Face Palm: Texas Mattress Store Produces and Retracts Tasteless 9/11 Ad [VIDEOS]

Face Palm: Texas Mattress Store Produces and Retracts Tasteless 9/11 Ad [VIDEOS]

Face Palm: Texas Mattress Store Produces and Retracts Tasteless 9/11 Ad [VIDEOS]

Local advertising usually is done on the cheap, and the final results are generally pretty tacky. But one Texas mattress company took tasteless advertising to a new low.

The Miracle Mattress store in San Antonio decided to hold a “Twin Towers Mattress Sale,” in which a customer could purchase any size mattress for the price of a twin size. Yes, they went there.


Here is how the sale was promoted on Twitter, complete with “#worldtradecenter,” and “#neverforget” hashtags.


That’s jaw-dropping in itself, but the commercial is the real shocker.


The backlash from the public was swift and monumental, and deservedly so.

Miracle Mattress went into damage control. The store issued an apology on Facebook.

Click to enlarge.

It was later removed from the Facebook page, as it was not well-received.

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Store manager Cherise Bonanno, who was featured in the video, issued a tearful apology, defending herself with pithy comments such as “We are not hate; we are love. We’re Miracle Mattress. We make miracles happen.”


Self-awareness doesn’t appear to be Cherise Bonanno’s strong suit, does it?

Mike Bonanno, the owner of the firm and Cherise’s father, tried desperately to put out the dumpster fire created by his daughter with a letter from the corporate office in Houston.

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Was there no one at the San Antonio Miracle Mattress store who recognized the tastelessness of such an ad? Obviously this was not just the stupidity of Cherise Bonanno, who, frankly, doesn’t appear to be a very bright woman. The attacks may have happened fifteen years ago, but that’s well within the length of a generation. Are millennials such as Bonanno and her co-horts that lacking in their knowledge of history? Have they no sense of the significance of that day, or even empathy for the families of the victims? Or are they products of this age of social media, where nothing is out-of-bounds, that having basic manners is tantamount to being “politically correct,” and that being devil-may-care jerks is the new norm?

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