Ethic Cleansing….

Ethic Cleansing….

I have noticed a disturbing trend amongst the liberals.

The allegedly most non-violent and peace loving people on the planet have nothing but threats and evil wishes for the families and children of people who don’t believe as they do.

Most recently, we saw this with a university professor who used his Twitter account to wish violent death upon other peoples’ children and if you have paid attention, they have had some not nice things to say here and here.  This is the mentality of insane 5 year olds, not the enlightened viewpoint of someone who should be educating the young adults of the next generation.

I think part of it is because the Internet has made it possible for trolls and libturds half a world away to call you vile names or wish evil and death upon you because you have a divergent view from theirs.  The Internet has made it so that the liberals are free of the consequences of having to deal with the angry mother the insults were said to or the angry father with Special Forces training who is about to stomp a mud-hole in their John-Brown hind-parts and then River-Dance it dry…

So with this in mind, it occurs to me that I have, in a societal sense, a solution (it isn’t a final one, but pretty close) on how we solve the problem of Liberalism and their penchant for violence…

First thing, in the Shakespearean sense, is that the first thing we need to do is start killing these people, and not in ones and twos.  I think that “ethnic cleansing” is a terrible thing, but I think this is more along the lines of “ethic cleansing.”  We could “cleanse” people with no work ethic, or any ethics at all and start over.

I mean, it isn’t like we Neo-Con, faux War-Hawk, Halliburton loving, Dick Cheney worshipping warmongers aren’t up to the task of putting every mouthy little pussy libtard at every OFA meeting or College Democrats Club meeting in a pine box for running his neck about how everything we do or say is racist, all of our money should go to government, and that they wish we and our children would be killed in a mass shooting.  Evidently, they forgot we are the ones with our NRA memberships and evil assault rifles with high capacity magazines.

Removing these wrongheaded busybodies from the gene pool and letting the void be filled with generations of church-going and God fearing folks who believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments, abolishing Obumbler-Care, looking out for your neighbor without peering through their windows and keeping the government poor would put us will on the way back to the salad days of America.

But in order to keep it sporting, we conservatives ought to put these people out of our misery in all the ways that the libturds say that conservatives are responsible for or have a hand in ruining America.  For instance, we should starve them by removing their eligibility for food stamps and work them to death in unsafe and underpaid lower class non-union jobs and take all the money we save from paying a living wage and put it in the Defense budget and line our fat-cat corporate pockets through crony capitalism.

We need to put an end to these liberals, for they will surely put an end to us.  They have proven time and again that they are unable to live in the freest society ever given to man by God without running about attempting at every turn to pitch-pole it into the trash heap of history.  Since they are unwilling to change, and since I believe change is good, we should start by changing the amount of them stealing air to a much smaller amount, and soon.

I mean, can you imagine a world without Diversity Training, the NEA, Multiculturalism, Zero Tolerance Policies, and Gun Free Zones?  I would buy a house there tomorrow.

Or maybe, in order for me not to strain myself throwing dirt on their graves (just because we are going to “off” them, doesn’t mean we should be disrespectful) those of the liberal stripe could spend their time and demonstrably limited brain power learning some manners and practicing them.

Or, if the libstinkers choose to persist in their disrespectful ways, I can tell my husband what they said they wanted to happen to our family in their last vile tweet.

He has a .45, a cement mixer, a boat, and a river nearby.  I doubt any of them would be missed….

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  • Kate says:

    There’s a dumpster in John Day….

  • Oligonicella says:

    Wow. With that, you have become them.

    • Kate says:

      Re-read the title… it says “Ethic” Cleansing…

    • Dejah says:

      No I didn’t, because I never claimed to be peace loving and open minded.

      • Deb says:

        I’m peace-loving, AND open-minded, and because I love peace so much, and have opened my mind to all the possible options, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that Deja’s idea is the right one b/c she’s being SARCASTIC! You see, we conservatives believe that people are much more resilient, capable and–as a matter of fact–compassionate than our liberal antagonists believe (as evidenced by their “HELL-NO-YOU-CAN’T (without-government-helping-you-steal-from-others)” policies! If we did ALL she suggests, people would NOT starve, they would NOT die in the streets, they would survive, as they have for MILLENNIA without cradle-to-grave entitlements! In fact, with more private money flowing through the economy (i.e., not stolen allegedly to “help” people), many–if not most–of the people currently in need of so much help would be able to find jobs to support themselves. Or is Oligonicella suggesting that the 4% of Americans (yes, did you know, it’s still only 4% of the total, just checked yesterday) who are on WELFARE simply don’t WANT to work? As for the elderly on SS (who we’re accused of wanting to push off cliffs), and the single moms on medicaid, it’s simple: If they’re progressives, and truly believe they cannot survive without “help” from their neighbors, we’ll be happy to introduce them to rich liberals–sort of a “big brother/big sister” program, so those so EAGER to take care of other people with their hard-earned money can do so with ease! And those of us who the alleged selfish, homicidal maniacs can stay out of their way. Sounds like a GENIUS plan to me! And one that ensures a lasting peace, as well as prosperity for all! 😉

  • Merle says:

    Frankly I wouldn’t dig them a hole, if it comes to this. I also suspect it may very well happen soon, the way things are going now.


  • William says:

    What the liberals are doing and saying should be no surprise. They are the philosophical kin of Nazi, Soviets, Maoists, and other leftist, mass-murdering regimes that have killed over 100 million politically incorrect persons over the last century whilst condemning hundreds of millions more to misery. They haven’t managed that in the US yet because they lack sufficient power and the opposition is mostly armed. Once they disarm the opposition though, and after the amnesty…

    However, I don’t think they should be killed. That would be a waste of material. It would be better to ship them to certain areas like the West Coast, Northeast and a couple of big cities and let them have their own new countries. Most of them already live in those places anyway so it wouldn’t be that much of a population shift. The short-term experiment would be to see how badly they could mess things up, and how fast. Long-term would be to see what happens when that much concentrated ignorance inbreeds with itself.

  • GWB says:

    “He has a .45, a cement mixer, a boat, and a river nearby. I doubt any of them would be missed….”
    Well, I’m betting the .45 would be missed. Oh, wait… you meant….. ahh, never mind. Carry on.

    (BTW, you need an icon for your comments, preferably of your namesake. This post was worthy of her. 🙂 )

  • Ed Masen says:

    I find Dejah’s comments both thought provoking and intelligent. Clearly she is not advocating the killing of liberals, she was showing how liberals think towards people who don’t view things as they do. Any one who reads her comments and believes she is serious does not get her sarcasm. But the” viewpoint” of a conservative she describes in this piece does actually mimic those belief’s held by most if not all liberals, and isn’t that a sad commentary on people in general ?

  • kevin says:

    Unfortunately, no religious, political, or other philosophical ideology has a market on moronic, idiotic, misinformed, vile, sick, disgusting, racist, homophobic, anti-feminist/religious/gay/environment speech. There are liberals who are as horrible as conservatives (and visa-versa). Liberals (generally associated with terms “progressive” or “open minded”) can be the most close-minded people I know (and I’m a liberal). I’ve worked in very liberal positions within higher education so I know what I’m talking about. Conservatives (who espouse “family values” and “morality” – generally associated with Christianity) can be the biggest whores (male or female) and have lower morals than a snake crawling in the dirt. There are always going to be liberals and conservatives who are frickin’ idiots. Both sides aren’t immune to the hypocrisy … so let’s stop throwing stones.

  • LongTabSigO says:

    I am unfamiliar with this “Liberal Ethics” of which you speak. Is that real?

  • kevin says:

    I consider myself a liberal and I think I have ethics. I have worked with adolescents all my life on both ends of the spectrum … wealthy, well educated and the poorest of the poorest homeless children. I have had thousands of conversations with children about “the right thing to do” like turning themselves into the police, showing up for a court appearance, treating others with respect even though they don’t adhere to your philosophical viewpoint, and the list goes on. So, I’m liberal and I have ethics. If you want me to speak for every liberal in the world, I can’t. Like I said, some of them are scum sucking pigs who I wouldn’t piss on them of they were on fire. The same goes with conservatives. I work with hundreds of faith based people in my community who are amazing. I have conservative friends even though we don’t think alike I still care immensely for them. I could turn the conversation back on you and ask “I am unfamiliar with this Conservative Ethics of which you speak. Is that real?” Then I could list the too many to count conservatives that have screwed over their spouse, family, constituents, or congregation. When you paint the broad brush of “ALL” are one way or another, you diminish your argument to trash talk. If there’s a liberal without ethics, point him/her out. If there’s a conservative without ethics, point him/her out. Not the entire community of liberals or conservatives.

  • Dejah says:

    Kevin, I suggest that you turn on the TV. You can find liberals without ethics at ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, NEA, ACORN, OFA, Code Pink, Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, and the Democrat party. I have yet to see too many on the other side of the political spectrum who tolerate the likes of Anthony Weiner, BIll Clinton, Tim Geithner, Elizabeth Warren and Ted Kennedy.

    The reason that conservatives are better is that we do have standards and we pay attention to them.

    • Jodi says:

      And…we don’t demonize millions of our fellow Americans as “right wing extremists,” “hostage-holders,” and “terrorists” on the floor of the Senate. Nor do we label our Fellow Americans “extremists” and “teabaggers” when we hold the office of the Presidency.

      Color me disgusted by Liberals.

  • kevin says:

    Dejah and Jodi … Here is a partial list during one term of the Bush years (actually, it’s only about three years worth of republican politicians who screwed over their constituents) …

    Jack Abramoff CNMI scandal involves the efforts of Abramoff to influence Congressional action concerning U.S. immigration and minimum wage laws. See Executive branch convictions. Congressmen convicted in the Abramoff scandal include:
    1. Michael Scanlon (R) former staff to Tom DeLay: working for Abramoff, pleaded guilty to bribery.
    2. Tony Rudy (R) former staff to Tom DeLay, pleaded guilty to conspiracy.
    3. James W. Ellis (R) executive director of Tom DeLay’s political action committee, Americans for a Republican Majority (ARMPAC), was indicted by Texas for money laundering.
    4. John Colyandro (R) executive director of Tom DeLay’s political action committee, Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC), was indicted by Texas for money laundering
    5. Bob Ney (R-OH) pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements as a result of his receiving trips from Abramoff in exchange for legislative favors. Ney received 30 months in prison.

    Duke Cunningham (R-CA) pleaded guilty on November 28, 2005 to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion in what came to be called the Cunningham scandal. Sentenced to over eight years in prison.

    Bill Janklow (R-SD) convicted of second-degree manslaughter for running a stop sign and killing a motorcyclist. Resigned from the House and given 100 days in the county jail and three years probation. (2003)

    Vito Fossella (R-NY) US Congressman convicted of drunken driving in 2008, appealed the charge, but then pled guilty in 2009.

    Larry Craig Senator (R-ID) – Married Senator and vocal critic of Clinton’s affair, pled guilty to disorderly conduct in a Minneapolis airport men’s room, after having been arrested on a charge of homosexual lewd conduct.(2007)

    My point is (which you fail to grasp) is scum appears on both sides of the isle. Call out the scum no matter what party. Both sides of the isle also have individuals who are stellar. Don’t lump them all together.

  • Dejah says:

    Heard anything about Larry Craig lately? No? Can’t get Bill and Hillary Clinton off the damn TV. How about Bill Janklow? Not even running for mayor, unlike Anthony Weiner. These are only a couple of examples.

    Standards mean something to conservatives. We live by them, even when it is hard to.

  • kevin says:

    Hear anything about Mark Sanford lately? You remember … the guy who lied to his wife and family, lied to his constituents, and worked at trying to cover it up. You mean the guy that people with ethics (Republicans) put back in office? Yeah, that guy.

    There are just as many conservatives who have fallen short as liberals. It’s called HUMAN NATURE. People are infallible. When a staunch family values conservative cheats on his wife (et al everyone else) it’s the same as a liberal texting his schlong (not sure of spelling) to some stranger. Both are pieces of scum that need to be banished to oblivion … NOT RE-ELECTED TO OFFICE!. At least the liberals know scum when they see.

  • Dejah says:

    I don’t think they know scum, otherwise we wouldn’t hear backhanded stories about how Bill Clinton was talking about the current president “getting us coffee” or covering for Anthony Weiner and his sex offenses.

    The indiscretions might be the same but it isn’t the same between parties and their indiscretions, but media bias is another conversation.

    And if Republicans out a dude like Sanford back in office, then they get what they deserve.

  • kevin says:

    I don’t troll all the blogs (especially conservative blogs) so I’m not familiar with Clinton’s “get coffee” or covering for a mentally unstable person like Weiner (you couldn’t make up a better name for someone with his hideous behavior :-)). So, I can’t respond. If you identify some link from some conservative blog site, it doesn’t count. Just like if I were to send you a link from the Huffington Post or MSNBC. I understand certain media outlets have a leaning one way or another. That’s why when FOX News says, “Fox poll says 150% of the world is against ObamaCare” it doesn’t mean much.

    We do agree on something (always looking for the common ground :-)) and South Carolina gets what they deserve in Mr. Sanford.

    • GWB says:

      “I don’t troll all the blogs (especially conservative blogs) …”
      So, you admit to trolling? Just not *all* the blogs? LOL *snort*

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