Don’t Worry! Joe Biden Is “Healthy And Vigorous!”

Don’t Worry! Joe Biden Is “Healthy And Vigorous!”

Don’t Worry! Joe Biden Is “Healthy And Vigorous!”

Yes, he’s 80 years old. But never fear, President Joe Biden is super “healthy and vigorous!”

President Joe Biden remains “healthy” and “vigorous,” his physician reported Thursday after a routine physical, and is “fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.”

The physical, which occurred earlier in the day at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, did result in a small lesion on Biden’s chest being removed for a biopsy, the results of which are still pending.

Other exams of the president’s head, ears, eyes, nose and throat were normal. An “extremely detailed” neurologic exam found no findings that would be consistent with stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

Evidently he needs a different kind of orthotic shoe in order to help fix his stiff walk, and might need a better contact lens prescription. but other than that, it’s all good folks. Nothing to see here, move smartly along please! 

While medical advances in recent years have significantly reduced the vulnerabilities of older people, aging experts have noted that older individuals typically are more susceptible to more severe health risks and have a harder time recovering from falls, accidents and unexpected illnesses.

Biden has said it is fair for people to ask about his age, but White House aides have dismissed concerns over the president’s expected plan to seek a second term in his 80s. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked Thursday whether Biden felt up to the job even though he would be at 86 at the end of a second term. “Yes,” she responded simply.

Look, the Presidency is one of the highest stress jobs in the world. It is right and fair that we ask if Joe Biden is healthy enough physically AND cognitively to handle an aggressive campaign season plus the current office job AND another four years as President. Especially since we’ve ALL seen that Biden vacillates emotionally from befuddled, to angry, to confused, to lost in space. Furthermore, do Democrats plan to have him actually campaign? Or will he run from his basement yet again? 

Furthermore, as Deanna reported yesterday, the health issues John Fetterman has are such that we really need to think long and hard about Joe trying for another term. Yes, Fetterman had a stroke. The Democrat/media complex and power-hungry Gisele shoved him into office. Is the Democrat/media complex THAT hungry for Democrats in office that they’ll jeopardize someone’s health? Yes. Do they dare ask questions? Sort of. 

Joe Biden’s doctors have NEVER, that I can find, stepped up in front of a press gaggle. Why the secrecy? If Joe is so damned “healthy and vigorous” then how come his doctors and Jill aren’t out there running a big brag fest on how great it is that 80 yr old Joe is so awesome physically and mentally?? 

Oh wait, never mind. Joe is in the prime of his life. According to the likes of Don Lemon, anyone – especially women such as Nikki Haley – are WAY past their due date. Yes, he offered an insincere apology, but only after a significant amount of blowback.

He meant what he said, and many others in the media and Democrats agree. Age and health aren’t an issue when it’s the Democrats. But Republicans are fair game. 

The Democrats are ready to respond, with Joe’s super duper winning record!

On Thursday, in a feisty response, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre offered a preview of how Team Biden will handle the attacks, pointing to 2021 when he proved his critics wrong and “turned around the economy” and in 2022 when everyone predicted another red wave.

Biden, she said, “beat them at their own game.”

“Maybe they’re forgetting the wins the president got over the past few years, but I’m happy to remind them anytime,” Jean-Pierre said.

In an email to The Hill, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates echoed that sentiment, saying Republicans have played the age card and failed.

Wins?? BWAHAHAHA!! Don’t make me laugh. The $1.7 trillion deficit reduction Joe brags about will disappear by the end of 2023. In fact…

Additionally, the CBO projects that annual deficits will average $2 trillion from next year over the next decade or so. The deficit amounts to 5.3% of GDP in 2023 and is set to rise to 6.9% of GDP by 2033. The report notes that is significantly higher than the 3.6% of GDP that deficits have typically averaged over the past five decades.

This year alone, the deficit will go up by $1.4 trillion, which essentially wipes out the so-called deficit win Joe keeps nattering about. That’s just the deficit. Don’t get me started on the very long list of losses Joe and his Administration have incurred since January 2020. Inflation that continues to inflate is a big result and definitely not a win for good ole “healthy and vigorous” Joe Biden!

That said, asking questions about the health and mental welfare of those who are elected to serve in this Republic is absolutely ok. Especially when we see behavior that is highly concerning.

We want and should expect on the record answers.

It’s telling and very much a red flag that answers aren’t forthcoming regarding how healthy Joe Biden really is. 

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  • Kevin says:

    During TFG’s (the F*$king Genius’) reign, his “doctor” (yeah, the guy distributing drugs to White House staff and getting drunk on our dime) didn’t even list one detail about his medical record or physical. Not one! Did VG (Vicious Gals) ever mention that his “doctor” (yeah, the guy handing out drugs to White House staff and getting drunk while at work … nice doctor … and again the republicans put him in Congress … along with Santos) didn’t publicly release one fact (a word VG struggles with) about his health? It was hilarious his “doctor” (Jackson) didn’t even release his weight … the morbidly obese imbecile who would go around repeating, “person, woman, man, camera, TV” like he was some Rhodes Scholar. In VG (Victim-blaming Goons) hypocrisy runs fast and deep.

    “Mr. Biden weighs 178 pounds with a body mass index of 24.1, according to the White House letter. His blood pressure was listed as 128/76 with a pulse of 69. The president had a total cholesterol level of 115, which Dr. O’Connor said was “remarkably low.” His high density lipoprotein level was 46 and his low density lipoprotein level was 58.” Those two sentences are more than the American people got in 4 years concerning the morbidly obese pathological lying vindictive narcissistic imbecile with the emotional maturity of a toddler (TFG … the F*&king Genius).

    • Scott says:

      Yes, we get it Kevin, you’re into “fat shaming” (not wrong when you do it I guess).. or maybe it’s a self loathing, and you really are into fat dudes..of course, NONE of what you spew above says anything negative about President Trumps mental status, and nothing during his Presidency gave any indication of mental decline, which stands in stark contrast to the current pResident..

    • liz says:

      You should see the cholesterol levels of my pet rock!
      It’s also really solid…zero percent body fat.
      Doesn’t even break a sweat, ever.

    • Darleen Click says:

      Sorry, Kev. I don’t believe a thing coming from FICUS Biden’s admin, including doctors considering that Democrat medical activists practice Lysenkoism across the board. Including from CA Gov Newscum, the heir apparent to the Oval Office’s potted plant … doctors in CA have to be in ideological line – no more #1A for them! – or they risk their license. That’s law.

      Biden gets lost trying to find his way off a stage – we can all believe our lyin’ eyes on that.

      You need to get your monomania treated, I’m sure it doesn’t help your blood pressure much.

  • Scott says:

    “He meant what he said, and many others in the media and Democrats agree. Age and health aren’t an issue when it’s the Democrats. But Republicans are fair game.” Lemon is also showing that he’s just a bitter gay man who hates women, kinda like someone who posts here on a regular basis..

  • Stephen C says:

    Cognitively, not so much.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    Joe Biden is neither healthy nor vigorous. He is malicious, crooked, filthy, immoral, unethical, and a lot more words that could be used, none of which is good.

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