Energy Watchdogs Warn Of Power Blackouts This Summer

Energy Watchdogs Warn Of Power Blackouts This Summer

Energy Watchdogs Warn Of Power Blackouts This Summer

Key energy and power grid watchdogs are issuing warnings that it is highly likely parts of the U.S. will experience power blackouts this summer.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) last week published its 2023 summer reliability assessment, which found that two-thirds of North America could face power shortages this summer during periods of extreme heat. That vulnerability, the watchdog group said, stems from America’s increase in green power generation and decrease in fossil fuel power plants. While coal and natural gas plants can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch, green alternatives such as wind and solar rely on favorable weather conditions to operate at full capacity. If those conditions aren’t met, power demand can outpace supply.

Read that last again. Wind and solar are reliant upon “favorable weather conditions.” As we all watched a couple of years ago, the wind and solar failed miserably when Texas froze. However, there are other unfavorable conditions that have a negative impact on wind and solar’s ability to produce power. Major storms that create massive cloud cover, no wind blowing whatsoever, and even too much wind. 

Yet this is what all the climate change people want. A full reliance on wind and solar while kicking coal and natural gas to the curb. When the electric grid fails, what powers the home? Certainly not wind or solar right now. 

So what do politicians like Joe Manchin do? Confirm climate activists to the Department of Energy.

Manchin, the chairman of the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee, voted this week to confirm David Crane as undersecretary for infrastructure at the Department of Energy. Crane, a former director at the state-owned Saudi Electricity Company, wants to eradicate the coal industry, mandate that major corporations become “carbon neutral” by 2025, and urged activists to “name and shame” companies that fail to fall in line.

Manchin asserted that Crane “is well qualified” for the job, which will oversee infrastructure projects under the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Crane is a guy who wants to get rid of cattle and even wants air travel to shut down in order to ‘save the climate.’ I’m sure Crane approves of the climate hacks latest move. 

One would certainly hope there are consequences for their destruction. That said, all those who want green energy stay very quiet when these climate hack jackasses try to destroy priceless antiquities. Their silence is approval. 

But back to the warnings of potential power blackouts this summer. It’s not just industry watchdogs who are sounding the alarm. 

Yes, Texas has had a huge increase in population these last few years. Yet ERCOT didn’t see the writing on the wall and start expanding the grid? Oh wait, they did. With lots of wind and solar. Yet now they are warning the grid might not be able to handle the demand during this summer’s high heat and humidity? Gee, I wonder why? 

It isn’t just Texas that could feel the pinch, it’s much of the U.S. West. 

Areas in the U.S. West are at elevated risk due to wide-area heat events that can drive above-normal demand and strain resources and the transmission network.
• In SPP and MISO, wind energy output will be key to meeting normal summer peak and extreme demand levels due to little excess firm capacity.
• The risk of drought and high temperatures in ERCOT may challenge system resources and may result in emergency procedures, including the need for operator- controlled load shedding during periods of low wind and high generator outages.
• The SERC Central region is forecasting higher peak demand and less supply capacity, creating challenges for operators to maintain reserves in extreme scenarios.
• New England has lower available capacity than last year, resulting in a higher likelihood of system operators using emergency procedures to manage extreme demand conditions.

You know what load shedding is? It’s what South Africa deals with on a near daily basis. It means that power is actually CUT to some customers if there is a shortage of available electricity! So rather than being told to conserve energy by not running laundry or doing dishes or charging your electric vehicle at certain times, the power company will assess and then BOOM. It’s power blackouts until they decide to turn everything back on. 

Power companies have had years to shore up their grids. YEARS. Even before all this Green New Deal stuff became a thing. 

Well, that’s certainly a problem. And before anyone sputters about wind and solar, you STILL need power transformers to move the electricity around! 

Does anyone in the Biden Administration care about this looming issue? Nope. In fact, earlier this month the Biden Administration issued new mandates requiring coal-fired power plants to cut their carbon emissions by a whopping 90%. Which is unrealistic and also means many plants will end up closing, leaving consumers left in the dark with only candles for light. 

Feature Photo: Blackout power failure with candles via Pixabay, cropped and modified. 

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  • Robin H says:

    Sorry, can’t use candles, they give off particulate matter that may affect someone’s breathing. And no wood fires in your fire place, same thing. Don’t even think about using a kerosene lamp, they also burn very dirty. Be a good comrade and just sit in the heat and the dark. The good thing is you won’t be able to see the food rotting in your refrigerator.

  • Cameron says:

    If these people want to be “carbon neutral” I will hand them a gun with one bullet and let them set the example.

  • John says:

    Manchin is a liar and has fooled/betrayed his constituents. Never vote for a democrat!

  • Royalidiot says:

    Toyota introduced its latest engine technology earlier this month…..A new fuel efficent, non-polluting combustible engine for semis and big rigs(if that’s still a term). It runs on hydrogen…..You can bet they’re actively working on smaller passenger/truck/SUV designs as we speak. Hydrogen will be the petrol of the very near future……common, rational sense says so…….and the Japanese aren’t stupid….

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