#DemDebate: Hillary And Bernie Primetime Slugfest Over Guns, Transparency, Foreign Policy, Wages

#DemDebate: Hillary And Bernie Primetime Slugfest Over Guns, Transparency, Foreign Policy, Wages

#DemDebate: Hillary And Bernie Primetime Slugfest Over Guns, Transparency, Foreign Policy, Wages

Last night’s Democratic Debate between Hillary and Bernie was one of the most combative yet. It was quite the slugfest in fact. Sarcasm, shouting, finger waving…oh my!


Here some of the key highlights of the debate between the socialist “Free stuff!” guy and the progressive secretive former Secretary of State.


Minimum Wage:

Bernie has been pushing Hillary for months to step up and join in demanding that businesses raise minimum wage up to $15. Of course, he completely disregards the fact that many business that have done so already are have or in danger of closing their doors. Well, Hillary caved to pressure – sort of.

Huh? Maybe its a chicken egg thing? Which will come first in Hillary-land? $12 or $15 an hour? Who knows.

Guns and Sandy Hook:

As Deanna wrote about here yesterday, a publicity seeking judge just ruled that the lawsuit against Remington should go forward. Clinton seized the opportunity to hector Bernie over his gun liability stance.

“I voted against this gun liability law because I was concerned that in rural areas all over this country, if a gun shop owner sells a weapon legally to somebody, and that person then goes out and kills somebody, I don’t believe it is appropriate that that gun shop owner who just sold a legal weapon to be held accountable and be sued,” Sanders said. “But, what I do believe is when gun shop owners and others knowingly are selling weapons to people who should not have them — somebody walks in. They want thousands of rounds of ammunition, or they want a whole lot of guns, yes, that gun shop owner or that gun manufacturer should be held liable.”

When asked, in light of the new ruling, if he would apologize to the families of the Sandy Hook victims, he refused.

1994 Crime Bill:

Hillary is sorry for the unintended consequences that have come to light since the passage of that bill, and stated that changes should be made. Sanders actually agreed, mostly, with what she said. She was pressed on the bogus Vermont guns thing and tap-danced admirably. But then he took the opportunity to lay one on her.


Hillary decided to contradict her former boss on Libya and Syria

Not a fan of David Axelrod, but this one’s gotta hurt:

Bank Speech Transcripts:

The best excitement of the night’s slugfest came when big banks came up. There was quite the “I was better than you” at holding banks accountable kerfuffle there for a while. But honestly, the award winning moment was Hillary’s response to moderator Dana Bash’s question regarding her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts . Watch it all.

Evidently being asked to release those transcripts is such a new thing that … SQUIRREL!  Ok just for that, she gets the Dancing with the Stars Debate Deflection Trophy!

Once she finished the dance, STILL without answering the question, Bernie threw another zinger down.

Sanders, who has long said Clinton won’t properly regulate Wall Street because of the money she’s received from the big banks, pounced on the exchange.

“I am going to release all of the transcripts I gave to Wall Street behind closed doors,” he said. “Not for $225,000, not for $2,000, not for two cents, because there were no speeches.”

Both candidates hit each other on whose more qualified. You be the judge. Do you want someone who, regardless of what it costs to actually RUN a business, advocates for free stuff and hikes wages in the interest of “fairness?” Or do you want someone who is secretive, shrill, loves big government, and continues to blame others – including her boss for her failures as Secretary of State? I dunno, can I see what’s behind Door Number 3?

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