ESPY’S 2016 Go Black Lives Matter [Video]

ESPY’S 2016 Go Black Lives Matter [Video]

ESPY’S 2016 Go Black Lives Matter [Video]

I am neither a sports fan nor an awards show fan. In general, I find athletes to be overpaid prima donnas (not all). Award shows are the worst. Self-congratulatory, smug and, often, fixed, award shows usually have a darling or concept that they are pushing.

Last night’s 2016 ESPY awards ticked all of the above boxes. If you thought that ESPN could not do more cultural damage after giving Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner the “Courage” award in 2015, you are naive and clueless. ESPN went full parody last night.

The show featured four male African-American wealthy athletes lecturing us how awful the cops are to African-American males. Four rich, spoiled athletes.

Four rich, spoiled athletes.
Four rich, spoiled athletes.

Ignoring actual facts and statistics, these winners in the gene pool of life, spewed media driven lies and politically correct approved platitudes. Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James did nothing to advance America or Americans, but I bet they feel even better today about themselves than they usually do, which is probably pretty darn good.

Watch and weep for America:

Chris Paul, after noting that he is the nephew of one of the hundreds of thousands of police officers in the nation, lists the names of a few African American males killed in altercations with police. He lists Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, but fails, as the nephew of a police officer to name the five heroes killed last week in Dallas. They are: Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarippa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael Smith.

No, Chris Paul preferred to promote the false narrative about the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown. Maybe Chris Paul’s busy schedule didn’t allow him to find out the truth. Jonathan Capehart, of the Washington Post wrote:

What DOJ found made me ill. Wilson knew about the theft of the cigarillos from the convenience store and had a description of the suspects. Brown fought with the officer and tried to take his gun. And the popular hands-up storyline, which isn’t corroborated by ballistic and DNA evidence and multiple witness statements, was perpetuated by Witness 101. In fact, just about everything said to the media by Witness 101, whom we all know as Dorian Johnson, the friend with Brown that day, was not supported by the evidence and other witness statements.

Then, Capehart quoted the actual Department of Justice report. For the education of Chris Paul, here are three important quotes:

Page 6: Wilson and other witnesses stated that Brown then reached into the SUV through the open driver’s window and punched and grabbed Wilson. This is corroborated by bruising on Wilson’s jaw and scratches on his neck, the presence of Brown’s DNA on Wilson’s collar, shirt, and pants, and Wilson’s DNA on Brown’s palm. While there are other individuals who stated that Wilson reached out of the SUV and grabbed Brown by the neck, prosecutors could not credit their accounts because they were inconsistent with physical and forensic evidence, as detailed throughout this report.

Page 6: Brown then grabbed the weapon and struggled with Wilson to gain control of it. Wilson fired, striking Brown in the hand. Autopsy results and bullet trajectory, skin from Brown’s palm on the outside of the SUV door as well as Brown’s DNA on the inside of the driver’s door corroborate Wilson’s account that during the struggle, Brown used his right hand to grab and attempt to control Wilson’s gun. According to three autopsies, Brown sustained a close range gunshot wound to the fleshy portion of his right hand at the base of his right thumb. Soot from the muzzle of the gun found embedded in the tissue of this wound coupled with indicia of thermal change from the heat of the muzzle indicate that Brown’s hand was within inches of the muzzle of Wilson’s gun when it was fired.

While credible witnesses gave varying accounts of exactly what Brown was doing with his hands as he moved toward Wilson – i.e., balling them, holding them out, or pulling up his pants up – and varying accounts of how he was moving – i.e., “charging,” moving in “slow motion,” or “running” – they all establish that Brown was moving toward Wilson when Wilson shot him. Although some witnesses state that Brown held his hands up at shoulder level with his palms facing outward for a brief moment, these same witnesses describe Brown then dropping his hands and “charging” at Wilson.

Again, for the education of Chris Paul, bottom line up front, the police officer was in a life struggle with a thug. Period. Full Stop.

Dearest Dwayne Wade:

The police do not racially profile. The police do not have a “shoot to kill” mentality. The police see the value of black and brown bodies because many of them are black and brown.

Address the retaliation. Address the endless ILLEGAL gun violence in places like Chicago.

Just learn the truth first.

A typical white woman

To be perfectly honest, because I am also shallow and fashion obsessed, I couldn’t hear what LeBron James said because I was looking at his perfectly tailored tuxedo and how beautifully he wore it. I know that he said role model and community. Feel good stuff.

Like I said, I am not a sports fan. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee though and my husband and late mother in law were huge Pat Summitt fans. I was also a fan of the late Pat Summitt. My husband and I took our son to meet Mrs. Summitt many years ago. My husband and I are firm believers in showing your child people worth emulating.

My son with Pat Summitt in 1988
My son with Pat Summitt in 1988

Billie Jean King, last night at the ESPY’s paid tribute to the Great Pat Summitt:

Now, that is worth celebrating. Not only did they win, but all her athletes graduated.

If there were more role models like Pat Summitt, maybe there would be less crime and criminals. But, there would still be award shows and self-congratulatory prima donnas. #Groan

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  • GWB says:

    Toni, your second quote is your first quote. I think your c&p didn’t ‘c’ properly.

    And if Paul listed Trayvon as “killed by police” then he’s even more ignorant than most BLM types. Trayvon is more in the “killed by the dude he was trying to murder” category.

    Which of the ladies was it said the other day “Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing”? That’s absolutely correct. Almost every one of the folks shot by police (no matter WHAT color) were fighting the cops. And most of those encounters were because the person shot was doing something nominally illegal.
    If you want black people to be shot less often, then get them to stop giving the police a reason to stop them in the first place.

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