Disgraced Mark Sanford for South Carolina? No. Curtis Bostic For Congress and Weekend Links!

Disgraced Mark Sanford for South Carolina? No. Curtis Bostic For Congress and Weekend Links!

Disgraced Mark Sanford for South Carolina?  No.  Curtis Bostic For Congress and Weekend Links!

In the race to replace now-Senator Tim Scott’s vacated House seat, Republicans Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford are facing off in the runoff election this Tuesday, April 1st. The special election will be held May 7th. In what should be a safe Republican district, the race has tightened between Sanford the frontrunner, should he prevail, and his (D) competitor, Stephen Colbert’s sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Mark Sanford. Think about that. Former Governor Mark Sanford. THAT Mark Sanford.

Seriously? South Carolina deserves better than the former governor who lied claimed he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” while cavorting in Buenos Aires with his Argentine mistress. Do you remember what Mark Sanford did after being caught in his lie? Let me remind you. He went on national TV to do a mea culpa, then had the audacity to talk about how much he loves his Argentina Honey in the same presser! Note to Mark Sanford: even after 4 years, there is STILL no nobleness or dignity in shouting about your forbidden love from the rooftops like a post-pubesic lovesick teenager when your wife of 20 years and your 4 boys are the proverbial broken-hearted elephant in the room. You nimrod. Selfishness is not a virtue. Torturing your wife and kids because you were lovesick for another woman is the epitome of a self-centered, narcissistic life. Not enough time has passed to redeem himself in my opinion. This is a huge stick to be used against him by the (D)’s. He’s more than compromised and will lose in a safe (R) district.

But I’m not in South Carolina.

Robert Stacy McCain at The Other McCain has been all over this race – on the ground in SC – for the last 2 weeks. He says:

“A newly released Public Policy Polling survey shows the SC-1 race surprisingly close, in part because voters “continue to strongly dislike Sanford,” who was censured by the legislature for ethics violations related to the former governor’s affair with an Argentine woman.

In a conference call with bloggers last week, Bostic described himself as a “constitutional conservative” and said his campaign has “strong evangelical support.” The endorsement by Santorum, a devout pro-life Catholic, can be expected to energize Bostic social conservative supporters.”

So what about Curtis Bostic to replace Tim Scott and vanquish (hopefully for good) Mark Sanford? His campaign page is StopSpending.com — a basic Tea Party theme — and it seems entirely possible that the grassroots, tired of the corrupt GOP establishment’s old-boy style of politics, can rally behind Bostic to get out the vote and pull him across the line in front of Sanford on Tuesday. Reading his biography page, he’s a Marine veteran of Operation Desert Storm and the father of five home-schooled children. Good virtues!

Here’s a look at his campaign video:

Curtis Bostic For Congress

The runoff is this Tuesday, April 1st. Our position on Mark Sanford? A big Appalachian Trail NO. Curtis Bostic for Congress and here’s his donation page. Go help now. Time is short.


Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

Teach at Pirate’s Cove, is blogging about Voice Of Sense” Rep. Mike Thompson (D) Won’t Give Up His Guns, But Has No Problem Taking Yours”.

Stacy over at The Other McCain has up a bunch of great blog posts on the Sanford/Bostic race in South Carolina. Check out this post “Will Folks: ‘My Sacred Honor Requires Me to Endorse DCCC Fundraising Poster Boy’”.

Phineas at Sister Toldjah has up a post on “You’re welcome, America: California’s high-speed rail will need a federal bailout.”

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has up a terrific post today on “Saturday Night Card Game (What’s White got to do with it?”. Go check it out!

Emily at NakedDC has a blog post up on “Planned Parenthood totally fine with this fourth-trimester abortion thing”.

Dana at The First Street Journal has up a really good post called “Rule 5 Blogging: Are all Finns blonde?” LOL. Go check it out.

Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive is blogging about “US Army vet fights with Syrian rebels.”

This Ain’t Hell has a bunch of great posts up today but I like this one by Jonn on “Kenneth Crocheron of Draper, Utah; the Ronald MacDonald of Stolen Valor.” SMH.

Michelle Obama’s Mirror has up a terrific blog post called “One Thing Is More Terrifying Than The Other: You Decide”. 🙂

Instapundit has a lot of good blog reading up at his hub but I really like this video at PJTV on “Right on Crime: A Conservative Approach to Criminal Justice Reform”! Go watch it!

American Power also has up a blog post on “Struggling California Dairies Moving Out of State”. It’s a good one.

Jazz Shaw has a blog post up at Hot Air on “Young and sexually active in NY? There’s an app for that”. There’s an app for everything.

and finally, Andy at AoSHQ has up a blog post “Because It Wasn’t Already Contentious Enough … WaPo Op-Ed Injects Race Into the Gun Debate.” Go check out the comments too!

Have a great Easter weekend! Remember, He is Risen indeed!

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  • Dana says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Mr Sanford is hardly the first politician to cheat on his wife. Would it be wrong of me to note that at least he did it with a woman!

    The voters will often forgive an affair, but what they should not forget or forgive is the fact that Governor Sanford basically abandoned his post to jet off to be with his mistress.

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