Evita Had Nothing On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Evita Had Nothing On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Evita Had Nothing On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Vanity Fair magazine has as its cover model, this month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In her mausoleum in Argentina, Eva Peron, known affectionately as Evita, is totally jealous. It’s just not the power or the glowing picture Vanity Fair paints, it’s the awesome designer fashions that AOC wears.

Vanity Fair magazine takes its name from the Christian fiction “Pilgrim’s Progress”. Long before the “Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, there was Pilgrim’s Progress. In Pilgrim’s Progress, the protagonist, Christian, is led through Vanity Fair:

a fair that goes on perpetually in the town of Vanity and symbolizes worldly ostentation and frivolity.

Frivolity and ostentation. If that’s not perfect for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I don’t know what is.

In the Vanity Fair article, first Evita Ocasio-Cortez complains about growing up comfortably, while other immigrant family members didn’t. Then, talks about her poverty after her father died. She uses this to bash Republicans:

It should not be groundbreaking for a political candidate’s life to closely resemble that of her constituents, but AOC’s rise has proved the power of proximity. When a majority of Congress members are millionaires, having lived on the edge of poverty, Ocasio-Cortez says, “makes me better at my job than 90 percent of Republicans, because I’ve actually worked for a living.” While still waitressing at the outset of her 2018 run, she changed her shoes on the subway platform and pushed a granny cart full of fliers and posters around the Bronx. She Swiffered the steps of her own campaign office and lugged in an air mattress as a makeshift couch. She stumped in a pair of sneakers by the brand & Other Stories until they were toast. (They were later displayed in a museum at Cornell University.)

Exsqueeze me, Sandy? Maybe a little research would help you learn. Of the top ten wealthiest legislators in the U.S. Congress, it’s 50/50 between Dems and Pubbies. And, maybe you should talk to Representative Tim Burchett, of East Tennessee. He claims a friendship with you. He graduated from the same public high school as my husband and son, and graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the same public university my husband graduated from. If you had gone to a public university instead of a private university, Sandy, you might not have any school debt to kvetch about.

Evita Ocasio-Cortez saves her deadliest venom for President Trump:

When we first sat down in her Bronx office, the New York Times had just published its bombshell investigation of Trump’s taxes. Talking about it winds up Ocasio-Cortez, her tie-dyed mask pulled down to eat a sandwich. “These are the same people saying that we can’t have tuition-free public colleges because there’s no money,” she says, “when these motherfuckers are only paying $750 a year in taxes.” Within a week Trump was in the hospital with COVID-19 and Mitch McConnell was plowing ahead with Amy Coney Barrett’s hearings. “Trump is the racist visionary,” AOC says, “but McConnell gets the job done. He doesn’t do anything without Trump’s blessing. Trump says, ‘Jump.’ McConnell says, ‘How high?’ Trump never does what McConnell says.”

AOC is about as deep as the puddle that Hurricane Zeta left outside my house. Trump only owed $750.00, because businesses prepay their taxes quarterly.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of those educated but ignorant types who doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. And, she is completely lacking in intellectual curiosity. Vanity Fair was kind enough to give us a peak behind the scenes in the day of AOC. Yes, she is a lightweight, drunk off the cork.

What really put a knot in my knickers was the designer fashions with which AOC is draped in the Vanity Fair article. Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera, Bulgari and Wales Bonner are just a few of the names dropped in the pictures. That’s where the comparison to the late Eva Peron comes in.

Evita is jelly of AOC. Of course, Evita wore fashions better, but she never got this kind of treatment. Lord, please spare us. Let Donald Trump run reelection bigly. Please spare us from any more people like AOC.

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  • NTSOG says:

    Empty vessels make the most noise no matter how much ‘war-paint’ and ‘decoration’ is applies to the outside.

  • Jake says:

    She will run for POTUS in 2024. This is an early in-kind contribution.

  • morgan says:

    I’ve come to suspect that Cortez isn’t actually so committed to the politics she espouses. That they’ve simply been her avenue to power. Which isn’t to say that she doesn’t share the general worldview and attitudes of the Left. But that she isn’t as steeped in the ideology as she portrays herself to be. There are several reasons, but the two most conspicuous are that a.) she’s not at all fluent in the vernacular and tropes of the contemporary Left & b.) she’s not able to ground the issues she espouses, either factually or even contemporaneously.

    You’ll notice that she tends to relate issues by either evoking some melodramatic narrative that’s often rather atavistic, or by talking about herself and her tribulations. When she does actually address a real-world situation, she’ll still employ an atavistic depiction, like insisting that ICE was running literal concentration camps staffed by violent Nazi’s who intended to harm her. She was also prone to accusing people of ‘white supremacy’ long before that accusation came in to vogue following George Floyd’s death.

    It’s all very dramatic, but seems to be driven by vanity much more so than ideology. As though she’s actively narrating a story about herself as a revolutionary heroine. She’ll probably do well in politics.

    • GWB says:

      I think you’re missing that vanity is part of the ideology. As is the drama. In the progressive religion, everyone is a revolutionary heroine.

  • CarlLaFong says:

    I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t say this but I can’t hold back any longer: the only thing I find interesting about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is her breasts.

  • Hominem Humilem says:

    Living proof of the distinction between credentials and education. Her university is among many that, judging by the quality of its graduates, has severely devalued its product while dramatically increasing its price. Parents and prospective students should act accordingly.

  • GWB says:

    makes me better at my job than 90 percent of Republicans, because I’ve actually worked for a living
    Ummm, honey, you’re much more likely to find someone who hasn’t been a lawyer or someone mired in public policy their entire lives among the Republicans than among the Democrats in office.

    I wonder if all the Congresscritters have CVs available online? Maybe we could spend some time perusing them and figuring out what is the level and the split of technocrats among them?

    only paying $750 a year in taxes
    The question is whether she’s really that stupid, or is she purposely lying?

    What really put a knot in my knickers was the designer fashions
    Well, she’s right that the clothes aren’t hers. But it’s also true that she is vain enough to wear them. She’s a shallow woman who has never examined the disconnect between her desires and her progressive religion. (Sadly, almost no one does.)

  • Cameron says:

    lugged in an air mattress Oh? Is that the one you used to get passing grades in college?
    Yes. I went there.

    “These are the same people saying that we can’t have tuition-free public colleges because there’s no money,”

    Get rid of the worthless Majors such as Sociology and anything ending in the word “Studies.” Take away all government funding other than the GI Bill and you’ll get a less expensive tuition.

  • NateWhilk says:

    “Is that the one you used to get passing grades in college? Yes. I went there.”

    That explains why she spoke of the economist “Milton Keynes”. Which was used as a joke in a British TV series 40 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgUemV4brDU

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