Law Students Clap Back At ACB On Hypotheticals

Law Students Clap Back At ACB On Hypotheticals

Law Students Clap Back At ACB On Hypotheticals

Judge Amy Coney Barret sat through tortuous stupidity and patiently explained why as a sitting judge she couldn’t comment on hypotheticals put to her by Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee. Some law students took to Tik Tok to clap back at ACB for not answering the hypotheticals. Notice, I said law students. They don’t know what they don’t know.

Here for your viewing pleasure are the law students of Tik Tok:

That’s right law students say they don’t have to study law anymore because JUDGE Amy Coney Barrett wouldn’t answer hypotheticals put to her by the dim bulb Senators on the Judiciary Committee. She could and did talk about decisions in cases she had decided. She would not and should not have speculated on cases that might come before her on the Supreme Court once she is confirmed, or if not, when she goes back to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The girls got ratioed big time. So the lead girl made a response. She says the original Tik Tok was a joke. Yeah, right. Her name is Ariana Garcia-Moore. She is a fan of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Then, she tweeted that it wasn’t a joke because Republicans don’t know the difference between the Ginsburg Rule and non-participation in a hearing. So, which is it?

Please don’t work in a kitchen. I wouldn’t trust you to make me a sandwich. I think you should stay in law school. You might learn something. Ariana, I watched every painful hour of the ACB hearing. I only have nine hours of business law courses (mostly, contract law). I found Judge Coney Barrett to be great. She taught a great civics course through those hours of hearings. And, she didn’t have any ethical lapses. Unlike, say, you.

I think what is painful for some of these people, like Ariana, is watching a Conservative woman. A successful Conservative woman.

For Ariana and all the other law students, I give you Laura Wolk, a blind, Supreme Court Clerk, and former ACB student:

What Judge Barrett, then Professor Barrett, did is what real Conservatives do. They provide “strength, encouragement and solace” to those they are able to help.

To all the law students out there, you could do worse than to learn from Judge (Justice) Amy Coney Barrett. And, always remember, the internet last forever.

Featured Image: Jesse Michael Nix/ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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  • GWB says:

    Please don’t work in a kitchen. I wouldn’t trust you to make me a sandwich.
    Hey! That’s my line!

    Now, I personally am not enamored of the “Ginsburg Rule”. I think a potential judge should be able to state “given solely the facts presented, the Constitution says thus and the law says thus, therefore it would seem to be this answer.”

    Of course the problem with that is that we live in a world where certain folks love to cut your statements up and misrepresent them. And endless BS on “but you said” when the facts they present are not the same. But, it sure would be nice to have an appointee say “Look, whether you think abortion should be protected or not, Roe v Wade was badly written, badly reasoned, and the folks who wrote it and signed onto it knew it at the time. We really shouldn’t hold something that poorly done as precedent.”

  • Andrew X says:

    Correct me if I am wrong anyone, but is it not a fundamental element of legal training for law students to be able to repeatedly make cases and arguments for things and people that they themselves are very much against?

    I mean, even if the purpose is not because the student may find themselves working for a client they don’t like or agree with, but, far more fundamental, this enables the attorney to put themselves into the heads of their opposition, all the better to fbuild a case against them.

    Does it not appear that these students are thusly being completely failed due to negligence by their “academies”?

    These people are going to make really really sh*++y lawyers, frankly. And the tornado of Woke continues to lay waste to everything….. EVERYthing…… EV….ER….Y…. THING in its wake.

  • Cameron says:

    You are students, not lawyers.
    You don’t have that level of experience yet.
    We don’t really care about your outrage.

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