#DefundPP: StemExpress Cuts Ties With Planned Parenthood

#DefundPP: StemExpress Cuts Ties With Planned Parenthood

Just days after the sixth gruesome video slamming Planned Parenthood was released by the Center for Medical Progress, StemExpress announced that they will be cutting ties with Planned Parenthood.

Former StemExpress technician Holly O’Donnell claimed to once see another technician appear to obtain fetal tissue without a patient’s consent. StemExpress “unequivocally” denied the claim:

After having the House Energy and Commerce and the Senate Judiciary committees ask StemExpress to explain its relationship with Planned Parenthood, the five year-old company based out of Placerville, CA Company stated:

“We value our various partnerships but, due to the increased questions that have arisen over the past few weeks, we feel it prudent to terminate activities with Planned Parenthood. While we value our business relationship with Planned Parenthood, that work represents a small percentage of our overall business activity and we must focus our limited resources on resolving these inquiries.”

The company also stated that it wants to focus on “accelerating research, advancing medicine and saving lives” and expressed hope that the investigations will end soon so that it can turn its full attention back to that work.”

Saving lives? In the process of ending lives? Do you sense the same irony that I do in this picture?

Back when the first Planned Parenthood videos appeared, StemExpress, went to court to obtain an injunction against the Center for Medical Progress. On Thursday, Alliance Defending Freedom issued a press release stating that a Superior Court of the State of California has ruled in StemExpress v. The Center for Medical Progress, deciding the group has no specific rights discovery on the materials produced by the undercover investigation:

Plaintiff’s motion to conduct specified discovery under Code of Civil Procedure Section
425.16(g) is denied. Section 425.16(g) stays all discovery
in an action upon the filing of a
special motion to strike (anti SLAPP). The Court, for good cause shown, may order that
“specified discovery” be conducted notwithstanding the general prohibition. Plaintiff seeks to
demonstrate that such good cause exis
ts. However, Plaintiff’s papers fail to make that showing.

The ruling can be found here.

StemExpress stands by their business practices insisting that their business practices were not unethical and that CMP’s videos were “deceptively edited.”

Yep. ALL SIX OF THEM. Nope. Nothing to see here at StemExpress, move along. This is just a “hiccup” in their business operation and they would very much like CMP to leave them alone and stop “strategically editing” and releasing these videos so they could get back to “advancing medicine and saving lives.” It just so happens that their method of doing this is distancing themselves from another (blameless, of course) organization they are affiliated with, Planned Parenthood. Although, if you check out the StemExpress website, there is an information section on “fetal liver” under the “Products” tab. (Subsequent links have been removed.)

And more videos are coming. If you can’t take the heat, it’s time to get out of the kitchen and this is exactly what StemExpress is doing.

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