Dan Crenshaw Drops Truth Bomb On Media

Dan Crenshaw Drops Truth Bomb On Media

Dan Crenshaw Drops Truth Bomb On Media

Did y’all see Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw on CBS’s gassy windbag program “Face the Nation” Sunday? Oh my gravy! To quote Salt-N-Pepa, “What a man. What a man. What a mighty good man.” The former Navy Seal dropped a bomb of truth and common sense on the panel and they had no idea what hit them.

“Face the Nation” posted the video to “youtube”. Dan Crenshaw and three other congressweenies-elect are on the panel. The video is a little long and starts off with a panel introduction that sounds more like a contest for who had more trying experiences in life.

If you didn’t have the patience to listen to some of that drivel, “The Hill.com” filed this report on the mother of all bombs that was dropped:

On “Face the Nation” yesterday, retired Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw dropped a bomb on former Air Force Captain Chrissy Houlahan. It was so glorious. Photo credit: Follow News screen grab

Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a former Navy SEAL, on Sunday warned a CBS News panel against referring to President Trump’s “attacks” on the press, saying, “I was literally attacked.”

“Let’s choose our words carefully,” Crenshaw said during a heated debate over whether Trump “undermines democracy” with his “attacks” on the news media.

“I would argue that our president is consistently disruptive in … press conferences, and I would argue that he treats [the press] with disrespect,” Rep.-elect Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) said, arguing that the president sets a bad precedent for how to treat the media.

“But how is that an attack on the press though?” Crenshaw asked.

“Because it’s literally an attack on the press,” Houlahan said.

Before she could expand, Crenshaw interjected, “Oh, I’ve literally been attacked. So — let’s choose our words carefully.”

Crenshaw wears an eyepatch because of an injury he sustained while serving in Afghanistan.

Houlahan did not address Crenshaw’s point directly, continuing, “His language is an attack.”

Waah, waah, waah. That Donald Trump attacks the press and is a bully has become undisputed truth in the political and media elitist class. As I have, more and more, come to despise and distrust the media, I have found more and more that I would like to call them out for their biases, hypocrisies and flat out lies. And, Fox News, I am looking at you after that “amicus brief” stunt for CNN and Acosta. Deanna wrote about the Acosta psychodrama and you can read it here.

The media whining and hand wringing over the harsh words used by President Trump is unbecoming. Their inability to examine their own intentions is frightening.

I love it that Congresscritter-elect Houlahan bragged on her military service as an Air Force Captain. It doesn’t sound like Chrissy ever deployed. If she had deployed and ever left the main base, she wouldn’t throw the word attack around quite so cavalierly. Yes, I know her grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. That doesn’t mean she learned any lessons. Comedian Pete Davidson still said “whatever” when talking about Dan Crenshaw losing his eye in service to his country. Davidson’s hero firefighter father died on 9/11. Clearly he didn’t learn anything from that. Deanna also wrote about that and you can read it here. Honestly, the hitman in a porno movie joke didn’t bother me. Those guys gig each other all the time. It was the “lost an eye in battle or whatever” that was inexcusable.

So Dan Crenshaw went on “Face the Nation” and proved his “hero” status yet again. Keep it coming, sir. We need more citizens like you. Or, maybe we could get spinal implants for the rest of the losers who people the Republican House and Senate. Good idea, huh?

Feature photo credit: YouTube screen grab

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  • GWB says:

    “Because it’s literally an attack on the press,”
    Well, yes, it is literally an “attack”, when you’re using “attack” in the sense of “strong criticism” (synonym: reproach). That IS one definition of “attack” (and has been for a long time).
    But, yes, the media has been playing word games, trying to equate “attack (def. 1)” with “attack (def. 2)”, which gives us an “attack (def. 3)” of nausea at their hubris and arrogance.
    This attempt at equivalence is so that they become valorous heroes, fighting against the onslaught of those benighted goblins who would keep us from their envisioned utopia. Because they are special and they know it.

    her military service as an Air Force Captain
    Kudos to her. And I wouldn’t ever suggest an Air Force REMF’s service is less than anyone else’s.
    But, when sitting next to a guy who’s been in actual combat (“attack (def. 1)”), you might not want to over-dramatize a strongly worded letter tweet as an “attack”.
    (Disclosure: my AF career and subsequent contractor work has been a curious mix of pointy-end, haft-end, and REMF.)

  • Bill Cook says:

    Chrissy Houlahan. Three years active duty at Hanscom Field, MA. 13 years inactive reserve. Meaning she was inactive and not doing anything for the AF. Normally a commission is for 4 years minimum. Why three. Did the AF not need her? She makes it sound like a big deal but it looks like the absolute minimum she could have done. Pretty impressive, no?

    • GWB says:

      Well, if it was at Hanscom, then I revise my estimation of her time served. (I have worked in AF acquisitions, and Hanscom is a black hole for tax dollars. That’s the nicest thing I can say.)

      And, if the next 13 were inactive Reserve, then they didn’t count as “years” at all. So, she has THREE years of service and NO MORE.

      But I still think years of service as a REMF are honorable, in general, even if they’re at Hanscom.

  • kzen says:

    We need more people like Dan Crenshaw. Willing to stand firm and tell the powers that be the “ground truth.”

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