Ding Dong, Nance is Gone — Mostly

Ding Dong, Nance is Gone — Mostly

Ding Dong, Nance is Gone — Mostly

The writing was on the wall and SanFranGran Nance Pelosi has just announced she’s retiring from House Leadership.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents most of San Francisco in the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress and was the first woman to serve as speaker, announced she will not seek re-election to the Democratic Party leadership in the next Congress but will stay on in the legislative body.

As far as we can see, the bruising from cloakroom wrestling over the Speaker’s gavel is not visible.

Pelosi stated that it’s time for a new generation to step up, and that despite the speakership the greatest honor she has is representing the City By The Bay in the House.

Let’s not for a moment think she has represented San Francisco in any meaningful way. San Francisco is ground-zero of what Leftist dogma leads to — where citizens live in fear and criminals run the city.

Nance gives a shout out to her husband but isn’t it interesting how that story has quickly disappeared. Maybe the weirdness and contradictions of the story were another reason for Nance to seek a lower public profile? Because her lust to stay in power was still evident just last January.

Inquiring minds.

But Nance is sticking around Congress (local liquor store owners just breathed a sigh of relief) and she was coy about just who she believes is the next generation of Democrat leaders. Look to her machinations behind the scenes in promoting a Nance Jr. and continuing in her war against any citizen or elected official who dares dissent from her radical secular religion. Because she certainly isn’t Catholic.

And, of course, staying in Congress will just keep feeding her info for insider trading and using the political clout she’s had for 35 years to amass a $200 million fortune.

SanFranGran may not be in the public leadership role, but she’ll still wield power. Keep an eye on her.

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  • Scott says:

    “Keep an eye on her”… Just as one would a rattlesnake!

  • Chris says:

    Imo ….she is more dangerous on numerous levels.
    And she has reproduced.

    She is FAR From gone.
    Now…she doesnt have to be held accountable (not that she ever was) and she basicly will go greybroad.
    Sorry ladies, i Will Not show that traitous women ANY Respect.

    NO, She is FAR From gone and a hundred times more damgerous.

    All imo

  • Deborah B says:

    She needs to go home and look after her husband. He needs a babysitter just like Biden and Fetterman. We have had the DUI and the hammer story. What is next?

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