#DemDebate: The Real Show Is Trump On Twitter

#DemDebate: The Real Show Is Trump On Twitter

This debate is not in the least bit exciting, despite the squealing fangirls in the audience doing their best to make noise. The candidates onstage are busy trying to out-left each other. “You’ll do that? Well, I’ll do THIS!” seems to be the order of the day.

Enter Donald Trump on Twitter.

Yes, he is livetweeting (and doing his “retweeting” of other people’s tweets by copy and pasting them) during this debate. And while people may be keeping an eye on the TV, their other eye is on their Twitter feed.

It’s a 21st century reality show being played out on Twitter.

And he’s giving his take on the candidates.

And this is probably the reality.

CNN already acknowledged that they don’t expect the ratings for this debate to be anywhere near the GOP debate numbers. I’m sure they didn’t expect Donald Trump to be the star of this debate as well.

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