LAST night.

  • Bobby Ahr says:

    Is that a black mammy up there on her bric-a-brac display?

  • Jim says:

    What do real Indian/Native Americans say about this deplorable woman and her claim to be Indian? do they understand how false she is and how she is trying to manipulate them and working people in general with her genetic testing and her beer drinking?

  • Harleycowboy says:

    Trying to do the Hillary pub crawl with the commoners.

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