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Crocodile Tears?

Let me be clear: My heart aches for the families, friends, and survivors of Sandy Hook. I understand the knee-jerk reaction to blame guns. But that blame is misguided. The responsibility lies solely with the shooter—whose name I will not utter, for he deserves no notoriety—and to some extent with his mother, who allowed her mentally disturbed son access to her legally-owned weapons. We will never know her motivation for allowing him anywhere near them. Or the potential failure of our mental health system to get him the help he needed. She took that to her grave. That said…

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Obama stood before our White House and chastised the Senate, and by extension millions of Americans whom they represent, for its bipartisan thumbs-down to the gun control legislation he’s spent the first four months of his Second Term pushing. He stood before the American people, wagging his disapproving finger at us like an angry father disciplining a misbehaving toddler, with Sandy Hook families flanking him. It was an embarrassing display of tantrum-throwing for someone who calls himself our leader. I recall but two instances where Mr. Obama has openly displayed emotion: the first tears emerged in November, on Election Eve, when it appeared he might lose the Presidency; the second was yesterday when he didn’t get his way. He appeared on the verge of tears. But were these crocodile tears? For he certainly didn’t display them on numerous other, just as heart wrenching, occasions. Where are his tears for the families of the border agents and hundreds of Mexicans murdered in the Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme? Where are his tears for the families of those murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, seven months after the fact, whose families are begging for answers? Where are his tears for the families of the scores of innocent children killed in drone strikes he ordered? And where are his tears for the countless babies slaughtered by Dr. Gosnell, who seemingly preyed upon the poor and desperate? Has he conveniently forgotten? Or are they simply “collateral damage” undeserving of his tears for they do not further his agenda of “fundamentally changing America?” Pardon me while I don’t hold my breath waiting for them.

Mr. Obama’s tears seem to turn off and on like a drippy spigot. But only he knows whether or not they are heartfelt. A little advice: Mr. Obama, you should take a long, hard, critical look in the mirror, because your illegal gun-running schemes, your drone strikes resulting in the deaths of myriad innocents in Pakistan alone, and your unwavering support of unlimited abortion kill more innocent children than all the recent shootings combined. Otherwise, you appear little more than an exploitative hypocrite.

If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there’s even one life that can be saved, we’ve got an obligation to try.” -Barack Obama

On this we agree.

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