Dr. Susan Robinson Performs Third-Trimester Abortions, Snaps Commemorative Photos

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Dr. Susan Robinson Performs Third-Trimester Abortions, Snaps Commemorative Photos

I dropped my daughter off at school this morning and watched as she lugged her backpack, lunch, and a few cans of food for the annual Food Drive into the school. After homeschooling her for two years, we enrolled her in the local charter school, a project-based learning environment where kids learn how to do things like build robots, produce an invention, and speak foreign languages, all starting in the 6th grade. The kids are visiting Costa Rica next year, and then Japan in 2015, journeys that were unheard of in our previous, perpetually budget-strapped school district in Oregon. The kids are making memories that will last a lifetime. Today is Picture Day at her school, which will serve to cement those precious memories into adulthood. But her school is not the only place taking commemorative photos. No, snapping photos is happening somewhere else, too, but in a grotesquely morbid way.

Only four American doctors remain who perform third-trimester abortions. One of those “doctors” is Susan Robinson. Dr. Robinson, aside from her other duties in her practice, kills viable babies for a living, what she deems “abortion medicine.” And as if that isn’t troubling enough, it gets even worse: she takes photos of the dead babies for their mothers to take home in memorial. Yep, you read that right. Dr. Robinson, after “euthanizing” infants mere weeks from being born snaps photos of them for the mother to take home to remember the dead infant. Robinson explains the method she uses to abort often completely healthy babies:

“We sedate the patient and euthanize their fetus, their baby, with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

So in one breath, she utters the term “euthanize”—which brings to mind what happens to millions of animals every day in shelters across America—and “baby.” Now last I checked, “euthanizing” (aka killing) human beings is also known as murder. Were the infant outside the womb, it would most certainly land her in a federal penitentiary next to the likes of Dr. Death himself, Kermit Gosnell. But in this country, at least for now, it’s legal in several states. How killing a viable infant, simply because it lives inside the womb, whose death warrant is issued by the mother, does not rise to first-degree murder really is mindboggling.

Dr. Robinson
Dr. Susan Robinson, One of Four Third-Trimester Abortionists Left in the United States

Rationalizing her work, Dr. Robinson insists that many of the women who enter her practice requesting third-trimester abortions had no idea they were pregnant:

“I could tell you a million reasons why women who are perfectly smart—and they are, these are not stupid women—don’t come to know they are pregnant. They have no weight changes, they don’t feel sick, they don’t feel movement, or if they do they think it’s gas. Suddenly someone says, “Hmm, your stomach’s looking big, have you taken a pregnancy test?” And the person may have taken a test, and it may have come out negative—I’ve had women that only got a positive on their third test. And either way they think they just got pregnant. They have no idea they’re in their 24th week. So they make an appointment for an abortion, and it takes a few weeks, and they have their ultrasound and find out that they’re at 27 weeks, which is too far for an abortion anywhere. So then what happens? They either give up or have a baby, or they go on the Internet and they find us.”

Now if you’re anything like me, the third trimester of pregnancy is pretty darned noticeable, sorta like a Weeble Wobble trying to keep itself upright. Seriously, I needed a forklift to get off the sofa, and was downing milkshakes like a competitive hot-dog chugger at the county fair. Not to mention the aggressive jumping jacks my daughter performed every night at 10:00 pm sharp, followed by a healthy round of hiccups. The thought that it was just an un-comfy bout of gas never crossed my mind. Sorry, but I’m not buying the “I didn’t know I was pregnant” at 30+ weeks argument, even given the presence of obesity.

Further, Dr. Robinson insists that many who demand third-trimester abortions do so because their infants are in some way unhealthy, and that the women request commemorative photos, complete with documentation of the abnormality:

“With fetal anomaly patients, we ask them right up front if they plan to hold their baby after it’s born. These patients, their emotional needs are so different from the ones who are looking at their pregnancy as an absolute disaster, who are just thinking, “Get it out of me, please, please, please.” Those patients—the maternal indications patients—they are not relating to their fetus as a baby, they’re relating to it as a problem.

But with a fetal indications patient—if she refers to it as her baby, I’ll refer to it as her baby. If she’s named the baby, I’ll use the baby’s name too. I would say that most of these patients do decide to see and hold their baby, although many of them have a hard time dealing with the idea at first. We’ll take remembrance photographs, we’ll give them a teddy bear, the footprints… I don’t want them to go home from the procedure with absolutely nothing to remember and honor the baby, and its birth.”

Now part of me can understand wanting to remember an infant that would surely—not maybe, but surely—die soon after birth because of an inoperable abnormality. “Euthanasia,” as Robinson terms it, is perhaps the most humane way to end the life of an otherwise non-viable baby, and may save the parents a little anguish. Robinson explains:

“There’s a disabled-rights side to this, and I don’t doubt the ability of people with disabilities to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives, but what I have a problem with is the “I could have been aborted” line. Hell, I’m glad I wasn’t aborted too! I just find that argument specious. When parents are saying, “We do not feel we can adequately cope with that issue,” I believe them, and I don’t think they’d have an easy time putting a child with severe disabilities up for adoption successfully.”

But…Robinson readily admits that many of the women who come into her clinic for “euthanizing,” which she claims are “never casual” decisions, carry either otherwise healthy and strong infants, or their babies have a non life-threatening abnormality—please, someone define “normal!”—like Down Syndrome, and can survive outside their mother’s womb, and into a productive adulthood. Don’t those babies deserve a chance at life? Even if it ever so slight? With photos celebrating their birth, rather than of their “euthanized” bodies? I think Sarah Palin, and countless other parents, would concur.

My very first blog for Victory Girls described the experience I had with a friend who underwent a late-term abortion. She was fully aware of the pregnancy, but procrastinated until she was about six months along, then aborted the infant. It was an horrific experience, one that likely pushed her into drug and alcohol abuse. She didn’t need a photo of her dead baby to remind her; it was seared into her memory with a mental branding iron. Dr. Robinson may sincerely believe that she is “helping” women through the trauma of aborting a viable baby, snapping commemorative photos of the deceased infant, but for me she’s the Jeffery Dahmer of the lucrative late-term abortion industry.

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  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Well done, Jodi.

    “Don’t those babies deserve a chance at life?” – my belief is that isn’t a question we get to answer. God already answered it.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Thank you, Catherine. I will never understand how a child can be so callously rejected, and killed by someone who calls herself a doctor, because they are imperfect. Show me “perfect.” Show me “normal.” The range of humanity is vast.

  • Merle says:

    Perhaps you recall the TV series “I didn’t know I was pregnant” a short time ago. I found it totally incredible that the woman could miss ALL of the clues.


  • Ashley says:

    I feel like I need to defend the women who didn’t know they were pregnant.

    My mom never knew she was pregnant until she went into labor. She was a larger woman, didn’t miss her period. Thoughts my kicks & movements were gas bubbles. I was tiny and apparently hung out around her back area so she didn’t show.

    She didn’t do drugs. She had a full time job and went to school.

    Everyone who knew her had no idea she was pregnant. After I was born even my godparents were confused as anything when they heard about me. (My godmother was 8 months pregnant with her second when I was born).

    So it does happen.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Ashley, thanks so much for your comment. Of course it happens. I was sixteen weeks along before I realized I was pregnant. What I’m saying is that I don’t buy that all the women who claim to be unaware of their third-trimester pregnancies really are. Some undoubtedly use it as a convenient excuse. Sadly, there are far too many women who abort their babies simply because they are an inconvenience. Adoption is always a better alternative to late-term abortion. (I’m adopted, btw).

  • anon says:

    what a complete crock of shit. The only reason to terminate at that late date would be to save the life of the mother.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      And even then, a c-section is a possibility in order to save the infant as well. It is a crock of shit, indeed.

    • Dana says:

      Then you haven’t read the linked article, have you?

      Third trimester is about 26 weeks plus gestation, and modern science has enabled babies born that early to survive. If for some reason a woman simply has to become unpregnant at that stage, her child can still be saved. The only reason to kill the child at that point would be because the “mother” does not want him to live.

      Assuming that you know what partial birth abortion is, think of the procedure: the abortionist partially delivers the infant, then stops the procedure half-way through, to kill the infant. If the child could not survive, there would be no need to stop the procedure and kill him, if it was simply a matter of the mother needing to not be pregnant anymore.

      Further, actually interrupting the delivery puts more of a physical strain on the mother. If “intact dilation and extraction” is being done for reasons of maternal health alone, it’s actually healthier for the child to be born alive, and not killed.

  • radtec says:

    Can’t this murdering doctor be jailed? If nothing else, she has way crossed the line of her Hippocratic oath a long time ago. Anyone who talks about euthanasia in one breath then talks about ‘sending them home with something to remember their babies birth’ is totally __________________ up in the head! You can not have it both ways. The only solace I can personally derive in all of this is that those precious souls are with God…long before they could be even further abused here on earth.

  • Megan says:

    Hmm, I find so much about this…woman…disturbing, I don’t even know where to begin. However, two points beg to be brought up. First of all, her claim that the so-called fetal indications patients have no chance at surviving outside the womb, or at least not for long, or maybe they’d just have no “quality of life” strikes me as more than a bit National Socialist Workers Party-esque. There was an infamous book from the bad old days justifying EXACTLY this sort of euthanasia for preborn and born alike: it was called Lebens unwerten Leben or Lives Unworthy or Life. Of course, they got many of their “best” ideas from us. It’s not a surprise that we’ve come full circle back to the worst sort of eugenics. My second point is that even assuming that the baby has been correctly diagnosed with a condition completely incompatible with life outside the womb, there is such a thing as perinatal hospice which helps the entire family, and helps the parents with funeral planning/arrangements, helps the hospital staff understand the mother’s needs, and basically does everything a hospice program does for adults and more. I know many, many women who’ve lost babies to different conditions and all of them were glad they had the chance to carry their child and hold them as long as possible.
    To close, I can speak from experience as someone who has lost all my babies before birth. Let me tell you, I will always, always be glad I could hold my daughter and have a funeral for her. She was stillborn at 37 wks. My son, on the other hand, I lost at 22 wk and I didn’t get to hold him or see him or…well. I was in the middle of dying myself and the docs kind of forgot they had two patients before it got to that point. He was taken from me. In a brutal way. I pray he was dead beforehand, but I don’t know. I was rescuscitated and I lost most of my memories from that time but one of the things I remember is the incredible pain. I found out later that aborting at that late a gestation by the method they ended up doing is equivalent (pain-wise) to a traumatic amputation. I also have had two miscarriages. Those sucked. But nothing was as awful as knowing what I know about what happened to my son…all to save me. I didn’t “choose” anything. In fact, I told the docs to do everything they could for my son. They didn’t. Then they had to try to save me. I will live with that survivor’s guilt for the rest of my life. I would have given my life to save any of my babies: yet, I read a “doctor” claiming that there are women who just can’t be good parents to a disabled child and using that as a justification for murder…I wonder, how can anyone be so cruel? and how can life be so disposable to others? I must be missing something.

    • GWB says:

      May God grant you peace, Megan. Stories like yours are why a culture of life is important – without a culture of life, hope has no place; and without hope, there can be no joy or love. God’s blessings on you, Megan, for sharing your story.

  • […] a recent interview, Robinson talked about how she gives mothers little keepsakes and mementos of the viable babies she murders, and refers to her work as “euthanasia” and “abortion […]

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