Election Day: Will GOP Win Governor Races in KY and MS?

Election Day: Will GOP Win Governor Races in KY and MS?

Election Day: Will GOP Win Governor Races in KY and MS?

It’s election day yet again. And today it’s races for governor in Kentucky and Mississippi, as well as local races across the country.

And last night, headlined by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul who delivered this truth bomb…

…President Trump held a raucous rally on behalf of Kentucky governor Matt Bevin, who is seeking re-election.

By the way, check out the T-shirts handed out to last night’s attendees. Can you say “TROLL FREAKING MASTER”?


Somewhere, Adam Schiff is cryin’ in his pretzels.

Meanwhile, following Trump’s rally for GOP candidate Tate Reeves in Mississippi last week, he will hold another rally Wednesday evening for the GOP challenger for Louisiana governor, businessman Eddie Rispone. In that race, the Republican challenger has already had a win of sorts, simply by keeping Governor John Bel Edwards (D) below 50 percent in last month’s primary election, forcing a run-off:

The “Keep America Great” rally, which will take place on Nov. 6 at the Monroe Civic Center in Monroe, La., comes 10 days before runoff race between Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) and Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.”

“Edwards led last month’s all-party primary election but was forced into a runoff when he failed to get more than 50 percent of the vote. Rispone and Rep. Ralph Abraham (R) split the Republican vote with 27.3 percent and 24.2 percent, respectively.”

“While no sitting Louisiana governor has ever won reelection after being forced into a runoff, polling has shown Edwards in a strong position. A Mason-Dixon poll conducted before the primary found Edwards leading Rispone by 51 percent to 42 percent, though that margin will likely narrow as Abraham voters coalesce behind their party’s nominee.”

While most polls are wildly inaccurate these days—can someone please alert Hillary Clinton that she’s not the president!—they show that the Kentucky governor’s race is a toss-up, with the same “true” in Mississippi.

Naturally, the race card has been played in both the Mississippi and Louisiana races, which is often a sure sign of desperation.

The Louisiana race, on the other hand—a Trump rally held late in the race may have helped keep Edwards from an outright win last month—may be a different story. The current governor’s Republican opponent has some controversial amendment ideas regarding the states’ constitution, and polling shows a close race. But if the primary election vote totals are any indication, it wouldn’t be surprising if Edwards becomes a one-term governor tonight.

As an aside, we have our own local elections here in my home state of Idaho today, including for city council and mayor of the small town of which I live just outside, and for whom I sadly cannot vote. And I must tell you: I’ve worked on campaigns before, just like I did again this season, but I have never seen such ugliness and overt attempts at the personal destruction of candidates on both sides of the spectrum. One candidate was accused of two illegalities, for which she was fully exonerated, and the other—a single mother—was forced to resign from a paid position she’s held for eight years simply because she’s seeking the mayor’s seat. And who, you might ask, are the perpetrators? Why, all evidence seems to lead to the leftist Powers That Be, either directly or indirectly, who are desperate to retain their one-party stranglehold on our local city government. And the two candidates who were the targets of most of the venom? Well, like Judge Kavanaugh and the Covington Catholic students, they handled the assaults with dignity and grace, and the strength of Job, and deserve seats at the table on that personal characteristic alone.

Lastly, here’s a brief snippet of the Nats’ visit to the White House yesterday (documented by VG Deanna here) in case you need motivation to go VOTE if there’s a race in your area:

Nice hat, Mr. Suzuki. USA!

In stark contrast to the behavior of some of their DC fan base during the World series with the Houston Astros—watch this video; can you say “DC bubble group-think”?—the Nationals (with some exceptions) respect our president and his office, and jumped at their once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit our White House.

And I suspect a large chunk of the American electorate feels the same way.

Today’s elections, as well as the upcoming decision in Louisiana, will hopefully reflect the voices of those who aren’t outwardly vocal about whom they support. Here’s hoping the Silent Majority, including here in small-town Idaho, shouts volumes today, and in the coming days, and helps sweep away some of the ugliness currently plaguing every single inch of American politics.

And, yeah: read the transcript.


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