Dark Winter Still Ahead Per Joe Biden

Dark Winter Still Ahead Per Joe Biden

Dark Winter Still Ahead Per Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held a press conference yesterday following a video conference with a bipartisan group of the nation’s governors. Joe felt it necessary to remind us that we have a dark winter ahead. He meant because of Covid-19. Any dark winter will be because of this frail old man and his venal sidekick, if they are inaugurated. Lord hear our prayers. And, the people said “Amen”.

You will remember that “dark winter” is a Biden campaign theme. If not, Deanna wrote a great post on Joe’s doom and gloom vision and you can read it here. Biden learned nothing at all from Barack Obama. If he did, he has forgotten. At least Obama promised “Hope and Change”. Obama promises “Doom and Gloom”.

Here is the video from the presser. You have to go about 26 minutes in before it actually starts:

First up, was the utterly corrupt Harris. I say that because she called out Biden as a racist until he offered her the Veep slot. Commie-la says the Biden Administration (please, God, no) will work to ensure that the Covid vaccine is free. Maybe Commie hasn’t had time to read the NY Times, but the media outlet reported on September 16 that Trump had already negotiated free vaccines. Commie also claims that state Governors are elected to “take action in moments of crisis”. Hey Commie. You might want to read the duties of the state Governors here. Some of our governors take the wrong actions in times of crisis. Newsom, Whitmer and Cuomo, I am looking at you. The Governor is the Chief Executive Officer, not the crisis manager. I am not going to bore you with more of Harris. Let’s move on to that frail, old bore, Biden.

First, I have to say that watching Biden wipe the spittle from the corner of his mouth and then rub his eyebrow made me gag. Almost as gag inducing as his stumbling speech. Old Joe kvetches that he hasn’t been able to get into Operation Warp Speed, but the election has not been certified and the electors have not met. He is not President-elect yet. Then, he tells us that the “Country is still in a crisis and there is a dark winter ahead.” Well, that’s inspiring. You may not like President Trump’s style of speaking, but at least he is optimistic. Trump cut through miles of government regulations and bureaucratic red tape to move the vaccines to the front. Someday, if history is written truthfully, Trump will be remember in the same vein as JFK and the moon landing.

Biden then brings up the quarter of a million Americans who have died from Covid-19. Yes, that’s a tragedy. But, because of the fortitude of the American people and Trump’s leadership, the estimate of 2.2 million people dead of the Wuhan Lung Rot has not come true, yet.

Joe talks about the empty tables because of lost loved ones. But, because of fascist governors, many of us will have empty tables. While elderly loved ones eat alone and some governors promise reprisals for those who have too many family members at table to give thanks.

I don’t want to hear Biden or any other Democrat speak about “partnership” after what they have done to Donald Trump the last, nearly, five years. There is no partnership with those people. They want our submission. I won’t submit.

Biden next talked about fiscal relief to the states. People don’t want fiscal relief. They want their states opened and businesses able to do business. They want to pursue their American dream.

Biden talks about inoculating 330 million people. Is he freaking nuts? There is no vaccination that has 100% compliance in the United States.

The rest is more blather so I won’t bore you. It’s clear that Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental stamina or imagination to be President. All he sees is a dark winter. We don’t need that at all.

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