Dueling Town Halls – Trump V. Biden

Dueling Town Halls – Trump V. Biden

Dueling Town Halls – Trump V. Biden

Last night, ABC and NBC hosted dueling town halls. NBC hosted President Donald Trump. ABC hosted former Vice President Joe Biden. Today co-host Savannah Guthrie emceed for the Trump Town Hall and former Bill Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos held Joe Biden’s hand for his show.

I dipped back and forth between the dueling shows. The first thing that I noticed, and maybe the most important is that Savannah Guthrie constantly interrupted and argued with Trump, while Stephanopoulos let Biden talk and talk and TALK. Stephanopolous sat there like a Greek vase for the most part. Stephanopoulos was last seen interviewing Mary Trump about her vicious book about her Uncle Donald. The questions to Trump were hostile. The questions to Biden were, to say the least, softballs. Included in the Biden audience was the son of President Ronald Reagan’s first Secretary of Transportation, Drew Lewis. The son is an avid Never Trumper.

The great Mollie Hemingway live tweeted the dueling town halls, and she noted how biased Guthrie was also:

Preach, Sister Mollie.

Meanwhile, over on ABC, Joe Biden claimed that he lived in Section Eight housing and that the Boilermakers Union endorsed him. Section Eight housing was established in 1974, when Joe Biden was a 31 year old Senator. The Boilermakers Local 154 endorsed Donald Trump. Stephanopoulos said nothing.

What really set my teeth on edge was when the woman stood up and said she had two girls ages 8 and 10, and the younger of the two is transgender. I wanted to reach through the screen and slap her face. What in the name of all that is Holy is wrong with people. When my son was that age, he claimed he was a dog for a couple of months. While I played along, I still insisted that he eat with a knife and fork, wear clothes and use the toilet, instead of doing his business outside. The dog fantasy came right before the King of Transylvania. Children have rich interior lives that do not necessarily translate to the future.

Here is Biden’s rambling answer to a question about the Covid-19 vaccine:

Dear Joe: Trump does have a plan for distributing any vaccine. It would go to the most vulnerable first. You would probably grouped in with most vulnerable given your advanced, um, age. And, the room where you left your N-95 mask is called the Green Room. Thanks, Bye.

I felt so sorry for the poor woman standing there nodding her head like a bobble head doll and listening to Joe’s rambling, stream of consciousness babble.

While the dueling town halls were going on, both Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity talked about the Hunter Biden emails. By the by, Joe Biden got not one questions about his son, Hunter. Although he did mention Beau Biden. Where is Hunter? George Stephanopoulos didn’t mention him. Can you imagine?

Finally, how did the dueling town halls rate? No word yet, but if the Tik Tokkers have their way Trump will be humiliated:

Over the past day, a new challenge has circulated on TikTok: Get your TV, computer, phone, tablet and any other device with a screen, and watch Joe Biden’s town hall on every single one. Trump, the idea goes, is ratings obsessed, so it’ll be a humiliation if Biden’s town hall event outperforms the president’s.

Whatevs, kiddies. We may not have learned anything new from the dueling town halls, but we confirmed what we already thought. But, ABC, not one question?

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  • Peggy says:

    Very difficult to watch our President spoken to so
    harshly. Guthrie was a nasty bitch !!
    Couldn’t watch the other guy. He’s so creepy!!

  • John Wilson says:

    The visual is that Biden does not appear up to the job. Letting him run on only locks in the impression. IMO.

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