Danica Roem, Fake Woman, Runs for Office in Virginia

Danica Roem, Fake Woman, Runs for Office in Virginia

Danica Roem, Fake Woman, Runs for Office in Virginia

Yesterday, Jezebel.com posted an article titled “Conservatives Attack Trans Democratic Candidate Over Her Gender Identity”. For those unaware, like me, Danica Roem is a man, who thinks she is a woman, running to be a delegate in the Virginia House. Her opponent, Delegate Marshall, is a Republican reptile of the most reprehensible nature, but this is not about him. Delegate Marshall is an ignorant, bigoted bully and the people of Virginia should replace him. They should not replace him with the anti-science, Communist bully, Danica Roem.

Danica Roem, candidate for the Virginia Statehouse campaigns

The Jezebel.com article reports:

The Washington Post reports that conservative think tank the American Principles Project has launched a robo-call campaign against Roem that has reached 500 voters to ask them how likely they are to support a candidate who “supports policy that requires schools to allow boys to play on girls’ sports teams and compete in girls’ leagues.”

The American Principles Project hasn’t yet endorsed Roem’s opponent, 13-term Republican incumbent Del. Robert G. Marshall. According to American Principles head Terry Schilling, “This is really about fighting against a radical agenda to force the transgender identity on children in our schools.”

There is a good reason why the American Principles Project has not endorsed Delegate Marshall. His beliefs make the Puritans look open minded.

On to Mr. Roem. Mr. Roem believes himself to be a woman. This makes Mr. Roem anti-science. Mr. Roem lives as a woman and presumably takes hormones and has been surgically altered. That does not make one a woman. I may believe myself to be a beautiful, long necked giraffe. I may be surgically altered to look more giraffe like. That does not make me a giraffe. DNA cannot, yet, be changed. Let’s watch Danica Roem in action.

Having picked a child up from school for years, may I just ask, couldn’t your mom leave earlier? Why were you last? And, if that is the biggest problem you can think of, you are in trouble. Yes, it is important where you go to the bathroom You are a dude. Go to the dude’s room.

Cynthia Yockey, a Conservative Lesbian, has written about these “transgender” bullies:

I was pulled into this fight by an experience in the late 1980s when a TIM crashed a group I held in my home to create a space for feminine lesbians. Despite wearing a dress and make-up, he could not have been more masculine in dominating everyone in the group and demanding to be the center of female attention and approval. Previously, I had required that women wear a skirt or dress to be admitted to my meetings. I did that to keep out dykes, very masculine lesbians who created the need for a space for feminine lesbians by running them out of every other lesbian space in the Washington, D.C., area, where I lived at the time with my late life partner. I added a new rule: “Must have been born female.”

Since then, the lesbian community has been wiped out by transgender natal intact male demands to be included and centered in lesbian groups, and even for lesbians to validate their purported womanhood by having penis-in-vagina sex with them.

Lesbians know better than anyone why men want into the women’s room. They do not just have to pee.

TIM stands for Transgender Identified Men. These are frightening bullies. The lesbian and gay community is being bullied by these people. The heterosexual community is terrified of being considered anti-gay and keeps quiet. No more.

NewNowNext.com which focuses on LGBTQ issues has this quote from Mr. Roem:

“When I stand up on the Statehouse floor and the Speaker says the Gentlewoman from Manassas, LGBTQ kids everywhere will know they can succeed because of who they are, not despite it,” she says.

Sorry, Mr. Roem, but you won’t be doing anything for gay and lesbian kids. You will still be a man. There is this thing called science. You cannot change your DNA. You can be superficially female like, but you are not a woman.

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  • Darleen Click says:


  • parker says:

    There is XX and there is XY, period.

    • GWB says:

      Except for the XXY and XYY folks (very rare). They’re hurt by all this bs, too, since they have a legitimate problem.

  • GWB says:

    Single issue candidates are often very BAD choices. When the single issue is something against virtue, it becomes vital to defeat them. Their only goal is to tear down the bounds of civil society.

    My question would be “Why is there not a Republican challenger to the incumbent?”

    they can succeed because of who they are

    If they’re succeeding because they’re psychologically misguided, then I would call that a bad thing. That would NOT be “progress” in the normal sense of that word.

    • Toni Williams says:

      GWB- I am wondering why someone from the GOP doesn’t challenge Marshall also.


      • Dan says:

        Further, though it’s a footnote of her story, I don’t understand why it has become a “conservative” value to insist that men and women share a bathroom in this day and age. I like and respect Ms. Roem, but as a male, I would feel uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with her. She does not belong in the men’s bathroom any more than I would belong in the women’s bathroom, and quite frankly, it’s an infringement on my rights as well as hers to force me to share a bathroom with her.

    • Dan says:

      Maybe you shouldn’t comment on something you clearly haven’t bothered to research. If you’d followed Ms. Roem’s campaign at all, you’d know that her “single issue” is fixing the main highway that goes through her district, because the biggest problem in her district is traffic and has been for years. If not for the fact that her opponent and the media keep bringing it up, you’d never know that Ms. Roem is transgendered.

      That’s the reason she decided to run; she’s sick of her friends and neighbors complaining about sitting in traffic for two hours a day to get to and from their jobs in and near Washington because they have a substandard highway as their only real artery toward the nation’s capital. You, Ms. Williams, understandably know nothing about this issue, living in a relatively traffic-free eastern Tennessee, but as someone who grew up 30 minutes from Ms. Roem’s home city and has used the main highway that goes through it many times, I can confirm that traffic in her area is among the worst in the entire country and badly needs to be modernized.

      Furthermore, I’m not sure where you picked up the idea that Ms. Roem is a Communist bully, but nothing could be further from the truth. Ms. Roem is well-respected in her community for being an honest, fair, open-minded and hard-working journalist. She and I sit on different ends of the political spectrum, but she is excellent at putting the concerns of her community first and she’s the type of leader that we need to see more of in politics: someone who genuinely wants to make her community a better place.

  • Nicki says:

    The reason no one challenges Marshall is that despite his assery on everything having to do with penis/vagina issues, he’s good on tax policy, property rights, etc. He’s an egregious prick otherwise who literally wants to impose his uber crazy on everyone else via government force, but people tolerate him, because he does fight for the stuff that’s important to them otherwise.

    I think he’s a closeted, self-loathing gay, but I’ve met the guy, so my judgment is a bit colored on this one…

    • GWB says:

      who literally wants to impose his uber crazy on everyone else via government force

      Now, see, that makes everything else he does a problem, regardless of whose side he is on. I don’t like totalitarians of any stripe.

      • Nicki says:

        I absolutely agree with you. I’ve been trying to explain this to people that if he can’t respect the essential right of each of us to control our own bodies, sexual choices, etc. (isn’t our right to our own bodies the ULTIMATE property right?), his respect for other property rights is suspect. But Loudoun residents overwhelmingly elect that creep time after time. He’s SO gross!

        • Scott says:

          I’ll admit I know nothing about this guy, but, if by “if he can’t respect the essential right of each of us to control our own bodies” you mean that he doesn’t support abortion on demand, sorry, gotta part ways with you there. Killing a human being, one with distinct DNA, heartbeat, etc., is not control of your own body, it’s murder. The argument that “the fetus(nice euphemistic usage of the word there)isn’t capable of supporting itself, so it’s not human” could easily apply to a full term newborn, a person of any age with a serious illness, or an elderly person with any number of medical conditions which render them incapable of taking care of themselves. / rant off. If that was not the intent of your comment, I apologize for the rant, as I said, I know nothing about this guy of his politics, but I’ve seen such phraseology used by my sisters and other leftists to mean just what i said above.

        • Dan says:

          There are no longer any Loudoun residents in his district. His district is now limited to western Prince William County.

  • Why says:

    Yall gotta be dicks to this woman for some reason

  • Joe Aleks says:

    All valid points.
    But as it turns out, this story is even weirder than that.
    Danica Roem, is NOT in fact transgender. The entire story is fake and based on her fabrications and masquerade as male in 2013 to conjure up a news story to write.
    Whether the political objectives are what she had in mind at the time is anybody’s guess, but it certainly was a successful campaign scam, fooling the voters, her opponent, Joe Biden, pretty much all in favor and opposed news media, etc., who are all now wildly scrambling to cover it all up and suppress the evidence.

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