Deadly Ricin Mailed To Sec Def Mattis And Trump, Former Navy Sailor Allegedly Involved

Deadly Ricin Mailed To Sec Def Mattis And Trump, Former Navy Sailor Allegedly Involved

Deadly Ricin Mailed To Sec Def Mattis And Trump, Former Navy Sailor Allegedly Involved

What is happening with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination is enough to send my blood pressure through the roof. But then to hear the news that some terrorist jackass thought it a good idea to send Ricin through the mail targeting Senator Cruz, President Trump, and Secretary of Defense Mattis? 

An envelope containing what appeared to be the deadly poison ricin was sent to President Trump, but never made it to The White House, a report said Tuesday.

The piece of mail sent to Trump appeared to be connected to two other letters which were sent to the Pentagon, according to CNN.

A Secret Service spokesperson confirmed the receipt of a suspicious envelope addressed to the president on Oct. 1, CNN said.

“The envelope was not received at the White House, nor did it ever enter the White House,” the spokesman said.

This comes on the heels of earlier reports of Ricin laced envelopes being sent to Senator Ted Cruz’s Houston headquarters and two letters sent to the Pentagon addressed to Navy Chief and Sec Def Mattis.

The letters to the White House and Pentagon definitely tested positive for Ricin. And now we know it may be a disgruntled former Navy sailor.

Packages with suspicious substances — at least two of which tested positive for ricin — sent to the Pentagon, White House and Sen. Ted Cruz’s office in Texas this week were part of a coordinated effort by a former Navy sailor, officials told Fox News.

Investigators said one of the envelopes, addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis or the Navy’s top officer, Adm. John Richardson, contained a return address leading them to believe it came from the sailor, whose name has not been disclosed.

First of all, to all those who are going to whine and snivel about how misunderstood that person is, STOP. Nothing and I mean NOTHING excuses what this person did.

Ricin is BAD folks. VERY VERY BAD. It is deadly. 

Ricin is one of the deadliest poisons in the world. A dose of purified ricin equivalent to a few grains of table salt is enough to kill an adult human. No antidote exists for people exposed to the poison.

Let that sink in for a moment. There is NO ANTIDOTE to this poison. If the ISIS sympathizer in Germany had been able to carry out his scheme this last June, the mind boggles at what could’ve been if the plot hadn’t been uncovered.

We have protestors harassing and hounding Senators and Trump administration staff in restaurants, offices, hallways, and elevators. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and nearly died last year. Maxine Waters thinks its a grand idea to call for people to ‘get in their faces,’ protestors get off scot-free after destroying businesses and vehicles during the Inauguration festivities and at other protests around the country. And now we have this.

Some disgruntled person, who happens to have served in the Navy, decides to make ricin and send it to Sec Def Mattis, Trump, and Admiral John Richardson.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

We are darned lucky that this deadly poison was caught before anyone was killed.

No matter the motive. This was a terror attack. Period.

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  • GWB says:

    I call for bean control! And right now!
    If you don’t agree with universal background checks for all raw bean purchases – even at Farmer’s Markets! no bean-show loophole! – and a 5-day waiting period, then you side with the terrorists! And don’t give me any of that crap about “But, it’s muh culture!” No more bean burritos, no more tofu, and no more soy ‘milk’!

  • Unlce Max says:

    The deafening silence of Democratic leaders… present office holders and recently voted out ones… Where are the civil-minded adults on the left? Why can’ they get a handful of popular celebrities/actors, to do a ad that says, disagreement and protesting is one thing… violence and attempted poisoning is NOT ok. Never will be. ” We understand that a lot of people are upset and even angry, but if you feel that actually taking your anger to the next level, please, please do not, reconsider, seek help. ”

    But they won’t. And they aren’t. Weird, huh?

  • slickwilly says:

    Human nature dictates that once one side uses a tactic and gets away with it, the other will either adopt that tactic, or perish.

    We have to hold Democrats responsible for their rhetoric and their excuses.

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