#Election2016: ‘Tis The Season to Lose “Friends”

#Election2016: ‘Tis The Season to Lose “Friends”

#Election2016: ‘Tis The Season to Lose “Friends”

Maybe you’re like me and you have lost a few Facebook friends this election season. People are spitting mad and some are even suffering from health issues because of the upcoming day. If you have not yet been prescribed blood pressure meds, you may be looking at a new bottle of pills in the next few weeks.

Yes, my Facebook page has been a little lighter but quite honestly, I have not had the time to investigate whether or not these individuals dropped off because of something I said that offended them politically or because we haven’t talked in 10 years. I don’t sweat it because it’s MY page and last time I checked, I can post my opinion and am open to having a polite discussion with any mutual friends, colleagues or acquaintances who may disagree. They can also feel free to post their opinions and to un-follow me if the they are triggered and on the verge of an aneurism. I came across this gem in HuffPo the other day. The “contributor” states that he/she did not un-friend Facebook friends because of “politics” it was because….wait for it…


At the end of the day, I cannot and will not be friends with people who think that we should be directing resources toward conversion therapy, for people “suffering” from homosexuality (like Pence). I will not be friends with people who think that it is okay to subject black people to practices that were deemed unconstitutional, because they deprived them of the very civil liberties our Constitution was intended to protect (like Trump). I will not be friends with people who think that those who subscribe to Islam are any less deserving of love, respect, or refuge than their Christian counterparts. I will not be friends with people who think that it is morally sound to indiscriminately murder the children of terrorists. Nor will I be friends with people who speak ill of immigrants, when without immigrants, none of us would even be here.

Because ultimately, if discriminatory practices aren’t a deal-breaker for you, if they don’t inspire in you a pain and an anger so heartbreaking that it leaves you aching for your less-privileged neighbor, then I don’t want to know you. And I shouldn’t have to simply because we shared the same floor freshman year of college.–I Didn’t Unfriend You Over Politics-Huffington Post

And poof, with a click of one icon, these inhumane barbarians and poor excuses for people can gone. I’m not talking the girl who was on your floor in college that you knew for a semester. I’m talking the friend you knew for close to 20 years. These “simpletons” that you knew once upon a time with whom you enjoyed cocktails and karaoke before politics got in the way. Here we are. Americans with differing opinions across the board. The most “liberal” sector of America wants us to keep an open mind, but if our minds are not in line with their minds, we are “unworthy”. Meaning if we are Republicans, we must be eradicated from Facebookland because ALL Republicans are racist, sexist and xenophobes. Nothing like a little “black and white” mentality for a Saturday afternoon, huh? (As I’ve said this, I’m sure my WHITE friend who grew up in in a wealthy family in New England just ixnayed me for being “racist”).

In truth, are there some really ugly (inside) people who surface during an election? Yes. On both sides. But to get on your high-horse and say that you are deleting Facebook friends based on “humanity” and not “politics”? I’m sorry, but I am going to have to call you on your B.S. In fact, your constant thumbing down your nose at people irritates the ever-loving heck out of me. Admit it. You are just a mean child who has always been used to getting your own way and having “mummy and daddy” make it all right for you and this election is just your lame-o excuse to whine like the brat that you are because you only want to associate with the “cool kids”. Whatever would someone in your social circle of intellectual giants say or do if your friend is a Conservative Republican?

This is about humanity.



Oh, gag me! No. Let’s call it what it is. This is about politics. If you had any humanity, decency or morality, you would understand that not all people who oppose your views are anti-LGBT. In fact, some of us have family members and friends who are gay and we love them. You get up-and-arms about a wall to keep out illegal immigrants yet you build one without an attempt to understand perspectives other than your own. You call someone a “racist” because they are white and Republican yet YOUR friends list is not exactly the picture of diversity. You talk about helping our neighbors in need but fail to see that some of these “less-privileged” neighbors are “less-privileged” by choice and playing the victim card because it beats taking action, working and getting out of the system to make room for others who actually need the help. You preach love and tolerance to religious faiths such as Islam but are quick to make vulgar remarks about Jesus and those who follow Him on your page. Yep, you are the true picture of decency there. And, if you can’t see the pro-life argument of your friend who perhaps cannot have children or had a difficult pregnancy against your pro-choice argument and why some individuals may be opposed to ending a 20 week-old LIFE then maybe YOUR morality should come into question, not mine.

Admit it, you just don’t want to associate with someone who calls themselves a “Republican”. You are as SHALLOW as you claim the other side is. But go ahead, and please, judge me and delete me if that makes you feel better. For I meant nothing to you before this election and clearly I am dead to you now. And if I choose to pull the trigger first (Gasp, gun reference!) on making you part of my “click”, you could just throw your hands up and call me a “racist, anti-LGBT, pro-life wacko xenophobe” because humanity.

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  • jacmo says:

    Guess you won’t be exchanging holiday cards anymore. Don’t want to call them Christmas cards on the chance your (ex) friend allows you to have a different opinion without letting it be the determining factor whether you’re worthy enough for her to send you a card.

  • I’ve had more supposed Republicans block me on Twitter because I do not sufficiently support Trump than I’ve had Warmists and Leftists block me.

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  • VALman says:

    “SHALLOW” My impression is that, for what it’s worth, the way in which our technology is being used contributes to shallow and mis-informed persons. One consequence is that discussions quickly become contentious followed by shouts of “moron,” “idiot,” etc. die to a lack of depth.

    Frankly, if a persons holds a view or belief and has a modicum of sense why, then I think such a person is more likely to engage in lively debate. Moreover, I think they are just as likely to submit their ideas to examination and critique.

    I might be way off base here. However, were I grad student fidgeting around for a thesis this might give me due pause.

  • HenryJones says:

    Finally, someone takes on the Republican/Democrat Cartel of the last 100 years and folks go crazy against their own family members. Think Shenandoah as the second half is upon us.

  • Joe Miller says:

    I have friends going back 40 years who want Hillary to be president. For at least 40 years they’ve had a messed up world view. People don’t want to hear that what they’ve believed for their entire life is wrong. Even if it’s demonstrably true. So I put in a little jab now and then to see if they’re open to even a little bit of modification on their views. So far no one is.

  • GWB says:

    This is about humanity.



    No, this is about your moral preening based your perceived manifest righteous holiness. This isn’t about decency at all, it’s about your violation of the First Commandment and your insistence on others breaking it as well, in order to worship your fabulous godliness.

    IOW, you’re an arrogant, self-righteous prick, with delusions of godhood. I’m betting lots of those people are glad you unfriended them.

  • GWB says:

    And, remember, conservatives view progressives as stupid…
    Progressives view conservatives as evil.

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