Desperation Barbie: Wendy Davis Comes Out in Favor of Open Carry

Desperation Barbie: Wendy Davis Comes Out in Favor of Open Carry

In a sudden burst of inspiration desperation, Wendy Davis has decided that she suddenly is in favor of open carry.  This chick is like a freaking train wreck.  Even better, it’s making HuffPo go crazy, and anything that makes HuffPo stomp their little princess feet and throw things makes my day just a little bit more amazing.  In fact, I’m not sure which part of this story is more amusing: The fact that Wendy Davis suddenly loves guns, or the fact that James Moore over at HuffPo cannot for the life of him figure out why she would go so far off the reservation to support such eeeeeevil.  Here’s a tip, James.  It’s called “I will do or say anything to get elected.”  Being a political analyst you should be fairly familiar with the phenomenon, especially since you’re a liberal.  That’s kind of how you guys got in there, remember?  Something about keeping your plan if you like it…anyway, back to Ms. I Heart Gunzz and her Very Disillusioned Follower.  Get out your shocked face:

In a country of damned-near (I like it that damned-near can be used as a compound modifier) weekly school shootings, the Texas Democratic gubernatorial hopeful told the Associated Press she favors an “open carry” law for gun owners, which means, uh, she thinks people should be able to openly carry guns.

Weekly school shootings?  As my husband loves to say, really, dude?  I’m not even going to pause on that piece of stupidity. We’ll just go ahead and chalk that up to Liberals Make Up Facts.  The rumor about Davis’ flip on guns, however, is apparently true.

What makes this story so rich is that by suddenly coming out in favor of open carry, she’s not only bucked the Democrat party line,  but she’s also gone against her own position.

In the 2011 Texas legislative session, State Senator Jeff Wentworth tried greatly to get passed a “campus carry” bill that would have allowed students aged 21 to have concealed handguns on their persons while attending college. Davis was so determined to stop the bill that she almost missed her own daughter’s graduation from college. She did not leave the chamber until another senator agreed to change his vote to keep the bill from the floor while she was out of town for the day. [emphasis ours]

Let’s think about this a second.   Just so you have some perspective, I’m going to break this down for you. Davis, the woman who lied about her past and stood for hours while yapping her gaping maw to defend the murder of unborn children right up to the day before their birth, almost missed her own daughter’s college graduation (the same daughter she gave up custody of years earlier to her ex-husband because it “wasn’t a good time for her”) so she could fight against the right of other college students to protect themselves on campus with a concealed handgun.  That same woman just announced that she’s in favor of open carry.  If there’s a takeaway from this convoluted cluster of a life, it is that there are three truths about Wendy Davis:  She doesn’t value children (even her own), doesn’t like guns, and has absolutely zero integrity whatsoever.  I don’t know what Moore’s whining about.  She’s the perfect liberal.

He goes on to lament the fact that he just “can’t vote for” Gregory Abbott, Davis’ conservative challenger, and now he won’t vote for Davis.  Because of her sudden betrayal of the “values” he thought she stood for, and a lack of any other candidate that remotely fits the bill, he’s going to sit out the Texas governor election.  Poor James.  He’s just experienced what being a Republican is like.

The truly pathetic part of this whole situation is that Wendy Davis has just told gun owners in the state of Texas that she thinks they’re stupid.  Stupid enough to ignore that she argued in favor of killing babies by delivering them halfway and then sticking a scissors in the back of their heads.  Stupid enough to ignore all the lies she told, the gun control positions she’s pushed for in the past, and the blatant pandering she’s doing now.  Thankfully, for those of us with a sense of humor, the Desperation Barbie show appears to have just signed up for another season.



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  • If the GOP Establishment was smart, they would force her hand on ObamaCare as well. Of course, any sentence that begins with “If the GOP Establishment was smart…” is probably self-answering. I live in Texas, and I fully expect the Party leaders to run a don’t-frighten-the-horses campaign like the one that helped Mitt Romney lose in 2012.

    Perhaps we could start a rumor that Wendy Davis is secretly a Tea Party conservative. Then the GOP Establishment would come after with claws and teeth bared.

  • Jodi says:

    Wendy Davis is Barack Obama in heels and bleach. Fraudster Barbie has managed to tick off just about everyone. Stick a fork in her.

  • Shawn says:

    Kit, are you capable of making a point without resorting to childish ad hominem arguments?

    First, she very clearly said “damn-near”, so as to not be taken literally for the “weekly” part of her school shootings statement. Funny how you ignore context to try and make her sound crazy.

    Second, she didn’t “lie about her past”. That’s been debunked for a while now. I suggest some basic research next time.

    Then you go on a little self-righteous rant about how horrible all liberals are. How wide does your brush paint, exactly?

    Then you go on about the “killing babies with scissors” rant. This is how I know not to take you seriously if you pander with a statement like that. I honestly pity you.

    • Kit Lange says:


      First off, she didn’t write the article. James Moore did. You may not like how I characterized it, but at least I paid enough attention to know who wrote the stupid thing. As for the debunking, if you consider a few liberal sites trying to carry water for their rapidly falling hero, then I can see why you’d say that. Lastly, my brush is as wide as you folks make it. If the shoe doesn’t fit, then don’t worry about it. In your case, since you’re actually defending someone who is in favor of late term abortion (which, by the way, I accurately described) and was against gun rights before she was for them, then I guess that shoe would fit you after all. Go ahead and lace that bad boy up and wear it.

    • ROS says:

      “Tweaking” her past in a manner to benefit her career is most certainly lying.

      I pity you for not having the cerebral acuity to recognize that.

    • KHorn says:

      What is this debunking you talk about? Her narrative was that she was single mother who got through TCU and HLS all on her own. This is what her official biography was on her webpage “With the help of academic scholarships and student loans, Wendy not only became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree but graduated first in her class and was accepted to Harvard Law School.” Unmentioned is the fact that her second husband paid for her last two years at TCU and her full ride at HLS. That’s lying by ommission. Oh, and as for the single mom crap, she was married most of the time her girls were growing up and her second husband was the primary care giver, not her, as evidenced by the fact he got primay custody, which is extemely rare for a father.

      That this a fundemental character flaw is shown by her duplicity on gun rights. She’s all gung ho for the Second Amendment, if you just ignore the ordinance she tried to pass in Fort Worth to ban gun shows from city owned fora and against campus carry, but yeah she’s all for gun rights.

      Lets also not overlook her dedication to upholding the First Amendment by suing the Fort Worth Star Telegram for defamation for criticizing her negative campaigning. She pursued her vendetta against a free press all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, getting summarily poured out at each stage, with the Court of Appeals describing her claiims as “[We] cannot conclude a person of ordinary intelligence would perceive the statements as defamatory.” Yeah, let’s put this lying hypocritical twit in the governor’s mansion.

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