Dating in the Age of Intersectional Feminism: Knowing When to Run

Dating in the Age of Intersectional Feminism: Knowing When to Run

Dating in the Age of Intersectional Feminism: Knowing When to Run

Imagine you’re a single guy. You meet a woman who appears to be sane and nice. She’s not sporting the signature rainbow hair, “statement” glasses, and hallmark sour, judgmental scowl that seems to be endemic to crazy third-wave feminists (but I repeat myself) today, and you decide to meet for a first date.

You gallantly hold the door open for her, and pull out her chair, because, you know, respect.

She twists her lips into an acerbic scowl, but says nothing. You figure maybe she got a splinter from the chair, or maybe she has indigestion or something, so you sit across from her and begin to chat. After all, that’s what first dates are about, right? Getting to know one another.

You: So tell me what you’re looking for in a guy.

Her: You’re assuming I date men exclusively. That’s quite the assumption to make. I’m gender fluid, and I do not discriminate based on the gender of my prospective mates.

You (nonplussed): Uh… I apologize. I didn’t mean to assume anything. I just meant to ask what kind of people you’re attracted to.

Her: Well… There are three categories that are non-negotiables for me: an understanding of race, class, and gender. Not everyone understands how these three can be insidious, systemic and intertwined, but anyone who doesn’t take the time to learn how systemic racism works isn’t going to care about how racism affects me or people who are darker-skinned than I am.

At that point you don’t know what to say, so you smile vapidly, and hope she doesn’t rip your head off at the end of the date, stick it on a spike, and carry it in a pussy hat rally as an effigy to wymyns superiority.

So what do you do? Run.

I’m not even kidding. Thank her for her time, and get the hell out of there before you have to hear any more incoherent word salad sprinkled generously with feminist catchphrases. Then go get yourself a gigantic Porterhouse steak (medium rare- she’s likely a vegan or a fruitarian or something) and celebrate your escape from intersectional feminist hell.

Unfortunately, sometimes the insanity isn’t all that obvious, and the crazy grenade detonates on a delay – when your guard is most down. So what do you do?

Well, I think I’ve isolated a few telltale signs that will help you determine whether you should stay for the rest of the date, or run like Forrest Gump on the football field.

First of all, the aforementioned word salad. There are catchphrases that will let you know for sure that you’re dealing with a vaginacrat, and sure signs that you need to run for the hills.

Patriarchy. This one is obvious. If a woman begins blathering about the patriarchy and how it has oppressed her gyno-American sisters, preventing them from reaching their full potential, run! Run like the wind!

*Insert victim of the day here* phobic. A phobia is an irrational fear. It is not a preference for one gender or another, nor is it bigotry if you happen to not be attracted to the monstrous Adam’s apple and man hands of Chelsea Manning. If she accuses you of being transphobic, because you prefer your woman sans penis, get out! Get out now!

Toxic masculinity. Listen, self reliance and physical strengths are features, not bugs. Traditionally, strong, independent men were viewed as the most effective providers and protectors of their families. It was up to them to ensure the survival of their loved ones, and that role of provider and protector has traditionally made them attractive to women. The third-wave feminists have stood the concept of what is desirable and attractive on its head. They’ve endeavored to change the strong, intelligent, and independent into flaws, while trying to force society to worship at the altar of mediocrity, weakness, and inadequacy. They want you to worship their scabs and deficits, rather than their beauty and strength. They want to show their deficiencies and weirdnesses as virtues, rather than as something to overcome. They’re weak and unable to succeed, so they want to change the concept of success and strength, because overcoming your inadequacies is hard work. Much easier to just change the paradigm. That’s what it’s all about, so RUN, FORREST, RUN!

Oh, and by the way, violent video games, guns, and action movies are fun, so eat it, femorrhoids!

Privilege. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve argued with the progressive left about the concept of privilege! It doesn’t matter that as a kid I wore clothes out of other people’s trash. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in a roach-infested dump, and had to learn English from scratch. I’m apparently light skinned, and therefore, PRIVILEGE! For men, it’s even worse. It doesn’t matter if they escaped Nazis during World War II or communists in the 1980s. It doesn’t matter if they grew up on the streets, or were raised by abusive foster families. It doesn’t matter if they overcame drug use or alcoholism. If they have a penis, they’re privileged. If they managed to overcome their circumstances, they’re privileged, and should credit their success to the “racist patriarchy” that helped them through tough times. GET OUT!

Misogyny. This is yet another excuse I keep hearing from intersectional feminists that excuses their lack of competence and intelligence. Then some muffragette came up with “misogynoir” – a portmanteau that combines “misogyny” and the French word for black, “noir” – to describe the particular racialized sexism that Black women face. “It’s a word used to acknowledge the very specific convergence of anti-Blackness and misogyny, and therefore is not applicable to non-Black women of color (or white women),” according to some nutty feminist blog I found. Think you’re a victim of the misogynist patriarchy? Well, you’re a double victim if you happen to be noir or Black! The bigger the victim, the bigger the payoff. Do you really want to get stuck with that for the long haul? No? RUN!

BDS Movement. If you think BDS means Bush Derangement Syndrome – a specific proglodyte state of mind in which they experience ragey seizures and froth-flecked, tourettes-like verbal ejaculations at the mention of the Evil BushChimpyMcHitlerHalliburton™ – the intersectional weirdos have appropriated that too. Apparently, I learned, it stands for “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions,” and it’s their way of fighting the racist patriarchy that has helped the EVIL JOOO nation of Israel oppress those poor terrorists Palestinians. Don’t try to explain to them that by boycotting, they are, in fact, supporting free market economic concepts. Don’t tell them that sanctions are a very specific legal term that requires more than just feminidiot screeching to implement. She’ll just accuse you of “mansplaining.” RUN!

Capitalism is exploitation: Apparently, this is one of those concepts that is necessary if you’re going to become one with the Tumblr vagina. Never mind that capitalist nations are some of the most successful, advanced, and democratic on this earth. Never mind that capitalism has ushered in lifesaving medical advances, scientific research to feed the starving, and the opportunities for even the poorest, most unfortunate individuals to reach their highest and fullest potential! Never mind that they rail against capitalism on their iPhone and iPad, while drinking their $6 soy lattes and enjoying the fruits of their parents’ labor while living in their basements. They’ll never understand their hypocrisy or lack of knowledge. Get away as fast as possible, and may the force be with you.

Ableist. Progholes love to make up all sorts of “isms.” The concept of “ableism” is one they created to show you what kind of horrible, miserable person you are, because you apparently exclude disabled people from pretty much everything, because, according to them, humans (unless, of course, they’re intersectionaltranssomethingorothers) lack decency and empathy.  Do you really want to be with someone who considers most people – unless they toe a very specific ideological line – indecent, cruel, and disgusting? And by the way, you’d better toe that line on EVERY. SINGLE. ISSUE. If you disagree with her on one thing, you’re a terrible person. And since she’s going to consider you a horrible person anyway, you might as well leave her to her froth-flecked blather.

Please remember, this is not an exhaustive list. If her speech is peppered with references to “internalized *insert ism here*,” “cisgender,” “transmisogyny,” “non-binary,” “triggered,” “mansplaining,” “bropropriating” (yes, that’s apparently a thing), and “manterrupting,” you might want to consider excusing yourself to the latrine and climbing out the window. For a more complete list for those of us who never took a gender studies course in college, see here.

And finally, if your date shows up looking like… well… this, it’s time to exit stage right. Hard. Trust me, this will not end well.

You’re welcome.

P.S. to all the women out there: If a guy you are thinking about dating uses these catchphrases, you can be sure he’s compensating for his… ahem… inadequacies by attempting to “talk the feminist talk” in hopes that some easy social justice landwhale will give him the time of day.

Written by

Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • CSS says:

    Now that’s funny! True, but funny. I’m glad you also applied it to the “man creatures” too.

  • CaptDMO says:

    What style of glasses are “statement” glasses?
    (“Naughty librarian” aside of course)

  • GWB says:

    I’m gender fluid
    I’d make it that far before I simply excused myself.
    Easiest way to check, is to ask them out in a traditional fashion. Give them a once-over while doing so – boldly, openly. If they don’t give you crap about gender roles or your masculine eye-raping of them, then you might make it through a date without shoving chopsticks through your eardrums.

    Look, there’s that Danger Zone in the “What every man needs to know” Hotness-Craziness matrix. The one that contains redheads, strippers, hairdressers, and every girl named Tiffany? Well, anyone saying “I’m gender fluid” ranks somewhere ABOVE that on the craziness axis. (Of course, I’ve never met any feministas that fell at or above 5 on the hotness axis, so they’re already in the No-Go Zone.)

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Some guys like the gender fluid thing, because they think they’ll get a shot at a threesome with a hot friend. LMAO!!!

      • GWB says:

        “Gender fluid” is different from “bi-“, though. If they identify as “gender fluid”, at a minimum they’ll insist on wearing the pants at some point. And maybe insist on him wearing a skirt.

  • Bill Jefferson says:

    Ick – don’t get any of that gender fluid on me!
    I’m gone after that first response. “Enjoy your multitude of cats, honey.”

  • Mrs.M says:

    I need to get a larger copy of that pic at the bottom. Whenever I start feeling like I’m a sloppy mess and not the least bit attractive, I can look at that and KNOW that I am gorgeous and beautiful! Not to mention that every time I see it, my appetite is going to disappear and I’m going to lose weight like crazy! BTW….I also wear a pair of those glasses for reading and computer work, but I promise I don’t wear them out in public. 🙂

  • […] in the Age of Intersectional Feminism: Knowing When to RunVictory Girls Blog ^ | 12/12/17 | Marta […]

  • Len Mullen says:

    Don’t date feminists. Don’t date women who disagree with you on abortion. Don’t date under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t be in a hurry to consummate a relationship. In other words, court a nice girl whose values match your own. Take your time and get it right because consequences of a misstep are horrible.

    • jackbenimble says:

      Or just invest in a good quality sex doll. It will be cheaper in the long run and it will never scream at you or take your children away from you or take your home and half your income.

      50% of marriage fail. The majority of divorces are initiated by woman and it is almost always the guy who gets shafted in family court. Would anybody get on an airplane that had a 50% chance of falling out of the sky?

  • Robet says:

    Some “girls” look like a can of squashed assholes. Time to run.

  • you might want to consider excusing yourself to the latrine and climbing out the window

    I would never do that. I would simply say “Thank you for your time but I’m out of here.”

    That could be a “toxic masculinity” thing though.

  • Nicki says:

    My husband and I are debating which creature is worse – is it the one in the featured photo wearing the corset, or the thing with the bushy beard? I say it’s the beard, he says the one at the top is more horrible, because he can’t figure out what it is.

    What say you?

    • Lance says:

      What say me? I say I’d never have thought you could show me a picture of a real (person?) that would make Lena Dunham look relatively attractive.

      But here we are…

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      The one at the top is definitely a “double-bagger”, which means there’s conditions. The pic on the bottom (with the beard) is absolutely a no-no!

    • HarvardR says:

      I do believe Victoria’s Secret would accuse the person in the top photo of cultural appropriation.

    • Stephen M. St. Onge says:

      Which is worse? #EmbraceThePowerOfAnd. Some things (and I use that word advisedly, and prepense) are just so awful they’re outside the normal rules of bad-worse-worst.

  • David R Byler says:

    right on girl, right on!

  • Timmy says:

    I remember the time I got yelled at for holding the door open for a woman. Never again. I don’t help women, I don’t talk to women unless I have to.

    Remember, helping women is now benevolent sexism.

    Reap as you sow.

    • Doug Loss says:

      You should have replied,, “You’re welcome, sweetie,” and just walked away to the tune of her outraged screeches.

  • Steven Moore says:

    One of the best articles I’ve read in months!

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  • Anonymous, for obvious reasons says:

    Okay, I’m curious about something.

    I read in someone’s Facebook post that she could not stand people who were a bunch of things liberals hate, including ableist.

    I was brave enough, and stupid enough, to reply with a question. What is wrong with ableism? I thought just about everyone was ableist. Is there anyone who would rather date or hire a person incapable of walking, for example, over someone who can? Is there anyone who would rather be consigned to a wheelchair than not having to use one? I said that I was proudly ableist, because of course I would prefer workers and lovers who had all their limbs, and did not have Downs’ Syndrome, etc, etc.

    I got a large number of furious replies, saying I was the most disgusting possible person, that they hoped I would never be in any position to hire anyone, etc, etc. Many of them said things like “Oh, I can’t even begin to contemplate explaining what’s wrong with this”, etc.

    Now, I realize that there are laws against discrimination against the “differently abled”, but I certainly can’t see the dating and employment possibilities of someone on a wheelchair, or mentally retarded, etc, etc as being good. The reaction to that overall type of statement (I don’t remember precisely what I said) was that I was, essentially, vile for thinking that way.

    The worst of it is that it felt like I was being told to lie. I was told that I could use only certain words when talking about the disabled. For instance, they are not “lame”, they are “wheelchair-dependent”. I said that pretty much wrecked the English language, because we are changing vivid, descriptive terms to words only a bureaucrat could love. They said that saying that ruining the quality of language is more important than people’s feelings is obscene. I wonder what would happen if we rewrote A Christmas Carol to say that Tiny Tim was not lame, but rather a wheelchair-dependent fellow who had advantages due to his free electrically-propelled vehicle from the government? Would it be in any way improve the story if that change was made?

    As an interesting twist, I have a disability myself, Aspberger’s Syndrome, often also called high-functioning autism. People with Aspberger’s Syndrome have a low tolerance for social conformity, including the enforced lying we have nowadays regarding transsexuals, handicapped people and other “special” groups. For this and other reasons, we tend to be a lot better with computers than people. I don’t really want to get rid of my autism because it actually has a lot of advantages, such as a way of seeing the world logically that in my view has enormous value. But curiously enough I would rather date a feelings-based person than another autistic person because I like having both perspectives in my life. Fortunately it doesn’t come up much because women (my preferred dating gender) with Aspbergers are pretty rare. But what’s worth noting is that I am ableist even with my own disorder.

    So my question to the people in the house is this. Am I right, that at least 90% of people are naturally “ableist”? I have trouble dating because of my Aspbergers, but I don’t play the self-pity card, I say that in some ways I am not better or worse than other people, simply different. Or am I missing something important, maybe because of my autism? Why would someone not be ableist? Are people who claim to not be ableist doing anything but lying to themselves? This is the clear insight that, ironically enough, my own disability gives me.

    Oh, maybe I have the answer. In Ayn Rand’s story Think Twice, printed in “The Early Ayn Rand”, the main character loves helping the disabled. This sounds great until you see that he denies his crippled adopted son Billy surgery that could make him well, because he prefers Billy to be in the crippled state, under his control. This type of person is not ableist, but I don’t think he is a good person, either. Is that the type of person we are holding up as an example in this brave new world?

    So, tell me. Are you ableist? Why or why not? Do you think ableist people are contemptible or just human?

    • so not sharing my name says:

      You would never collect a group of friends based on their intersectionality like someone going for complete set of Magic cards. That is what some of these people are doing. Most people when they choose someone to marry or to hire avoid the disabled unless they can prove to themselves that the disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages. They just don’t say so out-loud. Hiring a computer programmer in a wheelchair isn’t a big disadvantage, hiring a bodyguard in a wheelchair is. Government puts it’s finger on the scale somewhat by making false advantages for hiring the disabled, but they cannot do that for marriage. Anyone who chooses their mate based on intersectionality deserves to be bred out of the genepool. In your case the honesty brought on by Aspergers or Autism is one of the last disabilities allowed to be discriminated against, as you have learned so it might be good to learn to lie a little, or at least know when not to bring things up…Facebook is bad. And yes Ayn Rand has the worst of these SJW pegged…they would rather someone remain disabled if it validates them. Recently there was a case of a pair of deaf women who wanted a child so they intentionally found a deaf sperm donor so their child would be deaf.

    • “he prefers Billy to be in the crippled state, under his control”
      Dude, there’s your answer right there. Our enemies are Marxist revolutionaries with a chronic case of psychotic megalomania. Of course they hate the “abled,” because the “abled” are much harder to control than the “non-abled.” And yes, these anti-ableist wackos are liars. How many do you suppose prefer a non-able surgeon to work on their brain tumor? How many want a non-abled driver to Uber them around town? I’m wondering, does your Assburgers condition limit your ability to detect bullshit coming out of people?
      A normal Christian person wants to be charitable towards the less abled, not lie about their condition, whatever it is. A normal Christian person wants to empower the individual to achieve all that they possible can achieve, in spite of their apparent shortcomings. Maybe in a theological sense anti-ableism is another heretical Marxist teaching, similar to the heresies about wealth and poverty and sexuality and many other things.

  • Dale says:

    I’m misanthropically fluid. I avoid everyone I can.

    • grayswindir says:

      Apparently so, a lot fewer Downs syndrome kids nowadays because despite the liberal leanings regarding ableism of the pro-abortion crowd, they’ve got no problem killing kids who may be born handicapped.

  • Ralph Gizzip says:

    My Dad, Old Man Gizzip, was a smart SOB. He once told me, “Son, no matter how pretty she is there’s some guy somewhere who’s had enough of her crap.”
    There are now two Gizzipettes. I pity the boys they latch onto.

  • Martin Weiss says:

    back in the days that I dated the women would be very nice for at least the first date and I wouldn’t hear about any of their obsessions, phobias, prior relationship disasters, food fetishes, etc.

    it is almost refreshing that people now let you know in 20 seconds that they are 2 sigmas away from any further relationship

  • Steve S. says:

    It’s different, though, when they come along with their parents to your dinner party.
    Running is not an option; you do need to know how to deal with this socially – and sociably.

  • Weisshaupt says:

    Oddly the presence of a Ukulele in her belongings is also a warning sign.. but simply acting Chivalrous in any form is often a good test. The article alludes to holding a door, pulling out a chair, volunteering to drive, insisting on walking curbside, or offering her a coat if she is cold ( and they are almost always cold) will allow you to identify and run long before you get to the Feminist Talking points in your date. If she accepts the Chivalry ( because the left has no standards at all if you discount the double standards) tell her about the time you went hunting or suggest your next date should be at the gun range ( that is a great date idea by the way) .and see how she reacts. Life is too short to waste time dating stupid, self-absorbed women. But move fast, there is a shortage of the other kind. ( Hint: Don’t look for them in the City)

  • jack burton says:

    And that is why first dates with relatively unknown people should almost always be in coffee-shops or other low-cost, informal places where you can bail out easily and with little harm to your budget.

  • GTB says:

    One would think that the biggest clue is when she has a penis. BTW…love women with glasses.

  • Stephen M. St. Onge says:

    OH, thank you, even though I’m not dating, it’s good to know what kind of craziness is out there.

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