Ezekiel Emanuel, Architect of Obamacare, Says “Big PR Campaign” Needed to Save Obamacare

Ezekiel Emanuel, Architect of Obamacare, Says “Big PR Campaign” Needed to Save Obamacare

Yesterday, on “Fox News Sunday“, Ezekiel Emanuel the infamous architect of Obama’s signature piece of legislation, pompously declared that a “big PR campaign” will solve the problems of the abysmal and predictable failure of Obamacare.

Here’s the video for your entertainment enjoyment.

It’s also the same video where Dr. Emanuel claims Obama didn’t lie.  You CAN keep your doctor…but you’ll just have to pay a lot more for it.

(I apologize for not being able to post the actual video within this post – having trouble with the linkage.  I blame the NSA and Dr. Emanuel’s big PR campaign!)

Hey Doc, what about all those insufferable television ads (paid for by taxpayers) that have been running non-stop for weeks during prime time hours?  That’s not enough propaganda?  What sort of additional PR could possibly lure the large numbers of young people absolutely necessary to buy into the Ponzi–style scheme of affordable-for-nobody “healthcare” you designed for Americans?

"Quiet, underlings!  We are working on a big PR campaign!"
“Quiet, underlings! We are working on a big PR campaign!”

Hilarious quote from Dr. Emanuel:

“No one has launched a big PR campaign to get these people signed up because of the problems with the federal website,” he told “Fox News Sunday”.  “We are about to launch a big PR campaign, and that, I think, is going to persuade of lot of people to sign up”.

No one has promoted Obamacare?  Are you freaking kidding me??  That’s all this President, his minions, and the raving lunatics on Facebook and Twitter have blathered and raptured on about for the past 5 years before it was rammed down the throats of Americans.

My ears are still bleeding from all the “PR”.

And “these people” he so cavalierly refers to are actual citizens that have already gotten notifications of cancellations and huge increases in their insurance costs.  And they are pissed.  I don’t think any additional huckstering will help halt the catastrophic avalanche of incompetence and failure that is Obamacare.

Furthermore, Dr. Emanuel, like any other smug and arrogant “architect” of socialist and progressive policy, is underestimating “these people” and their awareness and understanding of a “healthcare” system that burdens them with the cost and very restrictive options for determining their own care.  Yes, there are lots and lots of dummies who think Obamacare is “free” but the majority of “these people” Dr. Emanuel refers to, especially the “millennials”, clearly understand just how “not free” Obamacare is.

More from the Fox News Sunday article linked above:

“The Harvard “Millennials” poll, released last week, found only 22 percent of young Americans — defined in the survey as between 18 and 29 years old — plan to sign up for ObamaCare.  “Actuarially, the (Affordable Care Act) depends upon these young Americans signing up,” Trey Greyson, director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics, said last week.  “Our survey shows that the administration has a lot of work to do to get them on board.

The Affordable Care Act relies on young, healthy people to sign up.  If this doesn’t happen, it could create what some have referred to as a “death spiral,” where insurance companies are taking on older and sicker Americans, causing premiums to skyrocket and risking the health of the whole system.”

Like with all of Obama’s various schemes, his supporters continue to believe that razzle-dazzle, promotion, idolatry, demonizing the opposition and just plain, outright lying will continue to blind American citizens to the truth about Obamacare.  And we’ve seen that belief serve them well within the campaigns, election, and re-election of Obama as POTUS.  A totally unqualified, corrupt, lying, small, vain, and insecure man void of any leadership qualities was elected TWICE to be President.  Why and how this happened will be written about for years and years to come.  People are indeed “blinded by bullshit”.

But for now, for once, I hope Americans are beginning to wise up and are wishing they had paid more attention to the substance of this man, Barack Obama and his ruinous, untruthful agendas.  Obamacare is a bait and switch game and people are beginning to sicken of the scam.

bait and switch

Dr. Emanuel may think more PR will help, but even if they send out twerkers, rappers, clowns, NFL players, and movie stars to “promote”  the glories of “free” socialized healthcare, it will make little difference at this point.  Although it would be fitting.

Like the Obamacare website – it won’t work.

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  • Rob says:

    Well written and finally the truth. Ezekiel Emanuel was disgraceful at this and all his interviews concerning Obamacare. What a joke saying what is needed is, BIG PR Campaign to be sold on the American People at the Peoples expense when there is a $17.2 Trillion Dollar Debt and growing.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      thank you, Rob…yes, I agree…and disgraceful is just one word I’d use! They can dress this pig up in a sparkly cocktail dress and high heels and it would still be a pig.

  • wfjag says:

    Even with the “fixes”, if all the people he thinks should try to sign up and even a significant percentage of them attempt to do so, the site will (again) be overwhelmed by too much traffic, and crash. The architecture of the site is built almost as if the programmers want it to be easily overwhelmed by a denial of service (DOS) attack, or even a moderate level of use. A fair number of hackers, especially those who think that bringing down government sites is fun or cool, will probably try DOS attacks when their attention is drawn to the ACA site by a PR campaign. Meanwhile, as the March deadline approaches for sign-up or face a penalty, more of those who are willing to sign up will try, and the inadequate capacity will result in it being overwhelmed and crashing more often. That problem also has to be considered in relation to the 10% to 25% who the administration admits believe themselves to have signed up, but, due to various problems, are not, in fact, enrolled in any insurance plan. When, after January 1st, they seek treatment or a preventive care service, they will learn of this, and probably will immediately try to sign up, again.

    Then, there are the parts of the system that haven’t been “fixed”. Among the most significant for people signing on is the near total absence of cyber-security. The reports on the lack of security protections make the site appear to be an identity thief’s dream. People who do use the site are quite likely to be in for rude shocks when they learn of all the purchases and vacations charged to them.

    And, the “cash register” hasn’t been built. Now the plan is for insurers to estimate the amounts that the US should reimburse them for premiums and subsidies, and the promise by statute in the ACA that they not lose money, and later (unknown when) there will be a reconciliation on the amount they were owed. The more people who sign up, the greater the number of estimated reimbursements.

    When, next summer, employees begin receiving notices that their employer plans are being cancelled, and the terms and costs of replacement ACA-compliant plans, there’s going to be another wave of outrage. Since the individual policies only covered about 5% of the market, while employer plans cover over half of all people covered by health insurance, the outrage will be much larger.

    As they old Carson show used to say “More to Come”.

  • Merle says:

    I just wonder if the low grade morons are CAPABLE of learning anything – personally I think once they drink the kool aid there is no going back.


  • Deb says:

    Since the election, where the Republicans were wrong about Romney winning, it’s been difficult for me, and I think many other independents, to not have reservations about Obamacare being such a failure. It’s almost passed the time where Republicans need a coherent health care plan. I keep hearing about offering insurance across state lines, lowering the costs of premiums and so on, and many Millennials have no idea what that means. They are in the throes of learning about life. How about some examples contrasted with non examples that address their level of needs for now and the near future. Marriages, families and so on.

    • wfjag says:

      Well, Deb, let’s see if this additional bit of info will help you make up your mind about how destructive O-Bomb-aCare is going to end up. Mind you, this is just one more example. There are many others, and more are coming to light on a daily basis.

      Within the ACA is a provision that allows people signing up for insurance under one of its plans to have up to 90 days to make arrangements to pay the premiums for the insurance, and the policy cannot be cancelled during that 90 days. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a regulation implementing that part of the ACA. Under the reg., if the person obtains services or treatment from a hospital or individual provider (e.g., a doctor) within the 1st 30 days of signing up, then the insurer is responsible for reimbursing the provider, and the insurer has the responsibility of collecting from the person. Since the insurers are guaranteed by the ACA that they will not lose money, even if they write off the amount as an uncollectable bad debt, they aren’t really out the money. They will merely collect it (indirectly) from the taxpayers.

      However, if the services are obtained between days 31 to 90, the provider is responsible for collecting if the person fails to pay the premiums and the policy is cancelled. That means the hospitals and doctors are the ones stuck for the costs, including out of pocket costs such as medications and medical devices.

      Since the amounts paid under the ACA will generally be at or less than the costs of providing the services, this is another reason for doctors to refuse ACA patients. For hospitals, its a little more indirect, but much worse for the public.

      Any hospital that accepts Medicare or Medicaid patients must provide appropriate treatment to anyone, whether or not that person is insured or can otherwise pay the costs. If someone comes into the ER and needs inpatient treatment, then the hospital must admit that person. The way hospitals have avoided this (and were forced to, due to the huge costs that were being incurred, that the US wouldn’t reimburse and states were not collecting from those who could or would not pay) was to close their ERs. Admission not using the ER is by a doctor with admitting privileges. Closing the ER means that people who don’t have doctors went to the ER. And, that’s why so many Acute Care Centers have opened. There are no admission privileges (even if the same doctors are running it as used to cover the ER). The ACA reg will make the pressure to do this even worse. Expect non-public hospitals to close their ERs, and even those which are supported by public funds will be under much greater pressure to do so. Usually, however, Acute Care Centers are not 24/7 operations, and don’t have the full services of an ER or hospital related trauma center. The ERs that remain open will have much increased load, and will be fewer and farther apart – meaning longer (and more expensive) ambulance runs, which will tie up EMS personnel and equipment for longer time periods. Further, if someone comes in and represents coverage under the ACA, since this is neither Medicare nor Medicaid, such people can be turned away, or only given ER or trauma treatment, and not admitted even if that might otherwise be warranted.

      I hope you’re beginning to understand that many of the consequences of the ACA (whether intended or not) will be to make medical care less available. Hope you have good, non-ACA insurance coverage, or enough credit on your cards to pay for any treatment or med services you seek. Otherwise, you may find that you have ACA coverage, but no provider is willing to provide treatment. Also, I hope you’re not in an accident or have a life-threatening event (like a heart attack or stroke) and need EMS while the available ambulance and personnel are transporting someone to an ER that is further away. The rule of thumb for victims of trauma is that if EMS can begin treatment and get the patient to a trauma center within an hour, the chances of survival are very high. If that takes more than an hour, then odds of survival fall off rapidly, and even for those who survive, the odds of suffering permanent impairment increase rapidly. For a HA or stroke, minutes are crucial. Unless appropriate treatment and meds are begun within a few minutes, the chances of death or severe disability rapidly increase.

      Whether you believe that any of the Republican offered alternatives are an improvement over the ACA isn’t the issue. The issue is whether the consequences of the ACA will improve or make worse existing health care services. If not, then you’re playing a game in which you bet your life (or that of those you care about).

      • Deb says:

        I am not reading all of this because I am well versed in the many chapters of Obamacare, I just saying the Republicans are Missing The Boat by caterwauling and whining when they could be bringing forward a Coherent health insurance program that is understandable for the low information voters. After listening to Senator Ryan on Fox this morning, which was a rebuttal to Emanuel, I realized that it was hard to figure what the Republicans are proposing with just words. For some suggestions you may want to read my orginal post.

  • MLK says:

    The progressives for years, and with much success, have been slowly changing the culture of America through their social engineering. When one approach doesn’t work they go to another. They may have met their Waterloo in Obamacare.

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