Democrats Trip Over Obama In Pushing Police Reform

Democrats Trip Over Obama In Pushing Police Reform

Democrats Trip Over Obama In Pushing Police Reform

Letting Democrats get away with pushing the idea that history started the day Donald Trump was sworn into office is long over.

It suits their purpose to perpetuate that notion, because if people started to remember that Barack Obama was president for EIGHT YEARS before Donald Trump, and had two years of one-party control in the Congress – during which time he managed to ram Obamacare through – then they might actually ask if the Democrats had other priorities during those eight years.

Right now, Democrats are loudly proclaiming their support for police reform, getting rid of chokeholds, and whining that President Trump stole their thunder by signing an executive order to leverage the power of the federal purse to move law enforcement toward reforms. Chuck Schumer was particularly verbal and whiny about it yesterday. After all, the Democrats had gone to all the effort of getting the best costumes! How dare the president actually DO something!

It’s not like the opportunity for police reform ever came up during the Obama administration, in places like, oh, maybe Ferguson, or Baltimore. Does anyone remember those? There might have been some protests and riots at the time as well? The Democrats would like everyone to forget that those happened on President Obama’s watch. The period of time between the election of 2008 and the election of 2016 was not exactly a time of racial peace and harmony just because President Obama was being worshipped by the media.

But again, since everything is Orange Man Bad, the media must blame the Bad Orange Man, instead of asking questions that require critical thinking, like “how did bad things happen under the Obama administration?”

Senator Lindsey Graham, at least, is having none of that.

Meanwhile, Senator Tim Scott has introduced the GOP proposal for police reform.

Scott said the bill focuses on three areas: data collection, training and officer misconduct and transparency.”

In language that largely lines up with President Trump’s executive order, the bill would block state and local law enforcement departments from getting COPS and Byrne grants if they do not have a ban on chokeholds in place.”

In addition to trying to incentivize police departments to ban chokeholds, the GOP bill also includes new requirements on reporting the use of force by police and the use of no-knock warrants.”

The bill also includes new penalties for not using body cameras, has new requirements on law enforcement records retention and would include a separate bill that makes lynching a federal hate crime, which has been stalled in the Senate by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).”

And how do the Democrats respond to Senator Scott’s bill?

What. The. Actual. Hell.

Here’s the video:

Senator Scott, over to you…

Dick Durbin absolutely had that coming. Remember this moment when the Democrats complain about “dog-whistles” that they hear in President Trump’s language. Will Democrats call out Durbin for this one?

We’re waiting. Might be here a while. The Democrats probably need to go get the Kente cloths back out of the prop department in order to do an apology.

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  • Bill S says:

    Policing is a local issue. If Democrat-run cities want to defund the police let them. If they want chock holds, go for it. The Federal Government should stay the heck out of it.

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