Dead Or On Life Support – Republican Party

Dead Or On Life Support – Republican Party

Dead Or On Life Support – Republican Party

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has proclaimed the Republican Party, as we know it, is dead. The Grand Old Party has been on life support for at least a decade. Party leadership keeps saying that the next election therapeutic will cure the party ills, but the Elephant just lays there, eyes unfocused and body rigid. The Great Unwashed in flyover country prays and pours all her money into the therapeutics but nothing. Is it time to pull the plug?

Remember back in the olden times when there was such a thing as Election Day. Everyone, except those in the military, went to her local polling place, voted, got a receipt and went home to wait for the results before the 11:00 p.m. news. It’s now Election Season for the 2020 Midterm Elections. Folks have been voting for weeks, the election was, officially, six days ago and, it could be nearly another week before we know the results. Quite frankly, with the new Election Season and the ballot curing/ballot harvesting/drop boxes/same day registration mishegoss, I have less than zero faith in our current system. Whoever wants the Republican Party and our Republic (not democracy) dead, has found the perfect way to kill it.

The elites have always wanted us commoners to shut up and let them sell us out govern in peace. Democrat commoners are quite happy to keep their mouths shut as long as they get the crumbs from the table. Republicans, not so much. If the party is dead this is what killed it. We serfs won’t shut up. Josh Hawley sent out this tweet:

There’s more at

Hawley directly laid blame with party leaders in an interview with RealClearPolitics, telling the outlet on Friday: ‘I did not agree with failing to have any kind of an agenda to run on in these midterms.’

Florida Sen. Rick Scott, whose sole mission as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee was to get members of his party elected to form a majority, called the showing a ‘complete disappointment’ on Friday.

‘I think we didn’t have enough of a positive message. We said everything about how bad the Biden agenda was. It’s bad, the Democrats are radical, but we have to have a plan of what we stand for,’ Scott told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Some of us are old enough to have watched this scenario with the Tea Party, Lois Lerner and the IRS. It was just the Obama/Biden Administration that went after the Tea Party. It was also Mitch McConnell. He doesn’t like upstart right-wingers to challenge his authority. This is from the Daily Beast had this piece in 2017:

But given the Tea Party successes of the last two cycles and polling that shows Bevin losing in a landslide to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s Tuesday primary, it seems safe to say that Bevin is late.

Despite a lot of hype when he first entered the race last July, Bevin never really took off, and the only real questions political observers in the Bluegrass State will be asking on Tuesday are how much of the pie can Bevin end up with and will it hurt McConnell in the fall.

There are a number of reasons why Bevin never got off the ground: There’s not much room to McConnell’s right, he struggled to raise money to match McConnell’s Death Star war chest, and he repeatedly played into McConnell’s efforts to define him as prone to exaggeration and untrustworthy.

But perhaps the main reason Bevin never found any traction is because McConnell was prepared and waiting for him.

Kentucky’s senior senator, after all, had a front-row seat to the first Tea Party wave in 2010, watching as the upstart Rand Paul knocked off Trey Grayson, McConnell’s handpicked successor to former senator Jim Bunning.

In 2012, McConnell watched again as extreme candidates like Indiana’s Richard Mourdock and Missouri’s Todd Akin put both feet and one hand in their mouths, falling flat on their faces in the general election and denying McConnell what he covets the most: becoming Senate majority leader.

The decision was made early on: 2014 would be different, and McConnell, joined by senators Lamar Alexander and John Cornyn, would lead the charge, making Bevin a proxy for a larger war against outside groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund who had propped up unelectable Republicans in the past.

Sorry, but Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander and John Cornyn are all super spineless and feckless. And, privately, McConnell want to kick the Tea Party A-S-S. This is also from 2014:

Yes, the Party elites have wanted to kill the new young bloods for years. If the Republican Party is dead, we know who killed it.

Btw, Conservatives won’t win again until we fix the elections issue, I’m just saying.

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  • Kevin says:

    What does it matter that people can vote on, OR BEFORE, election day? One person, one vote (as long as they are a US Citizen and can legally cast a ballot). Shouldn’t every citizen in America be allowed to vote and be encouraged to cast a ballot no matter how that’s done? Things change; sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. The fact that an insidious lie can travel at light speed today spreading a ludicrous, mind-numbing and outlandish tale that would, under normal circumstances, be laughed at is a much worse problem than people being able to sit at their dining room table, look through a voters pamphlet for information on the candidates and issues on the ballot and make an informed decision and then drop it in the mail is not the problem. I agree that it takes too long. Given what happened in 2020 when the loser of an election declared victory even though they lost by millions and millions of votes and then for the next two years worked at destroying local election protocols and spreading insidious lies to rake in millions and millions of dollars probably played a more destructive role in our elections than grandma sitting at her kitchen table in late October marking up her ballot. Tell me again when the military is going to remove Biden and install Trump? I forgot that date because it’s been pushed back so many times.

    • GWB says:

      and then drop it in the mail
      Yeah, actually, that IS the problem. There is no accountability for those ballots or votes once the ballot goes out to them. Especially if they didn’t specifically request an absentee ballot.

      Funny, too, that you can’t manage to make this not about Trump. He’s still living in your head, rent free. Which, given the strange things floating around in there, must be scary for him.

    • Scott says:

      “One person, one vote (as long as they are a US Citizen and can legally cast a ballot).”

      Better be careful Kevin, saying things like that isn’t very inclusive, and might get you kicked out of the communist.. er, umm, demonrat party..

  • Cameron says:

    The probability of a viable third party is a small one. Throwing out current leadership of GOP is a good start. And frankly, we need to act more like Democrats. We’re in the minority? So what. We still push our agenda. One of ours commits a crime? Close ranks, accuse the Democrats of racism and push on.

  • Kevin says:

    Here’s your fucking problem about your party …

    A decorated military veteran whose son died serving our nation’s word against the lying sack of shit. Every article I see (with documented, verified sources) who comes out and gives damning information on this POS and you do nothing but stand up for this cancerous tumor. It blows my mind.

    That’s your problem … not people who cast a legal ballot. It’s about time you wake up and do the right thing after six years of hell. Trump doesn’t give one fucking piece of dog shit about the “conservative” movement. He iso only for himself and vengeance.

    Bring it on Trump … another run for the White House. The republican party needs to be burned to the ground and you’re going a great job.

    • GWB says:

      LOL. Trying to suppress the TDS in the first comment made it simply explode forth later, huh?

      Trump doesn’t [care] about the “conservative” movement.
      Neither do you. So your advice is a little suspect.

  • Kevin says:

    There won’t be a fucking paper trail of the obese piece of shit ordering the IRS to audit his enemies.

    I had a greater probability winning the $2 billion lotter than Comey an McGabe did of getting audited at the same time by the IRS. Here’s what I love … they had no issues with their returns of any signicance.

    How about we take a look at the fat fucks taxes?

  • SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    The Democrats have no interest in governing, they want to rule.

  • Kevin says:

    I get up this morning to read my email and in my “junk email address” are another two dozen emails from the liar in chief pleading for more money. Over the years it’s gone from “donate $1 and we’ll up that to $1.50” to now, “Donate $1.00 and we’ll pretend you gave us $130.00!!!!!” I’m sure there are thousands of people that dump money into his coffers thinking, “Oh, the Donald is getting a report that I just donated $1300 when I actually just sent him $100. What a bargain!!’ It’s sickening the way he is fleecing his followers but that’s their problem. Like I said, your problem is not that people are voting … it’s DONALD JOHN TRUMP. That’s also why you lost … a large majority of the money donated to “help republicans win” went to line the-fleecer-in-chief’s pockets. I hope that gives you some comfort.

  • Kevin says:

    Here’s the other thing … prior to the 2016 election, the vast majority of “early” voters were republican’s, generally older people voting by absentee ballot. The republicans masterfully used absentee ballots as a way for their supporters to put votes in the “piggy bank.” You want to know why that was destroyed? DONALD JOHN TRUMP calling mailing in ballots fraudulent prior to the 2020 election. The number of republicans voting early for whatever reason plummeted and has never returned. Like I said, your problem is not more people voting, IT’S THE LIAR IN CHIEF DESTROYING YOUR PARTY and the systems you set in place to garner more votes yet you’re too enamored with his “business acumen” … all you can see are “bright lights and stars” swooning over his every offensive jab and barb. His prowess as a businessman? Yeah, let’s not go there. The only reason the bankrupter-in-chief is soliciting funds is to pay his bills; he’s barely passing on any $$$ to the party. Did you not read the many articles up to the election where candidates were having trouble raising money yet the swindler-in-chief was swimming in money? Have you not made the connection yet?

    • Nate Winchester says:

      Hilarious to see anybody sling about “liar in chief” when the current White House resident lost his FIRST run due to plagiarism.

      And hasn’t stopped lying since.

      Multiple time loser of presidential runs too but he finally “got” it in the end…

      Never stops being funny to me all those who lob accusations about Trump that can be applied double or a dozen times over to Biden. Who – according to them – seems to be doing just fine. (Hell Biden’s thrown people protesting him in jail – but sure let’s rant about Trump’s IRS targeting… which he learned from Obama.)

      Do go on projecting, Kevin.

  • […] this was an underperformance. Now, does she bear total blame? Nope, there’s plenty of blame to be spread around. However, McDaniel is the chair of the RNC. She is not running for office, she […]

  • Paladin says:


  • DEEBEE says:

    “…. went to her local polling place…”

    Fascinating, an article waxing nostalgic about bygone time, with a slight “correctness” in using “her” when traditionally “his” would suffice or if you insist on neutrality “their”.

  • DEEBEE says:

    Kevin, that early morning Red Bull my be quite energizing. The same loser by millions of votes also declared victory in 2016. While the getter of such extra millions collected millions while trashing the 2016 winner.

    Yeah! Yeah! I know the vote winner conceded. But people of your ilk will find and difference to make it the touchstone of rectitude.

  • Paladin says:

    Endorsed. Double Endorsed. Triple Endorsed.

  • GWB says:

    We need to figure out how to break the two-party stranglehold on our country. It nationalizes our elections, defeating federalism.

    More importantly, we need to educate, evangelize and indoctrinate the electorate on Christian morals and American ideals. The voters are where the fix needs to occur, not the politicians. If the voters hold the right principles and exercise them in voting, the politicians will do what’s right – they’ll be afraid to do otherwise.

    • Skillyboo says:

      “More importantly we need to educate……”. Agree with you. The very first step that must happen is we rid our schools of the leftists who have infested the teaching ranks.

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