#Dallas: Obama Whines About “Tough Week” Says Shooter’s Motives Unclear [VIDEOS]

#Dallas: Obama Whines About “Tough Week” Says Shooter’s Motives Unclear [VIDEOS]

#Dallas: Obama Whines About “Tough Week” Says Shooter’s Motives Unclear [VIDEOS]

Captain Oblivious AKA Obama strikes again. This time, while still in Poland discussing weighty issues such as keeping more troops in Afghanistan, Brexit, NATO, etc… he went full whine/lecture.

It’s been a tough week, its been painful, but the country isn’t divided??!! Wait what?


The city of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department, and most especially the families of five murdered police officers are dealing with a horrific attack that goes WAY beyond any reasonable description of a “tough week.”

From right to left: Officers Thompson, Smith, Zamarripa, Ahrens, and Krol (photo from the Washington Post)
From right to left: Officers Thompson, Smith, Zamarripa, Ahrens, and Krol (photo from the Washington Post)

Several other officers across the country have been targeted in just the last few days. Some are fighting for their lives, others have been killed. Still others have crowds chanting for their death.

And Obama claims its only been a “tough week?” Oh no sir, you DON’T get to try and blow this off. A tough week is one where a project goes wrong, or a vote doesn’t go your way (BREXIT anyone?), or the Supreme Court basically throws your immigration plan into the dumpster. What the families of those slain police officers and the Dallas PD are dealing with is not just “tough,” it is heart wrenchingly sad.


If that’s not all, he goes on to claim that our country isn’t as divided as one might think? OH REALLY? Then how do you explain Atty General Lynch’s shout out to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd? Care to explain all the nastiness over social media from those same groups as Jodi wrote about here? How about the idiocy of some conservative pundits that Kim wrote about? What about this?

Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them.

Peaceful?? Not hardly.

Tell me again Obama. Exactly who is encouraging the divisions in this country? Golly gee, did you EVER think that your pandering to the leftists, agitators, gangs, and terrorists is serving to encourage them?

If that’s not all…he took it a few steps further and STILL pushed narrative that police conduct is at issue yet somehow claimed there’s no division to see here, move along. One only has to look at social media feeds to see that the divisions across this country are deeper and wider than he cares to realize.

And then, during the Q&A, he took a giant swing with his driver and hit one massive mulligan straight off the course into stupidity land.

Sorry, I should’ve warned you about imminent head/desk collisions after reading the above. But yes, he did indeed say that. He really really did. Despite ALL evidence to the contrary – he went full on mulligan.

Obama, the shooter himself explained his motives to the hostage negotiator. He was very very clear that he was targeting white police officers out of hatred and a heinous liking for everything that is wrong about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. For you to suggest otherwise is, in and of itself, disingenuous and in fact divisive in its own right.

Obama, you owe it to the families of those five slain officers to quit pandering to the violence of the left. You owe it to the more than 900,000 sworn officers who run TO danger, to quit whining about “tough weeks” and see if you can’t find some of that leadership backbone you left on the golf course.

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