Transgender Woman Sues Crossfit….

Transgender Woman Sues Crossfit….

Oh Hell, you knew it was coming.  Everyone I know loves it when leftists from the equal opportunity mob get owned by their own particular brand of poison.   I should probably warn everyone now that there are going to be a great many quotation marks in this post to denote terms and such.

Seems that Chloie Jonsson, 34, who used to have an outtie, but now has an innie, wants to compete in a Cross Fit competition in California (Kommufornia really) because “she” says the law protects her based upon her “gender identity” as opposed to her actual gender as it relates to discrimination.  She says that Cross Fit has to let her compete as a woman, because that is what the law says, but Cross Fit says you have to compete as the gender you were born with. On your birth certificate…  Not the one you think you are…

This smells of publicity stunt to me, really and truthfully, this is starting to sound like a remake of the movie The Ringer or the sequel to Juwanna Mann.  I guess all the contestants are equal, until they are not, unless they think they are.

But those bigots over at Cross Fit got their General Counsel over there to go out and spread his (his mind you) organization’s “hate speech” about those that happen to just be a little bit “different.”

CrossFit’s general counsel, Dale Saran, would not comment on the lawsuit, which seeks $2.5 million in damages. Saran directed The Associated Press to a CrossFit online discussion board, where he posted that Jonsson had never supplied medical documents to back up her assertion that she was a woman. He also dismissed McCoy’s suggestion that transgender athletes are engaged in a struggle as valid as the one black baseball players waged to be accepted in the major leagues.

“The fundamental, ineluctable fact is that a male competitor who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage over women,” Saran wrote in a letter to McCoy that’s linked to the discussion board. “That Chloie may have felt herself emotionally, and very conscientiously, to be a woman in her heart, and that she ultimately underwent the legal and other surgical procedures to carry that out, cannot change that reality.”

That doesn’t seem very inclusive of Dale.  I wonder where he learned all of this bigotry and hate?  Was it his white parents from his triple gated community or his high-falutin all white private school that indoctrinated him into this hateful belief?

“Our decision has nothing to do with `ignorance’ or being bigots – it has to do with a very real understanding of the human genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school,” he said.

Heavens to Murgatroid!!!  Dale and everyone in the organization learned that men and women are different in High School Biology class.  Please excuse me for a second.  I am going to get on the phone right now and call my son’s school and demand that they end the teaching of this bigotry this instant.

So my question to liberals is, which group are you going to protect?  The women that you say still are earning only .75 cents to the dollar on men and who still face “institutional sexism” or the “gurl” who says that because she used to be a dude, and because she chose to become a “woman” based upon knowing in her bones (which are BTW, still thicker and stronger than her actual female competitors) that “she” can compete in a division of actual women?  Which group is more important to defend?  Those with two X chromosomes or just one?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Who ranks higher on your “Oppresso-meter?”

And when I read this, I thought; you know who should be pissed?  Black baseball players.  Read sometime about all the things that Jackie Robinson was subjected to when he joined the major leagues.  It will shock you that people would act this way over a sport.  I am not surprised because this is always the stronghold of the LBGT community; that it is just like the civil rights movement.  Except it isn’t.  Jackie Robinson didn’t go and have surgery to become “black” or “Negro.”  He didn’t start out as a white guy hitting a .405 batting average and then decide that his career prospects would be better after his “pigment-ectomy.”

You see liberals, this is what happens when you start making laws and rules because of who people “think” they are, instead of who they actually are.  Chloie can get surgery, Chloie can take “her” hormones, Chloie can get all gussied up with an Up-do and throw on some Jimmy Choos and hit the town for a night of fun with her friends and tell everyone that down to her very core she is all woman, but Chloie will always remain, at the most important level (the cellular one), a man.  You are still a man, baby.  Just because you feel like you are something doesn’t mean you are.  The fact that CrossFit has a rules that says they are going to take who you are from what your real first birth certificate with the DNA that you got when you popped out and not the one you get after your surgery for the DMV paperwork sounds to me like a great business practice. Sounds to me like their policy makes everything “equal” for all of the competitors, especially the female ones (the ones with a womb constructed by DNA, not Dr. Smith from Plastic Surgery Associates).

Or else maybe my husband, because he got in touch with his “feminine side” last week and now thinks he is a chick should be allowed to compete with the girls, you know, because he really feels like a woman now.

SO…  What’s it gonna be libs?  Protect the Girls or fight for the “Gurlz?”

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  • Jen says:

    And yet, this is exactly how the same sex marriage issue got pushed into the court system and now has reached the point that one cannot decline to participate in an same sex wedding if they own a public business.

    Just wait until some black robe saint tells CrossFit that they are ordered to pay up and allow Chloe to race, because they “hurt her dignity”

    • Jen says:

      Even the author got caught up in the “proper” naming.

      Chloe is actually a male. Period. He has been cosmetically and pharmaceutically altered to appear female.

      I don’t believe transgendered female is accurate, but is actually a politically correct naming that the left uses.

      • VALman says:

        “Chloe is actually a male. Period. He has been cosmetically and pharmaceutically altered to appear female.”

        Then, am I to assume, that any male who has sexual relations with Chloe would be engaging in homosexuality, while any female would be engaging in heterosexuality?

        (I note that Jen is posting and then replying to herself. I have heard it said that people who talk to themselves do so when they want an “expert” opinion!)

        • Jen says:

          VALman, this particular comment section doesn’t permit editing of prior posts. In order to add onto a post, one has to reply to their own post.

          Anyone who attempts to have sexual relations with Chloe needs their own therapist. Chloe is not a woman, she simply has the appearance of one. And makeshift equipment.

        • Dana says:

          Any male who has sexual relations with “Chloie” is engaging in self-deception.

      • Dana says:

        I tried to find “Chloie’s” given name, and could not. However, the article does take some pains to not refer to “Chloie” Jonnson as female in any way, other than in quotation marks, or in the quotes. I do think it would have been better had Miss Thoris deliberately used the male pronouns in this article.

        Just remember: Chloie Jonnson is still a male, albeit a castrated one, but he is definitely not a man.

  • GWB says:

    Yes, many of us saw this coming, and eagerly anticipated the day when protecting women (by using different physical standards or abilities) would run up against protecting people who … are confused. Heck, I would have done *much* better on the Cadet Fitness Test if I could have worn a bra and used the women’s minimums. (And, then, Martha McSally could have used the men’s standards and wrestled with the guys like she wanted.)

    The one question for the CrossFit folks would be what to do with someone born as both. There are a very few out there who actually *are* messed up, physically, and have both sets of equipment. I know one who was raised as a boy (and that is what is on her BC), but always felt themselves to be a girl and is finally dealing with that. *Those* are the people for whom “gender re-assignment” surgery was intended. I would be curious how they would handle that? (I would hope it would be with compassion and some real thought.)

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