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The Switch…

I am going to opine here about little Chrissy Matthews and his apparent need for an adjustment to his medication, along with David Sirota at and most of the worthless oxygen thieves in the Lamestream media that are cheerleading and rooting for the terrorists that decided to blow up a bunch of athletes running through the streets of Boston be a bunch of white dudes who were mad at “the Gubment.”

My man is on the right wing of the political spectrum, and that makes me happy and it took me a long time to find him.  When I was younger, I dated a lot of liberal men (term loosely used) who had neither the courage of their convictions nor the ability to be happy.  They were some of the angriest people I have ever met.  When I met my man, he was happy, and lived what he believed and I think one of the best looking things about him is his moral certainty.  Fifteen years on now, not too much has changed about him.  I can tell you without any hyperbole that you don’t lie down in bed next to a man like my man-friend is, who has lived the life of a warrior and not have some inkling of what he is capable of with respect to death, destruction, mayhem and fighting.  You also become intimately familiar with where “the switch” that will turn that personality on inside his brain lies and how close to the surface it may or may not be.

So let me tell the oxygen thieves in the media who are rooting for the FBI to find a fat bearded white guy  who leads a local Tea Party group and arrest him for this bombing, a little bit about my “right wing terrorist” man-friend who I have pledged my life and virtue to these last fifteen years and just who he is as a person.

My “right wing terrorist” man-friend grew up in the Intermountain West and for those of you with your Google Earth minimized that would be the Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming area where he spent much of his youth learning to shoot, fish, drive a boat, ride a motorcycle, drive a 4×4, hike, and hunt.  A natural progression for him was the military, which he joined when he was 17 years old.  He then trained hard, and worked hard to perfect his craft and moved his way around in his MOS’es (MOS = Job; he had more than one) doing combat focused jobs that eventually landed him in units with the word “SPECIAL” in the title.  He did this for 25 years and has experience in combat to go with it.

He is educated, and before I met him he knew how to speak Russian and Spanish passably from high school and college.  He is an expert in leadership and he is a “grey” man.  He knows how to blend in to places he should not be.  He knows how to hide in plain sight.  He knows how to run informant networks, how to train indigenous fighters and others to be soldiers and know the same skills that he has.  He is trained in many things much darker as well; among them building and making improvised explosives, setting ambushes, weapons handling and excellent marksmanship, using edged and improvised weapons, target identification, and intelligence gathering; as well as breaking and entering without being detected, some light lock picking, and defeating security measures.

The number one thing I do know about him after all these years is that when he decides that someone bad is going to need to assume room temperature in his immediate vicinity, it will transition from an idea, to a goal, to checking it off his “to do” list in short order.

So, with all of this being said, I am putting Chrissy and Davey on notice, if my man decides one day that government has grown too large, tyrannical, out of control or illegal, and he has had it “up to here” with them, their laws, their taxes and their B.S.; let me tell you, with about 2 hours of work on the internet, a minimal amount of money, and about 4 phone calls to some of his brethren, he would be “off the chain” and running.  And his Home-Boys and him are not the type that would do some amateur hour, bush league crap like leaving a shopping bag next to a mail box at a sporting event with a receipt in it from a shopping trip or mailing a letter to someone with some white powder in it and their mom’s home address on it.  They know how to do things that end regimes.

Law enforcement would never catch him.  He knows the law, he knows how they would respond to any of the operations he might decide to conduct, he knows how they would profile to try to catch him, and they could never infiltrate his group; because his brethren are not 3 redneck hillbillies from Kentucky who call their beer drinking time together “the militia.”  They would never accept outsiders they do not know, so you would never catch them when they went out to do bad deeds.  They would run rip-shit riot over government and cause government institutions and regimes to implode.

I write all this to threaten no one, government or otherwise; well, except maybe the flaming turds in the Lamestream Media.  My man is not the only one like this by the way.  There are thousands of men like him, that have even more training, money, and spirit; and all cases, restraint and a respect for the law, a job to go to, a family to support and bills to pay; so they don’t make time to build bombs and mail tainted letters.

So Chrissy, Davey, and all of you other Libturds trying to convince America every night in prime time that all the white men that have guns and a religion are bigoted, homophobic racists who want the salad days of slavery back, and the way that these “right wing extremists” operate to get that “vision” restored is to blow up internationally recognized sporting events on Patriots Day; Let me tell you this…

When you lie down at night in your safe little bed, you should pray to whatever God you worship that my man-friend, his brethren, and thousands of men like him don’t wake up one morning and decide that their goal for the foreseeable future is the bringing down of the government/ left wing media alliance, or any of the hundreds of other things you think they sit around thinking about destroying because they are “extreme right-wing terrorists;” because if bringing down a government was an idea that my man would decide to entertain…

He would just flip a switch, and it would be done…

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  • john says:


    I don’t know in what branch your man-friend served, but thank him for me.. Your article is excellent and describes well how we should all feel about our mates and our country. Sadly today, so much is about the all important “ME”. If your buddies (kidding) Chrissey and Davey were ever called on to do just one of the things your man-friend does I’m sure their pants would be shat.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly and the two girl-boys mentioned should be ridiculed for making such statements… don’t they know it’s not nice to say things like that ?? Especially about someone who could crush their little pin heads till their tiny brains squished out…with one hand while dealing with real problems with the other.

    God bless your m.f. and all those like him that quietly or even silently do what HAS to be done to protect those ass wipes that try to belittle him by such outlandish b.s. Eventually they will find (to some liberals dismay) that this act was done by the same cowardly ignorant wastes of skin that always do these things… not by men of honor and integrity. And Dejah., God bless you for sharing your story and supporting and keeping that m.f. happy.


  • I would have been hesitant to clue them into to how easy and how horrible it would be for them to get what they want, but at the same time, as you deftly point out, knowing it won’t help them to stop it, so no harm, no foul.

    Good on ya.

  • T. Paine says:

    Thank God for the sheep dogs, even though many of the sheep are stupid and thankless for the protection and freedoms afforded them by those sheep dogs.

  • Jodi G. says:

    Best. Blog. Post. Ever.


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