#DemDebate2: Pander To Everyone And The Kitchen Sink!

#DemDebate2: Pander To Everyone And The Kitchen Sink!

#DemDebate2: Pander To Everyone And The Kitchen Sink!

We thought the first Democrat Debate was bad enough, but NO, the second group of ten did their absolute damndest to pander to the world and throw in the kitchen sink for good measure!

Supposedly tonight was the top tier Democrat candidates vying for attention. Who were those vaunted top 10?

Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden

John Hickenlooper

Michael Bennet

Andrew Yang

Eric Swalwell

Kamala Harris

Kirsten Gillibrand

Pete Buttigieg

Marianne Williamson

Stellar group right? One that should be able to, you know, play by the debate rules and not say stupid shit. Right?


Marianne Williamsons said immigration is child abuse, and then tried her anti-vaxx gambit which got shut down by the moderators.

Pete Buttigieg decided to lecture Republicans on religion and immigration. 

““The Republican Party likes to cloak itself in their language of religion,” said Buttigieg, who has been outspoken on the campaign trail about his Episcopalian faith.

“We should call out hypocrisy when we see it,” the mayor continued. “For a party that associates itself with Christianity to say that it is OK to suggest that God would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents, that God would condone putting children in cages has lost all claim to ever use religious language again.”

He also said that the criminalization of crossing the border without documentation is “the basis of family separation.””

Michael Bennet didn’t have much to say that resonated with anyone. Hickenlooper meanwhile spent lots of time reminding everyone that he was a scientist. Given that he ran for mayor on his credentials as a bartender/restaurant owner AND later on had a terrific photo op with Obama drinking beer and playing pool, the scientist bit doesn’t play.

Yang got essentially zero airtime but attempted to pander to someone/anyone for the few seconds he was allowed.

Eric Swalwell –Reagan he is not says BANS GUNZ!! Plus, Biden needs to pass the torch! 

Pete Buttigieg, running a city into the ground…decided it was a stellar move to throw the entire South Bend Police Department under the bus for political points.

““I could walk you through all the things that we have done as a community. All of the steps that we took from bias training to de-escalation, but it didn’t save the life of Eric Logan,” he said.

“Until we move policing out of the shadow of systemic racism, whatever this particular incident teaches us we will be left with the bigger problem of the fact that there is a wall of mistrust put up, one racist act at a time.””

I wouldn’t be surprised if the South Bend PD puts up a vote of no confidence regarding Buttigieg after that.

Joe Biden alternated between angry grandpa, elder statesman, and fumbling politician. One who couldn’t seem to speak concisely on anything.

Bernie went mega grandpa on multiple subjects, including Roe v Wade.

A. Memo to Bernie AND Rachel, tampon earring, Maddow, we do not have a conservative majority at the Supreme Court

C. Abortion is NOT a Constitutional right

D. Bernie’s claim to rotate SCOTUS justices…what the hell does that even mean?

E. Gillibrand’s rebuttal is super word salad

There is more. Kamala and Biden got into a spat.

In regards to abortion? It was just like the night before. Every single candidate is all in for abortion for everyone without limits. It’s unfathomable that they think that’s a good thing and believe that everyone else does too. Abortion is flat out evil. Period. Yet these Democrat candidates are willing to abandon all morality in favor of pandering to the chattering class for votes.

Immigration means multiple concentration camp references and, when asked, all ten of the candidates raising their hand in support of free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Yes, that is correct. Illegal immigrants get free healthcare no questions asked.

Tump had this response.

Exactly. Yet every single Democrat raised their hand and told us all that illegals come first and US citizens come last.

All the Democrats had to do was sound and act capable. Not a single one of them was able to pull that off.


Check out their closing statements and decide for yourself.

The road of Democrat pandering to the White House is in for a popcorn worthy and epically bumpy ride. Buckle up guys and hang on to your hats!

Feature Photo Credit: Photo by Wilfredo Lee/AP/Shutterstock (10323334x) via tvline, cropped and modified 

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  • GWB says:

    While Trump is at the G20, the Dems are doing the D20.
    And, yes, you can be forgiven for thinking the ‘D’ stands for “dumbass”. (Or “dictator”.)

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