Cuomo Order Meant Disabled COVID Patients Died

Cuomo Order Meant Disabled COVID Patients Died

Cuomo Order Meant Disabled COVID Patients Died

Another day, another reason why Governor Andrew Cuomo should not just be impeached, but indicted.

There’s another potential accuser that is coming forward, and this one sounds worse than the rest, alleging that she was actually at the Governor’s Mansion. But we also know that the media is more than happy to pay attention to the sexual harassment allegations, because sex sells.

Also, if the media is forced to cover the true, actual, horrific scandal of nursing home deaths and the cooking of the numbers so that Andrew Cuomo could make bank off a book deal, they would have to admit their own complicity in sucking up to the guy for months on end.

But what is truly criminal is what is coming to light now, and it shows the full depravity of what the Cuomo administration’s priorities. We know he is a huge abortion supporter. We know that the elderly in nursing homes were not his concern, and his aides fudged the numbers in order to make it look better than the horror show that it was. Well, now you can add anyone who is developmentally disabled to that list.

You are reading the headline correctly. The Cuomo administration, which tried to memory-hole the order to send COVID-positive patients back to their nursing homes, did the same for disabled patients not long after – and that order is STILL IN EFFECT TODAY.

The April 10 directive, which mirrored the Cuomo administration’s controversial order to nursing homes, also told homes for people with developmental disabilities that they could not require hospitalized residents to be tested for coronavirus prior to admission or readmission.”

Five hundred fifty-two residents at homes for people with developmental disabilities have died of coronavirus, the New York Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) told Fox News on Monday.”

More than 6,900 people out of the more than 34,552 who live in such resident homes have been infected with the virus, according to OPWDD.”

And we are hearing the exact same excuse that we heard about nursing home residents: they were only supposed to go back if they could be “safely accommodated” in their group homes. We all know what the phrasing was, and what the order actually meant in nursing homes, where there was money to be had in charging the government for COVID patients, and immunity for whatever COVID-related issues went on inside those walls.

And those profits went right back into donations to Cuomo himself.

According to campaign finance records, Cuomo accepted at least $126,000 from the Greater New York Hospital Association and other industry groups and related lobbyists in the months surrounding last year’s budget, which included an 11th-hour amendment granting New York nursing homes broad legal protections from lawsuits and criminal prosecutions as the state became the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.”

Having that book deal on tap was a strong incentive to keep those numbers well and safely hidden, too. And now we need to add more names to the list of people who died because COVID-19 was able to walk back through the doors of their group homes. How many of those 552 deaths can be directly linked back to a still-positive patient being sent back? New York Republicans have been trying to get answers about that for over two weeks.

Several attempts to get accurate, up-to-date information regarding the memo and the number of infections and COVID-related deaths in group homes that care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been repeatedly rebuffed by the Administration, prompting yet another lawsuit by an advocacy group, Disability Rights New York, to access this crucial information.”

“I am deeply concerned that the April 10th order from OPWDD needlessly put some of our most vulnerable citizens in harm’s way. Close on the heels of the deadly nursing home order from the Department of Health (DOH), this order appears both dangerous and tone deaf. Transparency has been a major failing of this administration at all levels. I’m hopeful that they have finally learned their lesson and will provide the information we are requesting and provide it quickly,” said Senator Michael Martucci, ranking member of the Senate Disabilities Committee.”

Meanwhile, NY Republicans have a resolution asking for Cuomo to be impeached. Since they are the minority in Albany, Democrats are going to have to sign on to the impeachment. Some Democrats may hope that by simply issuing statements that “Cuomo should resign” will be enough. Now we get to see just how radioactive Andrew Cuomo has become to Democrats in New York and nationally, even as some in the media are still attempting to defend him.

Will there ever be any justice for the thousands who died needlessly under the Cuomo administration’s directives? There should be, at a minimum, obstruction of justice charges for the aides involved. One of them is bound to sing a different tune when facing criminal indictment. Sadly, we’re far more likely to see Andrew Cuomo do a walk of shame out of the Governor’s Mansion than a perp walk, which will not be enough for those whose loved ones died, alone and afraid, under his directives.

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