Debate Night 2020: Slugfest On Stage

Debate Night 2020: Slugfest On Stage

Debate Night 2020: Slugfest On Stage

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden came out for the first debate spoiling for a fist fight. It could not have been choreographed better if the two of them have coordinated it.

From the moment that Chris Wallace rang the proverbial bell to start the debate, we knew that President Trump was going to throw everything possible at Joe Biden. What we didn’t know was what Biden would do. Well, apparently he decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. From the beginning, the two of them were prepared to beat each other up.

And poor Chris Wallace. There is just no way that he could even try and contain the two of them if they were determined to have a slugfest.

Now, the president could definitely use a little more restraint. But Biden tried to sell himself as the back-to-normal candidate. Launching himself at Trump’s throat and meeting him on the same field? That is definitely not a “return to normal.”

The way Chris Wallace structured this debate was a bad idea. He gave both candidates two minutes each for each question, and thought that it would be enough. It… was not. And everything got vomited up at each other within seconds. Biden actually told Trump to “get out of the bunker” which is supremely insane.

Is President Trump steamrolling through? Yes. Is Biden confused about what his role is? Yes.

After watching a majority of this debate, I am of the opinion that this debate was more revealing on both sides than either side intended it to be. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. This is not a departure in personality for him. I do admit that it’s kind of surprising that he was willing to steamroll over Chris Wallace – though given some of the absolutely crazy questions, I can’t say that I’m shocked. But Biden sold himself as “kindly old grandpa,” and that’s not who showed up tonight.

Who was the Biden that showed up tonight? The guy in denial about his son’s behavior. The guy who called voters “fat” and “a lying dog faced pony soldier.” The guy who said “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him. The angry old man showed up, and he was just as ready to throw the kitchen sink as President Trump was.

Now, the media will say Biden won because Orange Man Bad. The media has gone completely in the tank for Biden, and they are happy to spin it as a win for Biden because he managed to stay upright and didn’t have a stroke onstage. But I’m not sure anyone actually won this round, because no minds got changed.

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  • Scott says:

    Good post Deanna , I agree that it was kinda a shit show, and that Biden showed a side of himself that he didn’t want to. The sad thing is that there were a couple of times that Biden was about to step on his crank, and President Trump interrupted him, allowing Biden to pivot to fighting with him instead of screwing up. To paraphrase Sun Tzu “never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake”… I wish that President Trump had followed that advice..

  • Mary says:

    As an outsider, I felt the Moderator favored Biden. When a 2 minute speech was called for,Biden got through without interruption, however When Trump spoke, Biden interrupted and the Moderator made Trump stop and let Biden finish!!

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